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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 495 SHEFFIELD, Creation 1755, of Normanby, Lincolnshire. Sir BERKELEY DIGBY GEORGE SHEFFIELD, 6th Baronet ; b. Jan. igth, 1876 ; s. his father, Sir ROBERT, 1886.; is at Eton. patron of <i3iu gibing Burton Stather-cum-Flixborough R., Lincolnshire. Qtms Argent, a chevron between three garbs gules, all within a bordure gobony argent and azure. Crtst A boar's head and neck erased or. Seat Normanby Park, Doncaster, Lincolnshire. Comiter sed fortiter. Courteously but deter- minedly. Sisters living Sophia Gwendoline Alice (Hon. Mrs. Lancelot Lowther): m. 1889, the Hon. Lancelot Edward Lawther, son of 3rd Earl of Lonsdale. Residence, Barrow House, Oakham. Helen. Dorothy Marie Isolde. Uncles living (sons of 4th Baronet) JOHN CHARLES, b. Sept. gth, 1834; formerly Capt. 2ist Fusiliers : is a J.P. for co. Mayo: in. 1861, Mary Sarah Butler, da. of Thomas Butler Stoney, Esq., of Portland, co. Tipperary, and has issue living, Robert Stoney, b. 1864. Residence, Claremorris, co. Mayo. George, b. 1836 ; ed. at Eton and at Pembroke Coll., Oxford (B.A. 18 ); entered Diplo. Ser. 1859, became a 2nd Sec. 1869, and Sec. of Legation i88 ; was Private Sec. to Lord Lyons 1867-87. Rev. Frank, b. 1838; ed. at Eton and at Trin. Hall, Camb. (B.A. 1860, M.A. 1865); is R. of Brampton Bryan. Residence, Brampton Bryan Rectory R.S.O. Club, United University. Aunt living (daughter of 4th Baronet) Louisa: ;. 1848, Thomas Wynn Hornby, Esq., and has issue living, Julia Jane (Hon. Mrs. Albert Hood): m. 1868, the Hon. Albert Hood, son of 3rd Viscount Hood. Residence, The Hook, Fareham. Mother living LAURA ISABEL ~PRi$ci.*i<.(LadySlteffield), da. of the late Col. Henry Dumaresque, R.E. : tn. ist, 1867, Sir Robert Sheffield, 5th baronet, who d. 1886; zndly, 1890, Col. Thomcs Astell St. Quintin, 8th Hussars. Residence, Normandy Park, Doncaster. Collateral Branch living. Issue of the late Rev. Charles Sheffield, and son of 3rd baronet, b. 1797, d. 1882 : m. -1820, Lucy, who d. 1857, da. of Lieut. -Col. Smelt, Gov. of Isle of Man : Caroline Alicia : ;. 1841, the Rev. Charles Lloyd, R. of Chalfont St. Giles, who d. 1883, and has issue living, Francis Aylmer (of Clevehurst, Weybridge. Club, St. Stephen's), b. 1845 : '" 1883, Eugenie Alphonsine. dau. of the late Charles Gaudin, Esq., and widow of William Milner, Esq., and has issue living, Francis Charles Aylmer b. 1884, Florence Eugenie Aylmer b. 1887, Gerald Aylmer b. 1888, Robert Oliver, b. 1849 ; is Major R.E. : m. 1877, Mary Isabella, da. of Maj.-Gen. Dillon Gustavus Pollard. M..C., of Beaumont Villa, Lansdown, Bath, and has issue living, Charles Whitworth Robert b. 1879, Francis Oswald b, 1883, Caroline Olive b. iSSi, Ursula Mary Vere b. 1891, Leonard Sheffield, b. 1851 : nt. 1885, Mary Dora, da. of the late Capt. Charles Crigan, and has issue living, Dorothy Mary yere b. 1887, Cyril Hope, b. 1853 : m. 1878, Alice Augusta, da. of Hartley Dunsford, Esq., of Lindsay, Victoria, Canada,- Marmaduke Bernard, b. 1857: in. 1882, Henrietta, da. of Hartley Dunsford, Esq., of Lindsay, Victoria, Canada, Giles William, b. 1860, Perceval Allen, b. 1863 ; F.R.C.S. England, Lucy Emma Julia, Caroline Octavia Mary Vere : lit, 1874, Rev. Francis Amcotts Jarvis, R. of Flixborough and V. of Burton-on-Stather, Doncaster, and Rural Dean of Manlake, and has issue living, Charles Francis Cracroft b. 1875, Margaret Alice. Residence, Manor House, St. Mark's Road, W. Laura Sophia. Residence, 65, St. Charles's Square, Netting Hill, W. Charlotte Louisa. The ist baronet, Sir Charles Sheffield (originally Herbert), was an illegitimate son of John Sheffield, ist Duk of Normanby and Buckingham ; he inherited the estates of his legitimate brother, Edmond, last Duke of Buckingham. Comme je trouve. As I find. SHELLEY, Creation 1611, of Michelgrove, Sussex. Sir JOHN SHELLEY, gth Baronet ; b. Aug. 3 ist, 1848; s. his father, the Rev. Sir FREDERICK, 1869; ed. at Marlborough, and at Univ. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1872) ; is a J.P. and County Councillor (Sandford Div.) for Devon, and Capt. and Hon. Major ist Devon Yeo. Cav. : m. 1882, Marion Emma, el. da. of Richard Benyon, Esq., of Englefield House, Reading, and 18, Grosvenor Square, W., and has issue. Jmtts Sable a fesse, engrailed, between three whelks or. Crrsi A griffin's head erased, beaked argent, and ducally gorged or. Residence Shobrooke Park, Crediton. Clubs New University, Junior Carlton. - SOUS living JOHN FREDERICK, b. Oct. i 4 th, 1884. - Richard, b. Daughters living-Enzabeth Marion. onstance May. Brother living Frederick, b. Aug. 3ist, 1849 : m. 1882, Lady Margaret Stafford Northcote, da. of ist Earl of Iddesleigh, and has issue living, 6. Residence, Eden Lodge, Tilford, Farnham. Clubs, Conservative, , the Hon. Edward Arthur Cecilia Martha, b. Constitutional. Sister living Charlotte Frances (Hon. Mrs. Edward Palk) : m. 188 P.ilk, 4th son of ist Baron Haldon. Residence, Twatley, Malmesbury.