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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. ' Wonderfully popular.' Globe. ' The most brilliant of the weekly reviews.' Graphic. 1 The cleverest of politico-literary weeklies.' World. ' The ablest and most fearless of the weekly journals.' Manchester Courier.

  • The cleverest and most readable of the Tory newspaper.'

Truth. ' Our brilliant contemporary, under the'exceedingly able editorship of Mr. W. E. Henley.' St. James's Gazette. EVERY SATURDAY, PRICE SIXPENCE. TIHIIE NATIONAL OBSERVER A. Record sniil Re'vie'w. LITERATURE, SCIENCE,', ART,! POLITICS, AGRICULTURE, FINANCE, SPORTS. And other Topics are treated by Eminent Writers. AMONG THE CONTRIBUTORS RUDYARD KlPLINO. W. E. HENLEY. FREDERICK URKENWOOD. Sir H. MAXWELL. M.P. THOMAS HARDY. GEORGE WYNOHAM, M.P. A. C. SVVINBURXE. J. M. BARRIE. JOSEPH PENNELL. JAMES PAYN. Sir FREDERICK POLLOCK. J. MACLAREN COBBAN. HUGH HALIBURTON. JOHN O'NEILL. G. BARTRICK BAKER. VERNON BLACKBURN. GILBERT PARKER. Sir. W. G. SIMPSON. Professor VAMBERY. H. G. PARSONS. Lady JE UNE. H. D. TRAILL. Sir F. J GOLDSMID. W. M. ACWORTH. HAROLD FREDERIC. Dr. JOSEPH BELL. LLOYD SANDERS. MATHEW MACKIE. A. W. VERITY. WILFRED POLLOCK. Rev. H. C. BKECHING. Captain MAUDE late R. E. Professor PRINCE. Professor ELLIOTT. KENNETH CORNISH. H. D. LOWRY. STEPHANE MALLARME. PAUL CUSHING. CHARLES MURRAY. HORACE HUTCHINSON. T. W. RUSSEL, M.P. GEORGE MOORE. ARE: H. O. ARNOLD FORSTER, M.P. P. ANDERSON GRAHAM. KARL BLIND. HERBERT STEPHEN. EUSTACE BALFOUR. ALICE MEYWELL. FRANCIS WATT. Dr. RICHARD GARNETT. S. STEPNIAK. GRAHAM R. TOMSON. H. S- C. EVERARD. H. B. MARRIOTT WATSON. Rev. Dr. J. G. MCPHBRSON. Prof. J. SHIELD NICHOLSON. The AUTHOR of ' FO C'S'LB YARNS.' CHARLES WHIBLEY. W. B. YEATS. Mme. JAS. DARMESTETER. ETC., ETC., ETC. NATIONAL OBSERVER PUBLISHED IN LONDON, EDINBURGH AND DUBLIN. It can be had or ordered at all Railway Bookstalls. It is also on sale at most of the Principal Newsagents, orfromthe Chief Office, 115, FLEET STREET, LONDON. The National Observer is a valuable medium for reaching the wealthy and cultured classes. Terms of Yearly Subscription (post-free) Payable in advance. United Kingdom . . . CI 5 O Abroad . . 1 1O 4 Six Months at half the above rates. All communications should be addressed to the London Office. Cheques and Drafts payable toJOHN DOUGLAS. NOTICE. Should any difficulty be experienced in obtaining THE NATIONAL OBSERVER the Publisher would greatly esteem any communications addressed to 115, Fleet St. London.