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1833; ed. at Hutchins' Sch., Hobart; Bar. Middle Temple 1856 ; appointed M.E.C. 1861 ; was a member of House of Assembly, Tasmania, 1861-70, Attorney- Gen, of Tasmania 1861-2 and 1866-70, and a Puisne Judge of Supreme Court 1870-85, since when he has been Ch. Justice ; m. 1858, Fanny Louisa, da. of Rev. W. H. Browne, LL.D., of Launces- ton, Tasmania, and of Ballinvoher, co. Cork ; cr. K.B. 1886. Hobart, Tasmania ; National Conservative Club. DORMER, Lieut.-Gen, the Hon. Sir James Charlemagne, K.C.B. [see B. Dormer]. DoUGLASSjSzrJamesNicholas,/^.^ el. son of the late Nicholas Douglass, C. E., of Stella House, Penzance ; b. 1826 ; for- merly Engineer in Ch. of Trinity House : m. 1854, Mary, da. of James Tregarthen, Esq., of St. Mary's, Scilly ; cr. K. B. 1882. Stella House, Diilwich, S.E. ; Whitehall Club. DOULTON, Sir Henry, son of the late John Doulton, Esq., of Lambeth ; b. 1820 ; is a D.L. for City of London, a J.P. for co. London, a member of Cord- wainers' and Turners' Cos. , an Almoner of St. Thomas's Hospital, a Chevalier of Legion of Honour, aVice-Pres. of Council of So. of Arts, an A.I.C.E., and senior partner in firm of Doulton and Co. , of Lambeth Pottery and Sanitary Engineering Works, London, of Rowley Regis, of Smethwick, of St. Helen's, of Burslem, and of Paisley ; in 1885 received Albert Medal of So. of Arts, in recognition of impulse given by him to production of , artistic pottery in this country : m. 1849, Sarah, who d. 1888, da. of J. L. Kennaby, Esq. ; cr. K. B. 1887. 10, Queen's Gate Gar- dens, S. W. ; Woolpit, Ewhurst, Surrey. DoVKLL,Adm.Sir William Montagu, K.C.B. , son of the Rev. William Dowell, V. of Holme Lacy, Hereford ; b. 1825 ; entered R.N. 1839, became Lieut. 1847, , Com. 1854, Capt. 1858, Rear-Adm. 1875, i Vice-Adm. 1880, andAdm. 1885; retired 1890 ; served in China War 1841-2 (medal i with clasp), with Naval Brig, in garrisoning Monte Video 1 846-7, in the trenches at siege of Sebastopol 1854-5 (wounded, medal with clasp, Turkish medal, Chevalier of Legion of Honour, and 5th class Medjidie), at capture of Canton 1857 (clasp), as Capt. of H. M.S. " Barrossa," at taking Simono-Seki 1864 (specially mentioned, 1 C.B., and Officer of Legion of Honour), and in Egyptian campaign i882(medal, 2nd class Osmanieh, and thanked by Parlia- ment) ; was Commodore on W. Coast of Africa 1867-71, a naval A.D.C. to H.M. 1870-5, second in command of Channel Squadron 1877-8, Senior Officer on Irish Coast 1878-80, and in command of Channel Squadron 1882-4, of China Station 1884-5, and at Devonport 1888-90 ; is a J.P. for Devon : m. 1855, Caroline Johnna, da. of Capt. Pyke, R.N., of Ford, Bideford ; cr. KNIGHTS. 639 C.B. 1864, K.C.B. 1882. /'<>;-</, Bideford; United Service Club. DOWNER, Sir John William, K.C.M.G.; b. 1844; ed. at St. Peter's Coll., Adelaide (Scholar 1862) ; Bar 1867, and a Q.C. 1878; acted as member of Colonial Convention at Sydney 1883, and as Delegate for S. Australia at Colonial Conference in London 1887 and Attorney- Gen, for S. Australia 1881-4, and again 1885, and Premier of S. Australia 1885-7 ; again Premier since 1892 : m. 18 , Eliza- beth, da. of the Rev. J. Henderson ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1887. North Adelaide, South Australia ; Adelaide Club. DRINKWATER, Hon. Sir William Leece, son of John Drinkwater, Esq., of Liverpool, and Moor Platt, Lancashire ; b. 1812; ed. at St. John's Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1834, M.A. 1837) ; Bar. Inner Temple 1837 ; appointed 2nd Deemster of Isle of Man 1847, and ist Deemster 1854 ; is a Member of Council of Isle of Man : m. 1840, Elinor Drinkwater, da. of the late Peter Bourne, Esq., and sister of Col. Sir James Bourne, ist Bart, (ext.) ; cr. K.B. 1877. Kirby, Isle of Man. DRUMMOND, Hon. Sir Edmund, K.C.l.E. [seeV. Strathallan. ] DRUMMOND, Hon. Sir James Robert, G. C.B. [see V. Strathallan]. Du CANE, Maj.-Gen. Sir Edmund Frederick, K.C.B., son of the late Major Richard Du Cane, 2oth Light Dragoons ; b. 1830; entered R.E. 1848, became Capt. 1858, Major 1872, Lt.-Col. 1873, Col. 1878, and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1887; was employed in carrying out Great Exhibi- tion of 1851, and was Assist.-Sec. of Juries, and Assist. -Sup. of Foreign Side ; employed in connection with Convict Depart, in W. Australia 1851-6, being a Magistrate of the Colony and Visiting Magistrate of Convict Stations (services specially reported by Gov. of Colony in 1856) ; offered and declined a Cominis- sionership to settle the Oregon boundary ; employed in War Office 1856-63 ; was a Director of Convict Prisons and Inspector of Mil. Prisons 1863-69, and 1869-77 Chm. of Directors of Convict Prisons, Surveyor- Gen, of Prisons, Inspector-Gen, of Mil. Prisons, and a Member of Council of Broadmoor Asylum ; appointed 1877 Chm. of Commrs. of Prisons: m. ist, 1855, Mary Dorothea, whorf. i88t, da. of the late Lt.'- Col. John Molloy ; 2ndly, 1882, Florence Victoria, widow of Col. Marmaduke J. Grimston, and da. of the late Col. Saun- derson; cr. K.C.B. 1877. 40, Queen's Gate Gardens, S. W. DUCKWORTH, SirDyce,M.D.,LL.jD., son of the late Robinson Duckworth, Esq., of Liverpool ; b. 1840 ; ed. at Roy. Institu- tion Sch., Liverpool, and Edinburgh Univ. (M.D., honours and gold medal, 1863, Hon. LL.D. 1890) ; F.R.C.P. Lond. 1870, Hon. M.D. Roy. Univ., Ireland, and Hon. F.R.C.P.I. 1887; served as