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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 435 PETIT, Creation 1890, of Petit Hall, Island of Bombay. Sir DINSHAW MANOCKJEE PETIT, K.B., ist Baronet, son of Manockjee Nusserwanjee Cowasjee Petit, merchant, of Bombay ; b. June 3Oth, 1823 ; was Sheriff of Bombay 1887, and a Member of the Supreme Legislative Coun- cil of India 1888-9; is a Cotton Mill Owner, and a Member of the Parsi Punchayet of Bombay ; K.B. 1887 : /. 1837. Sakerbai Framjee, who d. 1890. da. of Framjee Bhikhajee Panday, Esq., of Bombay, and has issue. &rms Azure, on a chevron argent, between three urns of the last, therefrom issuant flames proper, as many bees volant, also proper. tfrcsl A ship under sail at sea, in front thereof an anchor fessewise, all proper. Residence Petit Hal', Malabar Hill, Bombay. Consequitur quodcunque Sons living-FRAMJEE DINSHAW, b. Jan. 1848: m. 1859, Awabai Petit. Nusserwanjee Manockjee Petit, and has issue living, Jeejeebhoy Framjee, He obtains whate-er he b ~ l8 73. Humabai, b. 1882. Bomonjee Dinshaw, b. 1859 : m. 1872, see fa Gulbai Nanabhoy B. Jeejeebhoy Moogana, and has issue living, Jehangir Bomonjee, b. 1879, Dhunjeebhoy Bomonjee, b. 1881, Dinbai Bomonjee, b. 1882, Peroshaw Bomonjee, b. 1884, Manockbai Bomonjee, b. 1887. Residence, living. Heerabai Dinshaw. b. 1857 : ;. 1870, Jamsetjee Nusserwanjee Petit, who d. 1888. Manockbai Dinshaw, b. 1860: m. 1879, Peroshaw Bomonjee Jeejeebhoy Moogana. Buchoobai Dinshaw, b. 1862: in. 1876, Merwanjee Sorabjee Jamsetjee. Residence, Grandchildren living Issue of the late Cowasjee Dinshaw Petit, Esq., el. son of ist baronet, b. 1845, d. 1878 : in. 1859, Awabai Merwanjee Jeejeebhoy Moogana : Manockjee Cowasjee, b. 1863 : in. 1872, Gulbai Sorabjee Jamsetjee. Pestonjee Cowasjee. b. 1866. Hormusjee Cowasjee, b. iS68 : ;. 1891, Perozebai Sorabjee Patuck. Meethibai Cowasjee, b. 1870: m. 1883. Merwanjee Dhumjeebhoy Jeejeebhoy Moogana. Cursetjee Cowasjee, . 1871. Virbaijee Cowasjee, b, 1872 : ;. 1883, Nusserwanjee Muncherjee Hormusjee Cama. Soonabai Cowasjee, b. 1875. Sorabjee Cowasjee, b. 1877. Furdoonjee Cowasjee, b. 1878. This Baronetcy was granted with remainder to (i) Framjee Dinshaw Petit, and son of the ist baronet, and the heirs male of his body lawfully begotten, and (ii) the heirs male of the body of the ist baronet. PETO, Creation 1855. Sir HENRY PETO, 2nd Baronet; b. Aug. loth, 1840; s. his father, Sir Samuel Morton, 1889 ; B.A. London, M.A. Cainb. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1867 ; is a County Councillor for Dorset, Abbotsbury Div. : m. 1874, Mary, second da. of the late Rev. Thomas Fuller, V. of St. Peter's, Pimlico. ^rms Per pale indented or and gules barry of six, two annulets in fesse, all counterchanged. Crest On a rock proper a sinister wing or. thereon three annulets gules. Resilience Fleet House, Weymouth. Clubs Reform, New University, Royal Dorset Yacht. Half-Brothers living MORTON KELSALL, b. Dec. sth, 1845 : m. 1884, Olivia Georgiana Elizabeth, da. of the late Hon. Francis Maude [see E. de Montalt], and has issue living, Henry Francis Morton, b. 1889, Ruth Sarah Maude, b. 1885, Dorothy Olivia Georgiana, b. 1886, Katharine Ainsworth, b. 1892. Residence, Littlecroft, Lyndhurst, Hants. William Herbert, b. 1849 : m. 1874, Kate, da. of Sir Robert Palmer Harding, and has issue living, Ralph Harding, b. 1877, Geoffrey Kelsall, b. 1878, Richard Ainsworth, b. 1882, Clement Henry, b. 1884, Sybil Ad finem fidelis. Faithful to ttie end. Harding, Gladys Marion. Residence, Knowlton Court, Dover. Club, Reform. Samuel Arthur, b. 1852 : m. 1875, Ellen Cornelia, da. of Sir Robert Palmer Harding (ante), and has issue living, Marjory Kathleen, Doris Maud, Joan Ainsworth, Evelyn Molly. Residence, Red- heath, Rickmansworth. Club, Raleigh. Harold Ainsworth, . 1854. Residence, Hernden House, Eastry, Dover. Offices^, 18, Maddox Street, Regent Street, W. Club, Arts. Frank Kelsall, b. 1858 : in. 1887, Cecilia E., da. of W. H. Cane, Esq., M.D., of Uxbridge, and widow of C. H. Pawson, Esq., of Farnley House, Dursley, and has issue living, Valentine Frank Cane, b. 1889, Walter Samuel, b. 1890, Constance Evelyn Cane, b. 1891. Residence, Stanthill, Dursley, Gloucestershire. Club, Badminton. Basil Edward, b. 1862 : m. 18 , Mary Matilda Annie, da. of the late Capt. Thomas Carpindale Baird [see E. de Montalt, colls.]. Clubs, Raleigh, Whitehall, Prince's. Half-Sisters living Sarah Maude: m. 1874, Clement Crossley, Esq., who d. 1882, and ha issue living, Philip Peto, b. 1875, Alwyne Ainsworth, b. 1881. Residence, Landford House, Salisbury. Emily Lydia. Ellen Edith : m. 1883, William Rowland Mitchell, Esq., and has issue living, Roland Peto Johnstone, b. 1887. Residence, Down Grange, Basingstoke. Helen Agnes : in. 1885, Laurence Ingham Baker, Esq., and has issue living, Humphrey Laurence Peto, b. 1887. Residence, Eastcote Lodge, Pinner. Uncle living (brother of ist baronet) James, b. 1815 ; is a J.P. for Suffolk : m. 1847, Mary, da. of John Lawrence, Esq., of Bisham, Berks. Residence, Lowestoft, Suffolk. The ist baronet sat as M.P. for Norwich (L) 1847-55, for Finsbury 1859-65, and for Bristol iS6 3 -8i.