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424 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Sons living WILLIAM LORENZO, b. Jan. 9 th, 1889 Henry Edward, b. 1891. Brother living George, b. 1827; entered R.N. 1840, became Capt. 1854, and retired Adm. 1884 ; is a J.P. for Devon : nt. 1857, Anne Elizabeth, da. of the late William Mackworth Praed, Esq., of Delamore, and has issue living, William Frederic, b. 1860 ; is Capt. ist Batn. Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's Own) ; m. 1885. Helinor, da. of Col. Fitzroy Stephen, C.B., and has issue living, William Mackworth b. 1886, Cyril George b. 1890, Mackworth Praed, b. 1865 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Lieut. 4th Vol. Batn. Oxfordshire L.I., Mary Frances Susan, Evelyn Annie : in. 1887, William Corytpn, Esq., of Pentillie Castle, Cornwall, and Highlands, Ivybndge. Residence, Delamore, Ivybridge, Devonshire. Club, United Service. Sisters living Charlotte Martha (Hon. Mrs. George Douglas) : m. 1850, Adm. the Hon. George Henry Douglas, son of igth Earl of Morton. Residence, Nusells, Royston. Rose Augusta: m 1848, Lieut.-Col. Edward Vesey Browne. Residence, Dromard House, Rathkeale, co. Limerick. Emily Georgiana. The ist baronet, grandson of the Right Hon. Sir Thomas Parker (cf Park Hall, Staffordshire, Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer), commanded in the Tagus during the war between Don Pedro and Don Miguel ; he was a Lord of the Admiralty in 1834 and 1835-41, principal naval A.D.C. to H.M., Commander-in-Chief during Chinese war 1841-2, and in Mediterranean 1845-52, and some- time Senior Admiral of the Fleet. PARKYNS, Creation 1681, of Bunny Park, Nottinghamshire. Sir THOMAS GEORGE AUGUSTUS PARKYNS, 6th aronet,son of thelate Thomas Boultbee Parkyns, Esq., 2nd son of 3rd Baronet; b. June 26th, 1820; s. his kinsman. Sir GEORGE AUGUSTUS HENRY ANNE (2nd Baron Rancliffe), 1850; formerly Capt. S. Notts Yeo. Cav. ; is a D.L. and a J.P. for Notts: m. 1843, Annie, who d. 1888, da. of W. Jennings, Esq. , and has issue. Vrmg Argent, an eagle displayed sable, on a canton or seven billets ermine. r,tst Out of a ducal coronet or, a pine nut proper. Supporters Two pegasi wings endorsed ermine. Residence Stapleton, Beckenham, Kent. Bold in a good cause. Son living THOMAS MANSFIELD FORBES, b. April 30th, 1853; ed. at Eton, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford; Bar. Inner Temple 1879: m. 1886, Beatrice, da. of Arthur Travers Crawford, Esq., C.M.G., and has issue living, Sylvia Dorothy, b. 1887. Residence, 27, Rossetti Garden Mansions, Chelsea, S.W. Chambers, 5, Crown Office Row, Temple, E.G. Daughters living Annie : /. 1864, George Walter Tyser, Esq., and has issue living, Walter Parkyns (Clubs, United University, Isthmian), b. 1867; ed. at Winchester, and at Trin. Coll., Camb., Hugh (Club, Isthmian), b. 1868 ; ed. at Winchester, and at Jesus Coll., Camb., Lionel Robert, b. 1875, George Beaumont, b. 1877,- Violet Mary, Madeline Amy. Residences, 43, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, W. ; Bere Court, Pangbourne, Berks. Emily : m. 1869, William Edward Dowdeswell, Esq. Residences, Pull Court, Tewkesbury ; Sarnhill Grange, Tewkesbury. Charlotte Ada. Edith : m. 1885, Ernest Lambert Swinburne Anne, Esq., formerly Capt. 55th Regt., and has issue living, George Charlton, b. 1886, Hesleytyne Oswald Charlton, . 1888, Ernestine Mary Charlton, b. 1887. Residences, Burghwallis Hall, near Doncaster : Blenkinsopp Castle, GreenhuaJ, Carlisle. Katherine Beatrice : ;/.-. 1892, Charles Randall Atkinson, Esq. Residence, Brother living-Mansfield, b. 1824 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Cambridge (B,A. 18 , M. A. 18 ) ; formerly Lieut.-Col. Notts Rifle Vol. and Capt. Royal Sherwood Foresters Militia ; was Attache to the Embassy to Constantinople 1850-52 : in. 1854, the Hon. Emma Louisa Bethell, who d. 1877, da. of ist Baron Westbury, and has issue living, Ellinor Charlotte : tn. 1879, Major Henry Chesshyr- Claughton Walker, R.A., Professor at the Staff Coll., Sandhurst, Mary Anunziata : /. 1879, Major Philip Cardew, R.E. [see B. Westbury], Ada Murray: m. 1886, the Rev. Walter Edward Buck- land, V. of Woodborough, Notts, and has issue living, Ethel Mary Emma b. 1888, Norah Parkyns b. 1890, Sibyl Mansfield b. 1891, Phyllis Dorothy f. 1892, Ethel : m. 1886, Maj.-Gen. Percy Guillennard Llewellyn Smith, R.E., of Foelallt, Bournemouth, and has issue living, Isham Percy b. 1890, Dora Mansfield Percy b. 1888, Emma Sybilla, Augusta Mansfeld, Hilda: m. 1890, the Rev. Arthur H >milton Pemberton, R. of W. Stow, Suffolk, Constance Dorothy. Residence, Woodborough Hall, Nottingham. Club, Arthur's. Collateral Branch living. Grandchildren of the late George Isham Parkyns, Esq., el. son of the late George Parkyns, Esq., 3rd son of 2nd baronet : Issue of the late Capt. Levett Broadley Parkyns, b. 1779, d. 18 : m. 18 , Elizabeth Pollard, a widow, who d. 1832 : Edward Territt,' b. 18 : tn. 18 , and has issue living, six children. Augusta PhEdora Byron : ;. 18 , Cpt. John Colpoys Heaslop, R.N., who d. 1867, and has issue living, Calpoys Parkyns, b. 1837; entered R.M.A. 1854, became Lieut.-Col. 1882, and retired 1886: m. 1869, Lucy, da. of the late Rev. R. G. Richards, and has issue living, Adair Colpoys b. 1875, Catherine Phedora Lucy, Rev. Charles Le Poer Trench, b. 1853 ; is a Chap. R.N. : tn. 1876, Alice, da. of the late Rev. Richard Henry Wall, D.D., and has issue living, Phedora Isabel Frayne, Viola Frances Parkyns, Rachel Louise, Florence Lucy : tn. 18 , John Cunningham, Esq. Residence, The 4th baionet was created Baron Rancliffe 1795, which title became extinct at the death of his son, 1850.