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(twice severely wounded, mentioned in de- spatches, medal with three clasps, Legion of Honour, 5th class Medjidie, and Turk- ish medal), and in command of 55th Regt. in Bhootan Expedition 1865 (medal with clasp) ; commanded Saugor Dist. 1874-7, Allahabad Div. 1879-80, S. Afghanistan Field Force 1880-1 (thanked by Govt.) Quetta Div. , Beloochistan , 188 1 , and Lahore Div. 1881-4: m. 1872, Jane, da. of R. Brown, Esq., H.E.I.C.S., and widow of Capt. Harris, of the Indian Army; cr. C.B. 1867, K.C.B. 1887. United Se'i vice Club. H UMPHRY, Sir George Murray, M.D., LL.D., D.Sc., F.X.S., son of William Wood Humphry, Esq., Bar.-at-Law; b. 1820; LL.D. Edinburgh Univ. 1891, and D.Sc., Dublin 1892; L.S.A., 1842, Hon. F.R.C.S., England 1844, M.B. 1852, and M.D., Camb. 1859; for-, merly Representative of Camb. Univ. on (jen. Medical Council, and Member of j Council of Court of Examiners and j Lecturer on Anatomy of Roy. Coll. of Surgs. ; is a F.R.S., Hon." Fellow of Downing Coll., Fellow of King's Coll., Pres.of Pathological So., Vice-Pres.of Brit- ish Medical Asso., Hon. Fellow of London Medical Sos., Member of Edinburgh and : other Medical Sos. , Examiner in Surgery to Oxford Univ. and to Roy. Coll. of Phy- sicians, London, and Professor of Surgery (formerly of Anatomy) in Camb. Univ. ; author of numerous medical and scientific works ; editor of the Journal of Anatomy ; m. 1848, May, da. of D. McNabb, Esq., of Epping ; cr. K.B. 1891. Grove Lodge, ; Cambridge. HUNTER, Surg.-Gcn. Sir (William) Guyer, K.C.M.G., M.D., el. son of the late Mr. Thomas Hunter ; b. 1830 ; ed. at King's Coll., Lond., at Aberdeen Univ. and at Charing Cross Hospital, Lond. ; M.R.C.S. Eng. 1849, F.R.C.S. | Edin. 1858, M.D. Aberdeen and F.R.C. P. Lond. 1867 ; entered Indian Med. Ser. 1850, specially promoted Surg.-Gen. 1877, and retired 1880 ; served in Burmese War 1853 (medal with clasp), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign; was some- time Principal and Professor of Medi- cine in Grant Medical Coll. , Bombay, j Senior Physician to Jamsetji Jijebhoy ! Hospital, Bombay, Vice-Chancellor o'f j Bombay Univ. ; employed by Govt. on a ! Special Mission to Egypt during Cholera Epidemic 1883, and British Delegate to Sanitary Conference at Rome 1885 ; has repeatedly received the thanks of Govt. ; is an Hon. Surg. to the Queen, Consulting Physician to Charing Cross Hospital, and Hon. Comdt. Vol. Medical Staff Corps ; sat as M.P. for Central Div. of Hackney (C) 1885-92 : m. ist, 1856, a da. of the late Rev. Christopher Packe, V. of Ruislip ; 2nd, 1871, a da. of Joseph Stainburn, Esq. ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1884. 21, Norfolk Crescent, Hyde Park, W. ; ' Carlton and East India United Service Clubs. KNIGHTS. 663 I HUNTKR, Sir William Wilson, K.C.S.L, C.I.E., LL.D., son of the late A. Galloway Hunter, Esq., of Denholm ; b. 1840; M.A. Oxford, and Hon. LL.D. Camb. and Glasgow ; entered B.C.S. 1862 ; appointed Under Sec. to Govt. of India in Home Depart. 1871 ; was subse- quently Director Gen. of Statistics to Govt. of India and Pres. of Indian Educa- tion Commn. (repeatedly thanked by Bengal Govt., by Supreme Govt., of India, and by Sec. of State for India) ; was an additional Member of Council of Gov.- Gen. of India 1881-7, and a Member of Indian Finance Committee 1886 ; organ- ised and directed from commencement to completion the Statistical Survey of India (1869-85), published in 126 vols. and con- densed by him into The Imperial Gazet- teer of India, in 14 vols. ; appointed Vice- Chancellor of Calcutta Univ. 1886 ; author of numerous works on India : m. 1863, the second da. of the Rev. Thomas Mur- ray, J.P., M.A., LL.D. (author of "The Literary History of Galloway"); cr. C.I.E. 1878, C.S.I. 1884, K.C.S.L 1887. Oaken Holt, Cumnor, near Oxford ; 39, Dover Street, W. ; Athenaeum Club. HUTCHINS, Sir Philip Perceval, K.C.S.L, son of the late William Hutchins, Esq., Hanover-square, W. ; b. 1838; ed. at Merchant Taylors' Sch., and at Old Haileybury Coll. ; Bar. Inner Temple 1875; entered M.C.S. 1857; was Dist. and Sessions Judge at Madura 1872-82, Judge of High Court of Judicature, Mad- ras, 1883-7, an d a Member of Council of Gov. of Madras 1887-8, since when he has been a Member of Council of Viceroy and Gov. -Gen. of India : m. 1860, Fanny Annie, da. of B. T. Norfor, Esq. ; cr. C.S.I. 1888, K.C.S.L 1891. Calcutta; East India United Service Club. HUTCHINSON, Hon. Sir Walter Francis HELY-, K.C.M.G. [see E. Donoughmore]. lNGLEFiELD,^4fl';. .SVrEdward Augus- tus, K. C.B.,D. C.L.,F.R.S., son of the late Adm. Samuel Hood Inglefield, C.B. ; b. 1820; ed. at Roy. Naval Coll., Portsmouth ; entered R.N. 1832, became Capt. 1853. Rear-Adm. 1869, Vice-Adm. 1875, and Adm. 1879; served on coast of Syria 1840 (Syrian and Turkish medals with clasp) ; employed surveying in China and on coast of Borneo, and in skirmishes with pirates ; commanded H.M.S. "Comus" atbattleof Obligado in Parana (mentioned in des- patches) ; in 1852 commanded a private ex- pedition to Arctic Regions in search of Sir John Franklin, discovered 800 miles of new coasts and the Polar Sea opening out of Smith's Sound (thanked by Govt., Gold Medal of Geographical So. of London, Silver Medal of Paris, and a diamond snuff-box from Emperor of the French) ; in 1853 commanded Govt. Arctic expedi- tion of three ships (medal), in 1854 com- manded another similar expedition and