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DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 455 Daughters living Isobel Mary Engel. Guendolen Amy. Edith Winifred. Henrietta. Gwladys Margaret. Sisters living Mary Rugge: m. 1860, Irving Frederick de Rougemont, Esq., and has issue living, Arthur Francis (of Sunderland Lodge, Westbourne Park, W.), b. 1861 ; ed. at Harrow : in. 1888, Janet Emma Hayter, and has issue living, a son b. 1889, a da. b. 1891, Ernest Frederick (Club, Isthmian), b. 1864, Charles Irving (Club, Pall Mall), b. (twin), 1864; ed. at Harrow, Cecil Henry (Club, Junior Army and Navy), b. 1866 ; ed. at Harrow, and at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; is Lieut. R.H.A., Rev. Alfred George, b. 1868 ; ed. at Harrow, at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1889), and at Cuddesdon ; is Curate of St. Hilda's, Darlington, Claude Maurice (Club. Isthmian), b. 1870 ; ed. at Harrow, Ethel Mary. Residence, 65, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, V. Catharine Sarah. Augusta Rosina: m. 1867, Rev. Henry Dodwell Moore, M.A., V. of Honington and a Rural Dean, and has issue living, Arthur William Dodwell, b. 1868, Charles Henry Dodwell, b. 1872, Edmund Schneider Dodwell, b. 1874, Richard James Dodwell, b. 1880, Emma Mary, Rosina Elizabeth, Annette Augusta, Florence Margaret, Agnes Philippa. Residence, Honington Vicarage, Grantham. Alice Elizabeth. Aunt living (.daughter of 2nd baronet) Emily Harriet : jn. 1845, Henry Currey, Esq., and has issue living, Charles Henry, b. 1846 ; formerly Lieut. -Col. 4th Dragoon Guards : m. 1874, Helen, da. of Adm. Schomberg, Percivall, b. 1851 : in. 1874, Blanche, da. of David Williams, Esq., of Dundraeth Castle, N. Wales, Harriet : m. 1867, C. Beaumont Waller, Esq., M.D., of Sydenham, S.E., Annette : m. 1869, Timothy Bevington, Esq., of Hedingham Castle, Essex. Residence, The Chesnuts, Lawrie Park, Sydenham. Widows living Of 4th and 5th Baronets ROSINA MARY (Lady Price), da. of the late Richard Price, Esq. [see infra] : in. 1868, Sir Frederick Pott Price, 4th baronet, who d. 1873. Residence, 13, Trebovir Road, Earl's Court. S.W. MARY (Lady Rugge-Price), da. of the late Richard Price, Esq. [see infra], of The Lawn, S. Lambeth, S.W. : m. 1836, Sir Arthur James Rugge-Price, 5th baronet, who d. 1892. Residence, 54, Ennismore Gardens, S.W. Collateral Branches living. Grandchildren of the late Ralph Price, Esq., 2nd son of ist baronet, b. 1780, d. 1860 : m. 1805, Charlotte Savery, who d. 1850, da. of Lieut.-Col. Thomas Carteret Hardy : Issue of the late Ralph Charles Price, Esq., b. 1806, d. 1868: in. 1835, Albinia Eliza, who d. 1886, da. of Sir Charles Price, 2nd baronet : Ralph George, b. 1838 ; is a J.P. for Essex and for Liberty of Havering-atte-Bower : in. 1867, Annette Mary, da. of the late Rev. Simeon Burney Warner, and has issue living, Edith Mabel Warner : ;//. 1889, Capt. Frank Broadwood Matthews, King's Own (Roy. Lancaster Regt.), and Adj. of its 4th Batn., and has issue living, Meredyth Rose b. 1890, Annette Maud Warner: m. 1891, Joseph Child Priestley, Esq., Bar.-at-law, of 5, Crown Office Row, E.G. Residence, Marshalls Park, Rom- ford, Essex.' Alfred Adams, b. 1840 ; formerly Capt. 67th Regt. : m. 1867, Eliza Lockett, da. of Thomas Taylor, Esq., formerly of Indian C.S., and has issue living, Ernest Charles, b. 1867 Kenneth Alexander, b. 1869, Ralph Charles, b. 1873, Geraldine Mabel : m. 1890, Claud Currie, Esq., Kathleen Mary. Alexander Smirke, b. 1841. Herbert Still, b. 1845 ; formerly Lieut. 