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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 539 Brothers living Montague George, t>. 1844 ; formerly Midshipman R.N. : in. 1881, Emmeline, only da. of the late Capt. John Pownall P. W. Bastard, and widow of the 6th and last Baron Rivers. Resi- dence, Honington Hall, Grantham. Club, Boodle's. Cecil, b. 1846; ed. at Eton ; formerly Capt. ist Life Guards ; is a J. P. and a County Councillor (Ropsley Div.) for Kesteven Div. of Lincolnshire :

. 1875, Annie Charlotte, da. of late Gen. Edward Stopford Claremont, C. B., of 4, Gloucester Street,

Portman Square, W., and has issue living, Marguerite. Residence, Boothby Hall, near Grantham. Clubs, Carlton, Arthur's, Bachelors'. Charles Cecil Hayford, b. 1852 ; is Major Roy. Welsh Fusiliers : m. 1883, Marion Gertrude, da. of Thomas Browning, Esq., of Sale, Cheshire. Club, Naval and Military. Sister living Edith Mary. Resilience, 64, Rutland Gate, S.W. WidOW living Of llth BaJOnet ELIZABETH FRANCES {Lady TJiorold), da. of Col. Hildyard, of Flintham Hall, Notts : ;. 1841, Sir John Charles Thorold, nth baronet, whorf. 1866. Residence, 64, Rutland Gate. S.W. Collateral Branches living. Grandchildren of the late Rev. George Thorold, 2nd son of gth baronet, b. 1776, d. 1823 : ;. 1804, Elizabeth, who d. 1871, da. of Benjamin Baugh, Esq., of Bristol : Issue of the late Rev. Henry Baugh, b. 1805, d. 1885: m. 1829, Julia, who d. 1871. da. of the late John Thomas Ellis, Esq., of Wyddial Hall, Herts: Reginald Henry, b. 1831 ; formerly 92nd Highlanders : m. 1868, Catherine, da. of Adm. Edward Philips Charlewood, and has issue living, Reginald Charles, b. 1871, Lucy Charlewood, Katharine Rochfort, Bertha Ruthven. Residence, Chalet Thorold, Biarritz, France. Issue of the late Col. George Edward Thorold, b. 1806, d. 1874 : '" l8 35> Alice Alicia, da. of Maj.-Gen. Mann, R.E. : Reginald Gother, b. 1837 ; formerly Col. R.E. ; retired as Hon. Maj.-Gen. : /. ist, 1858, Fanny, who d. 1869, da. of the late Lionel Lukin, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1871, Charlotte Sophia, da. of the late James Frederick Elton, Esq. (401)1 Regt.), of Dedham, Essex, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Hayford Douglas (of Ashgrove, Elland, Yorkshire), b. 1859 ; is Capt. Duke of Wellington's (W. Riding Regt.), and Adj. of its ist Vol. Batn. : m. 1883, Mary,. da. of Alexander R. Kirkpatrick, Esq., of Donacomper, co. Kildare {see B. Ashtown, colls.], and has issue living, Ivone Hayford b. 1884, Rupert Alexander b. 1886, Evelyn Mabel : m. 1880, Major Charles Henry Brookes, R.E., of The Bartons, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and has issue living, Geoffrey Thorold b. 1881, Charles Thorold b. 1886, Evelyn Muriel b. 1883, Phyllis Mabel b. 1888, Hilda Maud, Gertrude Beau- jolais, Edith Fanny Mildred. Residence, Shepscoomb, Stroud. Edith Rhoda : m. 1873, the Rev. Edward Pattinson Cole, R. of Ch. Ch., Bristol, and has issue living, Marwood Anselm Rauceby Thorold, b. 1874, Aubrey du Plat Thorold, b. 1877. Residence, Christ Church Rectory, Bristol. Alice Maude Eveleigh. Issue of the late Charles Thorold, Esq., b. 1807, d. 1868 : tn. 1830, Sophia [see infra], da. of the Rev. Edward Thorold [infra] : Rev. Algernon Charles Edward, b. 1850; ed. at Clare Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1871, M.A. 1874); is R. of Hougham : m. 1871, Edith Mary, da. of W. Clay, Esq., of The Ford, Worcestershire, and has issue