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5 86 DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Issue of the late Rev. Capel Wolseley, b. 1814, d. 1885 : ;. 1848, Ann Jane (now of Rhodgate, Banwell, Somerset), da. of N. Procter, Esq., of Dublin : William Owen, b. 1854; is Surg.-Maj. Army Med. Staff. Annie: m. 1869, Major William Charles Wolseley, who d. 1878 [see ante]. Amy Louisa. Residence, Rhodgate, Banwell, Somerset. Grandchildren of the late Rev. William Wolseley, 3rd son of ist baronet (ante) : Issue of the late Major Garnet Joseph Wolseley, b. 1778, d. 1840 : ;. 1825, Frances Anne, who d. 1883, da. of William Smith, Esq., of Golden Bridge House, co. Dublin : Garnet Joseph, K.P., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., b. 1833 ; cr. Viscount Wolseley 1885. Frederick York, b. 1837. Residence, Melbourne, Victoria. Sir George Benjamin, K.C.B., b. 1839 ; formerly Col. York William Andrews, t,sq., of Monkstown, Dublin, and has issue living, (jarnet John, >. 1873. Kesi- dence, Belgaum, Madras. Clubs, United Service, Army and Navy. Matilda Emily Victoria : m. 1854, John Bagwell Creagh, Esq., L.K.Q.C.P., and has issue living, Arthur Gethin, b. 1855; is Lieut. -Col. R. A. ; served in Zulu campaign 1879 (medal with clasp), and in Egyptian campaign 1882 as A.D.C. to Lieut.-Gen. Sir Garnet J. Wolseley, G.C.B., G.C.M.G. (medal with clasp, bronze star, and 5th class Medjidie), and in same capacity in Soudan Campaign 1884-5 (Brevet Lieut. - Col.) : ;. 1889, Beatrice Carlota, da. of the late John Grenville Grenfell, Esq., and has issue living, Elma Gethin b. 1890, Moriet Elsie Maxwell b. 1891, Erie Wolseley, b. 1859, Moriet : '" l88 4> Capt. Frederick John Evelegh, Oxfordshire L.I., and Adj. of its ist Vol. Batn. Residence, Bally- Andrew, Doneraile, co. Cork. Frances Jane: ?//. 18 , Ralston Caldwell, Esq., who d. 18 , and has issue living, Ralston Mure, b. 1859 ; formerly Lieut. 6th Batn. King's Roy. Rifle Corps, Reri. William Henry M'Kennal, b. 1866, Brenda Frances : m. 1884, Major Charles John Whitaker, York and Lancaster Regt., and D.A.A.G. Sch. of Musketry, Enid Frances Isabel. Residence, issue of the late Major Robert Benjamin Wolseley, b. 1790, d. 1870 : ;. 1820, Alicia, who d. 1870, da. of Sir Robert Warren, ist baronet : Ven. William Hulbert, b. 1821; is Incumbent of Kilrush and Archdeacon of Kilfenora : m. 1847, lormerly sergeant a. statiordshire Kegt. ; is Lieut, ist Batn. .., Maj.-Gen. Thomas Staples, B.S.C., who d. 1886 [see Staples, Bart., colls.], Alice Warren : m. 1883, William Milward Newport, Esq., and has issue living, a da., Elizabeth Dawson : ;. 1877, Frederick Leech, Esq., of Enniscorthy, co. Wexford, and has issue living, John Frederick Wolseley b. 1881, Grace E. M. b. 1878, Muriel b. 1883. Residence, Kilrush, co. Clare. Rev. Robert Warren, b. 1823 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Dublin (B.A. 1846); is V. of Cautley : m. ist, 1847, Georgina, who d. 1881, da. of James Nixon, Esq., of co. Fermanagh ; 2ndly, Jean Ruskin, da. of the late William Richardson, Esq., M.D., of Gloucester Gardens and Tunbridge Wells, and has issue living (by ist marriage), Robert Warren St. John, b. 1848 : in. 18 , Henry William Falloon, b. 1849, Edward St. George (of 2, Warwick Street, Regent Street, W.), b. 1852 ; admitted a Solicitor 1875 : ;. 1877, Hannah Mary, da. of Colin Douglas Robertson, Esq., and has issue living, Kathleen Mary b. 1879, Herbert Falkner, b. 1854 ; formerly Lieut. 44th Regt., Alice Elizabeth Jane, (by 2nd marriage) Garnet Ruskin, b. 1884, Horace Carter, b. 1886, Eirene Eva. Residence, Cautley Vicarage. Sedbergh, Yorks. The ist baronet, M.P. for Carlow, was brother of Sir W., sth baronet, cr. 1628. WOMBWELL, Creation 1778, of Womb-well, Yorkshire. Sir GEORGE ORBY WOMBWELL, 4th Baronet ; b. 1832 ; s. his father, Sir GEORGE, 1855 ; ed. at Eton; formerly Lieut. I Jth Lancers, and of Yorkshire Hussar Yeo. Cav. ; served in Crimean war, and was conspicuous for bravery at Balaklava ; is a J.P. for N. and W. Ridings of York (High Sheriff of York- shire 1861), and a D.L. for N. Riding: m. 1861, Lady Julia Sarah Alice Villiers, da. of 6th Earl of Jersey, and has issue. patron 0f iu gibing Old Byland Don., Yorkshire. ^rms Gules, a bend, between six unicorns' heads couped argent. &nst A unicorn's head couped argent. Seat Newburgh Park, Easingwold, Yorkshire. Town Residence 20, Wilton Crescent, S.W. Clubs Carlton, Turf, Marlborough, Yorkshire, Orleans. In well beware. Son living STEPHEN FREDERICK, b. Feb. igth, 1867. Daughters living Julia Georgiana Sarah (Lady Cremorne) : m. 1882, Lord Cremorne, el. son of ist Earl of Dartrey. Residence, 106, Eaton Square, S.W Mabel Caroline. Cecilia Clementina : m. 1890, William Dudgeon Graham Menzies, Esq., and has issue living, Alastair, b. 1892. Residence, flailyburton, Coupar Angus, Forfarshire. Brother living Henry Herbert, b. 1840 ; ed. at Harrow ; formerly Lieut. 7th Hussars, and Capt Roy. Horse Guards. Residence, 8, Trevor Terrace, Albert Gate, S.W. Clubs, Carlton, Boodle's Orleans.