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DEBRETTS ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. 589 WRAXALL, Creation 1813, of Wraxall, Somersetshire. Sir MORVILLE WILLIAM NATHANIEL WRAXALL, 5th Baronet; b, Oct. 5th, 1834; s. his brother, Sir HORATIO HENRY, 1882 ; ed. at Bow, and at City of London Sch. ; served at relief and capture of Lucknow (seriously wounded) : m. 1860, Miss Susannah Harriet Claringbold, of Walmer, who d. 1870, and has issue. ^nns Lozengy erminois and azure, on a chevron gules three estoiles of eight points or. Cust A buck's head cabossed and erased gules, charged on the breast with two lozenges in fesse, and between the attires an estoile or. Residences Gloucester ; Melbourne, Australia. SOUS living MORVILLE WILLIAM, 6. 1862; ed. at Warren Farm Sch., Brighton ; was employed for several years as a pawnbroker's assistant prior to 1882, when he enlisted in the Commissariat and Trans- port (now Army Ser.) Corps ; served with Nile Expedition 1884-5 (medal with two clasps, bronze star) ; is Lieut, in Coast Guard Ser. of Egyptian Govt. : in. 1892, Miss Honorine Herminia Lanzon, of Alexandria. Residence, Alexandria, Egypt.- Charles Edward Lascelles, 6. 1868; ed. at Warren Farm Sch., Brighton; is a bandsman in R. N. Horatio, b. 1869 ; ed. at Warren Farm Sch., Brighton. Daughter living Emilie Elizabeth, b. 1864. Widow living Of 4th Baronet LAURA (Lady Wraxall}, da. of Edward Hammond, Esq., of Richmond, Surrey : m. 1855, Sir Horatio Henry Wraxall, 4th baronet, who d. 1882. The ist baronet, Sir Nathaniel William Wraxall, was in the Civil Service of the East India Com- pany. The 3rd baronet, Sir Frederick, was sometime Assistant-Commissary in the Turkish Contingent, and was author of several works. WREY, Creation 1628, of Trebich, Cornwall. Sir HENRY BOURCHIER TOKE WREY, loth Baronet ; b. June 27th, 1829 ; s. his father, the Rev. Sir HENRY BOUR- CHIER, 1882 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1851) ; formerly Capt. 4th Batn. Devonshire Regt, and retired as Hon. Major; is a J.P. and D.L. for Devon (High Sheriff 1891), and a co-heir to barony of Fitzwarine (abeyant since 1636): m. 1854, the Hon. Marianne Sarah Sherard, da. of 9th Baron Sherard, and has issue. JJatron of fjro Jibings Tawstock R. with Harracott C., and Combe inteignhead R., Devonshire ; Temple V., Cornwall. Quarterly: ist, sable, a fesse between three poleaxes argent, helved gules, Wrey ; 2nd, argent, a cross engrailed gules, between four water-bougats sable, Bourchier ; 3rd, France and England quarterly, within Le bon temps viendra. a bordure argent, Plantagenet ; 4th, azure, a bend argent, cotissed or, The f od i 'me will between six lions rampant of the last, Bohun. Crtsts ist, an arm em- come bowed, habited azure, cuffed argent, the hand proper holding a hatchet argent, helved gules, Wrey ; 2nd, a Saracen's head in profile, couped below the shoulders, on the head a ducal coronet, thereon a cap turned forwards and tasselled of the second, thereon a catherine-wheel of the same, Bourchier. Seat Tawstock Court, Barnstaple. Club Devon and Exeter. Sons living ROBERT BOURCHIER SHERARD, R.N., b. May 2 3 rd, 1855 ; became Lieut. 1879 ; served in Zulu war 1879 (medal with clasp), in Egyptian campaign 1882 (Egyptian medal, Khedive's Bronze Star), and in Burmah 1885-6 (medal with clasp). Philip Bourchier Sherard, b. 1858 : m. 1889, Alice Mary, da. of the late Capt. Borton, R. A. Albany Bourchier Sherard, b. 1861. William Bourchier Sherard, R.N., b. 1865 ; became Lieut. 1888 ; served at bombardment of Alexandria 1882 (Egyptian medal, Alexandria clasp, and Khedive's Bronze Star). Gerald Bourchier Sherard, b. 1870. Arthur Henry, 6. 1873. Edward Castell, b. 1875.^ Reginald Charles, b. 1876. Daughters living Annie Marian. Emma Henrietta. Augusta Eleanora. Florence Amelia. Beatrice Alexandra. Isabel Maria. Brother living/?^. Bourchier William Toke, b. 1830; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (S.C.L. 1852); is R. of Combeinteignhead : m. 1859, Anne Caroline, da. of the late Thomas Crosthwait, Esq., of Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, and has issue living, Henry Bourchier, b. 1863, Ellen Caroline, Emma Louisa, Evelyn Maria, Mary Blanche, Alice Constance Frances, Henrietta Sophie. Residence, Combeinteignhead Rectory, Teignmouth.