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5 o8 DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. BUCKWORTH-HERNE-SOAME, Creation 1697, of Sheen, Surrey. Sir CHARLES BUCKWORTH-HERNE-SOAME, Qth Baronet; b. May 29th, 1830; s. his uncle, Sir JOHN, 1888; ed. at Bedford Sch. ; studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and became a M.R.C.S. Eng., and a L.S.A. 1854 ; is a J.P. and a County Councillor for Shropshire (Dawley and Malinslee Div.) : m. 1855, Mary, da. of Richard Fellows Procter, Esq., of Iron Bridge, Salop, and has issue. Drills Quarterly : ist and 4th, gules, a chevron between three mallets or, a canton argent for difference, Soatiif ; 2nd and 3rd, sable, a chevron between three cross-crosslets fitchee argent, Buckiuorth. Crtsts ist, a lure gules, garnished and stringed argent, thereon a falcon or, beaked and legged of the second ; 2nd, a man's head in profile armed with a helmet, the beaver up all proper. Residence Dawley, Salop. Son living CHARLES, 6. Sept. i8th, 1864; ed. at Newport, Salop; admitted a solicitor 1889. Residence, The Laurels, Dawley, Salop. Daughters living Mary Hannah: m. ist, 1878, Arthur Marcy, Esq., who d. 1883; 2ndly, 1889, the Rev. Richard Herbert Snape. Residence, Eskdale Vicarage, Cumberland. - Evelyn : m. 1881 George Day Harrison, Esq. Residence, Walton Villa, Stone, Staffordshire. Brother living Richard, b. 1833. Residence, Dawley, Salop. Sister living Hannah : m. 1864, John Richards, Esq. Residence, Brighton. Sir John, the ist baronet, was High Sheriff of London 1704. Sir Everard, the 3rd baronet, was Assist. Gentleman Usher to King George III. Sir Everard, the sth baronet, Gentleman-Pensioner and Exon of the Guard, temp. George III., assumed the additional surname of Herne. Sir Buckworth Buckworth-Herne, the 6th baronet, assumed, in 1806, the additional surname of Soame by royal license, in compliance with the will of Sir Peter Soame, Bart, (title now extinct). SPEARMAN, Creation 1840, of Hanwell, Middlesex. Sir JOSEPH LAYTON ELMES SPEARMAN, 2nd Baronet, son of the late Alexander Young Spearman, Esq., el. son of ist Baronet ; b. Sept. 22nd. 1857 ; s. his grandfather, the Right Hon. Sir ALEXANDER YOUNG, 1874; ed. at Eton, and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford ; formerly Capt. and Brig. Welsh Div. R.A. ; is a J.P. for Glamorganshire (High Sheriff 1882): m. 1878, Ethel, da. of William Leask, Esq., formerly of 48, Queen's Gate, S.W. , and has issue. JJatron of nt JCibing Llansannor R., Glamorganshire. rms Azure, on a chevron ermine between three tilting spears, argent, headed or, a red deer's head erased proper. Crrst A lion rampant proper, gorged with a collar gemelle or, supporting a tilting spear also proper, enfile led with a mural crown or. Seats LlansannorCourt, Cowbridge ; The Spring, Hanwell, Middlesex. Club Carlton. Dum spiro spero. While I breathe I hope, Sons living JOSEPH WILLIAM, b. Aug. 22nd, 1879. Alexander Young, b. 1881. Robert Henry, b. 1882. Daughters living Ethel Nest Gwendolene Anne. Sybil Mary. Another. Half-Brothers living Alexander Young Crawshay Mainwaring, R.N., b. 1862; became Lieut. 1885: m. 1892, Jessie Aubrey, da. of the Rev. Cadwallader Coker, R. of Fringfoid, Oxon. Club, Army and Navy Charles Edward, b. 1863 ; is Lieut. 2nd Batn. Roy. Munster Fusiliers. Uncles living (sons of ist Baronet) Edmund Robert, /'. 1837 ; ed. at Eton ; formerly Sec. to Public Works Loan Board, and a J.P. for Middlesex : . 1859, Lady Maria Louisa Fitzmaurice, da. of sth Earl of Orkney, and has issue living, Edmund Alexander Malcolm, b. 1862 ; formerly Lieut, ist Vol. Batn. Bedfordshire Regt., Robert Wickham Morant, b. 1867 ; sometime Private Sec. to Gov. of Grenville Place, Cromwell Road, S.W. Horace Ralph, b. 1840 ; ed. at Sherborne, and at Roy! Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; is Col. I.S.C., and a Commr. in Burmah : m. 1867, Isabella, el. da. of Thomas Sutherland, Esq., and has issue living, Horace Ralph, b. 1868, Alexander Young, b. 1872 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; is Lieut, ist Batn. Roy. Warwickshire Regt., Ian Iverach Sutherland, b. 1874. Club, Naval and Military. Rudolph Henries, b. 1845; ed. at Eton, and at Oriel Coll., Oxford; Bar. Inner Temple 1869; is Recorder of Bridgnorth : in. 1885, Dorothy Jane, da. of Edward W. Mantell, Esq., and has issue living, Jane, Margaret Dorothy. Residence, n, Argyll Road, Campden Hill, W. Chambers, i, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.G. Club, New University. Aunts living (daughters of ist Baronet) Jane Alexandrina: m. 1850, William Layton Lowndes, Esq. Residences, 27, Marine Parade, Dover ; The Hermitage, Hanwell. Henrietta Eliza Mar- garet. Augusta Herries:_/. 1861, the Rev. Morris Edgar Stanbrough, M.A., R. of Creyke, and has issue living, Walter Farnell Henniker, b. 1869, Maurice Hugh, b. 1870, Leonard Kenyon, b. 1874, Ethel Margaret : in. 181 Residence, Creyke Rectory, near b. 1874, Ethel Margaret: in. 1891, Edmund Clive Street, Esq., Helen Augusta, Evelyn Maud. York.