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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 559 WALLER, Creation 1780. of Newport, Tipperary. Sir CHARLES WALLER, 6th Baronet, son of the late Jocelyn Macartney Waller, Esq. (infra), and grandson of 1st Bart. ; b. 1802 ; s. his nephew, Sir Edmund Arthur, 1888 : m. 1830, Maria, da. of Nicholas Burgher, Esq., of Staten Island, New York, and has issue. 5rms Cheeky or and sable, on a canton gules, a lion rampant double queued of the first. Crrst Out of a ducal coronet a plume of five ostrich feathers, 2nd and 4th azure, ist, -?rd, and 5th argent, surmounted by an eagle's claw gules. Residence Brooklyn, New York. SOBS living CHARLES, b. 1835. - William Edgar, b. 1 Eccleston, Emma Daisy, da. of Thomas Eccleston, Esq., and has issue living, William Edgar, b. 1863, Elwood Eccleston, b. 1876, Daisy Emma, Lilian Edith, Violet Evelyn, Florence Eunice, Olive Emilia. - Edmund, b. 1844: m. 18 , and has issue living. Residence, Honor et veritas. Honor and truth. Daughters living Catharine Elizabeth Burgher: m. 18 .Joseph Russell Thomas, Esq. Residence, Brooklyn, New York. - Josephine Harrison : in. 1854, John Stanton, Esq., who d. 1870, editor of Brooklyn " Eagle." Georgiana : m. 1871, David Egbert Terry, Esq. Residence, Brooklyn, New York. Sisters living Mary. Amelia : m. 18 , Mons. Follenus. Residence, Daughters living of 4th Baronet By 1st marriage Eliza Matilda : m. 1859, Charles Walter Bastable, Esq., who d. 1878, and has issue living, Arthur Patrick, /;. 1869, Harriet Louisa, Adelaide Mary, Eliza Matilda, Selina Mary, Mary. Adelaide Georgina ; is a Sister in St. George's Mission Home, London.. Louisa Edmundina. By 2nd marriage Anna Blanche : in. 1875, the Rev. William Joshua Ffennell. Residence, Widow living Of 5th Baronet JESSIE MARION {Lady Waller), da. of the late Henry James Pu'rbrook, Esq., of Brighton : ;. ist, 1878, as his second wile, Sir Edmund Arthur Waller, 5th baronet, who d. 1888 ; zndly, 1890, John H. Haig, Esq. Residence, Collateral Branches living. Grandchildren of the late Jocelyn Macartney Waller, Esq., 4th son of ist baronet, and father of 4th and 6th baronets : Issue of the late Samuel Waller, Esq., M.D., b. 1803, d. 1878: m. 1833, Henrietta, da. of Capt. Guy Carleton Colclough : Jocelyn, b. 1841 : m. 1867, Mary, da. of Smith, Esq., of Hamilton, Onatario, Canada, and has issue living, Augustus Edmund, b. 1871, Philip Percy, b. 1877, -Mary Beatrice, Mary Ethel Maud. - Samuel William, b. 1844 ; is a Staff-Sergeant in N.W. Territory Mounted Police : m. ist, 18 , Mari Louisa, who d. 1873, da. of Charles Waller, Esq. (ante) ; 2iidly, 1878, Eliza Maria, da. of Charles Hughes, Esq., of Montreal, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Charles Guy Carleton, b. 18 , Samuel William, b. 18,- John Stanton. b. 18 , (by 2nd marriage), Edmund Henry Ccl- clough, b. 1879, Hugh Jocelyn, b. 1887, -Katharine, b. 1889, Alice, b. 1892. Residence, Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, N.W. Territory, Canada. Amelia : m. 18 , James R, V. Forrest, Esq., of Montreal. Residence, Issue of the late Robert Waller, Esq., b. 1806, d. 1860 : in. 1834, Mary Anne Blowers, who d. 1846 : Robert William, b. 1835 : m. 1866, Emily, da. of John Page, Esq., and has issue living, Herbert Montague, b. 1868, Jocelyn Edmund, b. 1870, Frank Hastings, b. 1871, Charles Robert, b. 1877, Florence Minnie, Emily Mary. - Jocelyn, b. 1838 ; is in Indian Postal Ser. : m. 1861, Eliza, da. of the late Martin Power, Esq., of Waterford, and has issue living, Robert Jocelyn, b. 1862, Edmund Edward, b. 1865, William Dillon, b. 1868, Alfred Jocelyn, b. 1870, Thomas Hutton, b. 1878, Alice Emma. Residence, Poona, Bombay. .Amelia : in. 1859, Capt. Henry Bryde (formerly of 57th Regt.), and has issue living, Henry Charles Waller, b. 1864, Robert Lewis Waller, b. 1869, Amy Rebecca, Frances Louisa, Katherine Constance. Residence, The ist baronet, M.P. for Dundalk, was one of the Commissioners of the Revenue. WALLER, Creation 1814, of Braywick Lodge, Berkshire. Sir FRANCIS ERNEST WALLER, 4th Baronet ; b. June nth, 1880; s. his father, Ma). -Gen. Sir GEORGE HENRY, 1892. Vrms Sable, on a bend engrailed argent, between two bendlets or, three walnut-leaves of the last. Crest On a mount vert, a walnut-tree proper, on the sinister side an escutcheon pendent, charged with the arms of France, with a label of three points argent, <JttriUo obtr Crrst " Azincourt." A' e side i tee Woodcote, Warw ick . Brother living WATHEN ARTHUR, b. Oct. 6th, 1881. Sisters living Margaret Beatrice. Edith Sophia. Aunts living (daughters of 2nd baronet) Sophia Harriet : m. 1866, Arthur Thomas Liddell, Esq. {see E. RavensworthJ. Residence, 40, Chester Square, S.W. Charlotte Louisa. 7-A/r,V/77/vL,vT/>7,/^ Widow living Of 3rd Baronet BEATKICE KATHERINE 'FRANCES This is Vie fruit of valor- (/ ^ Baiter), da. of Christopher Tower, Esq., late M.P. for Bucks, of Huntsmore Park, Iver: in. 1870, Maj.-Gen. Sir George Henry Waller, 3rd baronet, who d. 1892. Residence, Woodcote, Warwick. Hie fiuctus virtutis.