living, Algernon Herbert, b. 1872, Arthur Charles Campbell, b. 1873, Ernest Hayford, b. 1879, Violet Hilda, Gertrude Muriel Edith. Residence, Hougham Rectory, near Grantham. Rev. Wilfrid Augustus Holden, b. 1852; ed. at Clare Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1875, M.A. 1880); for- merly Midshipman R.N. ; is R. of Stainby-cum-Gunby : m. 1872, Harriott, da. of the late John Chase, Esq., of Kippences, Liss, Hants, and has issue living, Wilfrid Lionel de Buckenhuld, b. 1873. Residence, Stainby Rectory, Grantham. Constance Cecilia Mary: m. ist, 1868, Charles Cromwell Hockley, Esq., Bar.-at-Law; 2ndly, 1876, the Rev. William Chippendale, V. of Tilton, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Reginald Charles Cromwell, b. 1872, Sophia Thorold, Beatrice Mary Forester, (by 2nd marriage), Bertram Thorold, b. 1877, William Sydney, /'. 1880, Mary Isabel. Residence, Tilton Vicarage, Leicester. Issue of the late Arthur William Thorold, Esq., b. 1808, d. 1888: m. 18 , Anne Laura (now of 8, St. James's Terrace, Plymouth), da. of the late Major Octavius Temple, Lieut. - Gov. of Sierra Leone : Harry Octavius, b. 1828 ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1851 ; entered Bombay Med. Depart. 1852, and retired as Brig.-Surg. 1881. Agnes Julia. ^Annie Katrine: m. 1868, Richard Brinsley Hooper, Esq. Residence, Issue of the late Rev. William Thorold, b. 1810, d. 1888 : ;. 1839, Frances Elizabeth (now of Warkleigh House, South Molton), da. of James Gould, Esq., of Knapp, Devon : George Aubrey William, b. 1846 ; ed. at Rugby, and at Exeter Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1870, M.A. 1873 : m. 1883, Elizabeth, da. of the late William Norton Barry, Esq., of Castle Cor, co. Cork, and widow of John B. Short, Esq., of Hudscott, N. Devon. Residence, 13, Queensberry Place, S.W. Club, United Universities. Hubert Gould William, b. 1854; is a retired Lieut. R.N. ; served in Egyptian war 1882 (medal and bronze star) : in. 1889, Lora Marsh, da. of Preston Karslake, Esq., of White Knights, Reading. Club, Naval and Military). Rev. John Leofric de Buckenhold, b. 1864; ed. at Rugby and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1887, M.A. 1890); is R. of Warkleigh cum Sattlerleigh. Residence, Warkleigh Rectory, N. Devon. Godiva Marion. Emily Elizabeth Pauline: m. 1871, Edward Stewart-Jones, Esq. [(M.A. Wadham Coll., Oxford), son of the late William Jones, Esq., of Rachery Hall, Gresford, N. Wales, and Fulwood, Lancashire], and has issue living, ThoroM, b. 1873, Pauline. Residence, 33, Palmeira Square, Brighton. Alice Fanny Isabella: ;. 1868, the Rev. John Argylle Welch Collins, Chaplain to H.M.'s Forces, Cairo, and has issue living, Alice Godiva Thorold. Salome Harriet. Ellinor Julia. Residence, Warkleigh House, South Molton. Issue of the late Rev. Edward Thorold, 3rd son of gth baronet, b. 1779, d. 1836 : m. 1809, Mary, who d. 1874, da. of Thomas Wilson, Esq., M.D., of Grantham : Edward Serle, /;. 1813: m. ist 1843, Amelia Jane, whorf. 1887, da. of the late Rev. John Hinde, of Ludlow; 2ndly, 188?, El'.eu Clara, da. of the late Sir J. Kingcome, K.G.B., and widow of Ellis F. Thorold, Esq., M.D. Right Rev. Anthony Wilson. D.D., b. 1821 [tee Bp. Winchester]. Mary : m. iS^.the Rev. Robert Hustwick, R. of Morcott, who*/. 1868, and has issue living, Rev. Edward Thorold, b. 18 ; ed. at Jesus Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1859, M - A ' "864). Jane: in. 1837, the Rev. Granville Wheler Stuart-