4th Dragoon Guards. Leonard Charles, b. 1855. Residence, Ewell, Surrey. Marian Frances : in. 1874, James Frederick Gaitskell, Esq. Residence, Craigmore, Ercand, Shevroy Hills, Madras. Eva. Ethel Florence. Residence, Ewell, Surrey. Issue of the late Capt. Robert Price, b. 1813, d. 1853: m. ist, 1838, Ellen Anne Robinson, who d. 1838 ; 2ndly, 1840, Sophia Catherine, who d. 1845, da. of Lieut.-Col. Robert Leslie Anstruther ; 3rdly, 1850, Harriet, who d. 1880, da. of Sir Charles Price, 2nd baronet I- Ralph Anstruther, b. 1842 ; formerly Lieut.-Col. B.S.C. ; served in Bhootan expedition 1865-6 (medal with clasp), and in Afghan war 1880 (medal) : m. 1867, Fanny Hughes, da. of James Lamb, Esq., of Calcutta, and has issue living, Robert James Stafford, b. 1870, Mary Sophia, b. 1872. Jlesi dence, Gila Lodge, 61, Bassett Road, N. Kensington, W. Club, Naval and Military. Issue of the late Francis Lysons Price, Esq., b. 1819, d. 1863: m. 1854, Louisa Georgiana, who d. 1865, da. of Charles Burleton, Esq. : Louisa Charlotte Mary. Residence, Issue of the late Richard Price, Esq., 3rd son of ist baronet, b. 1780, d. 1852 : m. 1805, Elizabeth Engel, who d. 1847, da. of Henry Heyman, Esq. : Mary (Lady Rugge-Price) [see ante]. Rosina Mary (Lady Price) [see ante]. Anna Maria. Grandchildren of the late Richard Price, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Lieut.-Col. Augustus Price, .1813, d. 1860: m. 1852, Elizabeth Emma, who d. 1890, da. of Mrvj.-Gen. Hodgson : Petley Lloyd Augustus, b. 1856 ; is an Assist. Engineer B.C.S. : m. 1884, Mary Cotton, da. of the late Frederick Arthur Egerton, Esq., Com. R.N. [see Grey-Egerton, Bart., colls.], and has issue living, three sons and two daus. Hermann Chicheley Augustus, b. 1858. Florence Engel Augusta. Issue of the late Gen. George Uvedale Price, b. 1821, d. 1891 : m. ist, 1851, Elizabeth Palmer, who d. 1857, da. of James Price, Esq., Quartermaster 24th Regt., and widow of Arthur Edward Frere, Esq., Lieut. 24th Regt.; 2ndly, 1859, Harriette Anne Wilhelmina (now of 9, Victoria Road, Clapham Common, S.W.), da. of the late Rev. Charles Robert Gayer, of Dingle, co. Kerry : George Uvedale, b. 1853. Edward Augustus Uvedale, b. 1854 ; is Capt. 4th Batn. E. Surrey Regt. : in. 1 88 1, Elizabeth Henrietta, da. of Henry J. P. Dumas, Esq., and has issue living, Reginald 5, Helen Rose Elizabeth, Kathleen Janette. ussex Gardens, Westgate-on-Sea. v**c/, ixvjydi j. immc?) i ai*uL. ^^ v^aLucimc A.usiiia . /. loyz, i iionias Henry Moore, .c*sq. Resi- dence, Andreas, Kingsmead Road, Oxton, Birkenhead. Emma Elizabeth. Charles Henry Uvedale, b. 1862 ; is Lieut. I.S.C. : in. 1889, A. M., da. of John Orlando Hercules Norman Oliver, Esq., C.S.I., and has issue living, Rysswyn Uvedale, b. 1890. Cyril Uvedale, b. 1868 ; is Lieut, I.S.C. Mary Sophia. Grandchildren of the late Thomas Price, Esq. (infra) : Issue of the late Rev. Thomas Charles Price, b. 1816, d. 1885 : m. 1847, Ellen, who d. 1878, da. of John Taylor, Esq., of Liverpool : Charles Chicheley, b. 1854; is a J.P. for British Honduras .Ralph Mountague Rokeby, b. 1860; in. i6i, aiizaDetn Henrietta, da. 01 nenry j. r. Jjumas, ,sq., Henry Uvedale, b. 1883, Geoffrey Uvedale, b. 1885, Helen Rose Residences, 13, Trebovir Road, S. Kensington, S.W. ; 4, Suss Club, Royal Thames Yacht. Catherine Rosina : m. 1872, Thon