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458 DEBRETT S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. QUAIN, Creation 1891, of Harley Street, co. London, and Carrigoon, Mallow, co. Cork. Sir RICHARD QUAIN, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S., ist Baronet, son of John Quain, Esq.. of Mallow, Ireland ; b. Oct. 30th, 1816; ed. at Univ. Coll., London (Fellow 1843) ; M.D. London Univ. 1842, F.R. C.P. London 1851 ; nominated by H.M. a Member of Senate of London Univ. 1860 ; has been Crown representative of General Medical Council since 1863 (Pres. thereof 1891), and Physician Extraordinary to H.M. since 1890; editor of "The Dictionary of Medicine," and author of numerous medical and scientific works : in. 1854, Isabella Agnes, who d. 1891. only da. of George VVray, Esq., of Cleasby, Yorkshire, and has issue. ^rms Argent, a chevron engrailed azure between in chief two mill- rinds gules, and issuant from the base a rock, thereon daisies proper, trtst Out of an embattlement proper, a demi-lion rampant or, charged Avorum non immemor. on the shoulder with a trefoil slipped vert, and holding in his paws a battle- axe in bend sinister, handle proper and blade or. Residence 67, Harley Street, W. Clubs Athenaeum, Union, Garrick. Daughters living -A ^nes Mary: in. 1883, Francis Dixon Brown, Esq. Residence, 18, Clareville Grove, S.W. Beatrice : M. 1880, George Alfred Sainte Croix Rose, Esq. [see Rose, Bart., cr. 1874]. Residence, 49, Onslow Gardens, S.W. Isabel : m. 1891, John Edward Chapman Mathews, Esq., and has issue living, Isabel Mary ffarington, b. 1892. Residence, 19, Buckingham Palace Mansions, S.W. Mary Maude. RADCLIFFE, Creation 1813, of Milnesbridge House, Yorkshire. Sir JOSEPH PERCIVAL PICKFORD RADCLIFFE, 3rd Baronet ; b. Oct. 4th, 1824; s. his father, Sir JOSEPH, 1872 ; ed. at Catherine Hall.Camb. (B.A. 18 ) ; is a J.P. for Stafford- shire and W. Riding of York : m. 1854, Katherine Mary Elizabeth, da. of Sir Edward Doughty, gth Baronet [see Doughty-Tichborne, Bart.], and has issue. 5Vrms Argent, a bend engrailed sable charged with a crescent of the field for difference. Crtst A bull's head erased sable horns argent, tipped or, gorged with a ducal coronet of the second. Seats Rudding Park, Knaresborough, Yorkshire ; Royton Hall, Old- ham, Lancashire. Clubs St. George's, Wellington. Sons living JOSEPH EDWARD, b. Aug. ist, 1858 ; formerly Capt. 3rd Virtus propter se. Batn. Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regt.) : m. 1881, Mary I'irtue for its own sike Katharine, da. of John Reginald Francis George Talbot, Esi. [see B. Talbot de Malahide, colls.], of Rhode Hill, Lyme Regis, and nas issue living, Everard Joseph, b. 1884, a son, b. 1891, Mary Winifride, b. 1885. Residence, Fern Grove, Tewitesbury. Henry Joseph Francis, b. 1862 ; is Capt. 2nd Batn. Queen's Own Cameron High- landers. Philip John Joseph, b. 1863 ; is Capt. R.E. Bernard Percival Joseph, b. 1869. Roger Chidiock Joseph, b. 1872; is Lieut. Durham Artillery, W. Div. R.A. Daughters living Mary Agnes Catherine. Mary Filumena. Mary Katharine Theresa. Brothers living Charles John, b. 1829 : m. 1860, Clementina Maria, 4a. of the late Anthony Wright Biddulph, Esq., of Burton Park, Petworth, and has issue living, Joseph Anthony, b. 1861, Charles James Forbes, b. 1864, Arthur Ranald Macdonald, b. 1867, Gwendoline Amelia Mary. Arthur Reginald St. Clair, b. 1830 : m. 1860, Georgiana Mary, who d. 1869, da. of the late Rev. Francis Pickford [infra], and has issue living, Arthur Charles Forbes, b. 1861, Francis Joseph, b. 1863, Edith Georgiana Fannie. Residence, Stackhouse, Settle, Yorkshire.^ Godfrey Edward Allaster, b. 1832; formerly Capt. W. Yorkshire Regt. : m. 1863, Geraldine Mary, da. of the late Anthony George Wright Biddulph, Esq., of Burton Park, Petworth, and has issue living, Francis Joseph, b. 1865 ; is Capt. jrd Batn. Lancashire Fusiliers, Allaster Joseph, b. 1867, Mary Frances. Resi- dence, Dan-y-Graig, Grosmont, co. Monmouth. Sisters living Jacobina Maria Sophia : in. 1841, Samuel James Brown, Esq., who d. 1891, and has issue living, William James (of Ackworth, near Pontefract), b. 1842: m. 1872, Julia Elizabeth, da. of the late George Cooke-Yarbrough, Esq., of Campsmount, Yorkshire [see Cooke, Bart., colls.]. Residetice, Loftus Hill, Knaresborough. Eliza Matilda Mary (Lady Annytage): m. 1841, Sir George Armytage, jth baronet. Resilience, Kirklees Park, Brighouse, Yorkshire. Amelia Frances: in. 1846, David Leahy-Arthur, Esq., who d. 1892. Alpina Isabella. Collateral Branch living. Grandchild of the late Charles Radcliffe, Esq., Com. R.N., 3rd son of ist baronet : Issue of the late Rev. Francis PICKFORD, 6. 1801, d. 1883 : m 18 , Sophia, da. of Matthew Bancroft Lister, Esq., of Burwell, Lincolnshire : Sophy Emily Hannah. This family, of Saxon origin, took its name from the village of Radcliffe in Lancashire. Richard de Radclyffe, Seneschal and Minister of the Forests in Blackburnshire, accompanied Edward I. in his wars in Scotland, and received from that monarch a grant of a charter of freewarren and chase in all his demesne lands of Radcliffe. Mary, only sister of the last male heir of the Radcliffes, was the mother of Joseph Pickford, Esq., whoassumed the surname of Radcliffe 1795, and was created a baronet, wit.i a gratuitous patent, in recognition of his prompt and judicious exertions as a magistrate during a period of insubordination, danger, and alarm, in 1812.