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S. Div. (C) 1892: m. 1874, Elizabeth Mar- ' garetta, da. of James Buckley, Esq., of Penyfarand Castle Gosford, Carmarthen- ' shire ; cr. K.B. 1887. Cathedral Road, Cardiff; Hendrescythan, Glamorganshire. MORGAN, Sir Walter, son of the late Walter Morgan, Esq. ; b. 1821 ; Bar. | Middle Temple 1844; was a Judge ofj High Court, Bengal, 1862-6, and Ch. justice of High Court of Judicature, N.W. Pro- vinces of India, 1866-71, and of Madras 1871-9; is a J.P. for Somerset: m. 1851, Ada Maria, who d. 1884, da. of D. Harris, Esq. ; cr. K.B. 1866. Athencetim Club. MORIER, Right Hon. Sir Robert Bur- i net David, P.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., LL.D., son of David Morier, Esq. ; b. 1826; ed. at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1849, Hon LL.D., Edinburgh, 1884) ; was ! a Clerk in Educational Depart, of Privy i Council 1851-2; entered Diplo. Ser. 1853; was attached to Mr. Elliot's Special Mis- sion to Naples 1859, and as Assist. Private , Sec. accompanied Lord John Russell to Coburg, when in attendance upon H.M. 1860 ; appointed a 2nd Sec. 1862 ; nomi- nated a British Member of Mixed Commn. at Vienna to inquire into Austrian Tariff 1865 ; promoted to Sec. of Legation 1865 ; was in 1866 a Commr. for carrying out provisions of Treaty of Commerce signed at Vienna 1865 ; in 1867 a Commr. on Anglo-Austrian Tariff Commn., Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. to Portugal 1876- 8r, and to Madrid 1881-84, since when he has been Ambassador Extraor. and Plen. to the Court of Russia ; is a Member of Roy. Acad. of Munich : m. 1861, Alice, da. of the late Lieut. -Gen. the Rt. Hon. Jonathan Peel, M.P. Tsee Peel, Bart.] ; cr. C.B. 1866, K.C.B. 1882, P.C. 1885, G.C.M.G. 1886, G.C.B. 1887. British Embassy, St. Petersburg; Athenceum Club. MORRIS, Comy.-Gen. Sir Edward, K.C.B., son of Robert Morris, Esq., of Rosbercon House, co. Kilkenny/ b. 1834 ; entered Commissariat Depart, of Army 1854, and became Dep. Comy.-Gen. 1878, and Comy.-Gen. 1881 ; retired 1886 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with clasp and Turkish medal) and in Zulu War 1879 (medal with clasp, and twice men- tioned in despatches), and as a Comy.- Gen. in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal j with clasp, 2nd class Medjidie, Egyptian .star, and twice mentioned in despatches) ; was Comy.-Gen. at War Office 1883-6 ; is a J.P. for Co. and City of Dublin; cr. C.B. 18791 K.C.B. 1882. 68, Victoria Street, S. W,; Junior United Service Club. M 3RRIS, Sir John Henry, K.C.S.I., sonof the lateHenry Morris, Esq., formerly M.C.S. ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Haileybury ; entered Indian Civil Ser. 1847 ; served in Punjab 1848-59, in N.W. Prcv. 1861-3, and in Central Prov. 1863-83, and was Ch. Commr. there 1868-83 : m - I 854. Anna Lillias, da. of Col. Cheape, of Killundine, 687 Argyll ; cr. C.S.I. 1877, K. C.S.I. 1883. 88, Queen's Gate, S. Kensington, S. W. ; Wellington and New (Edinburgh) Clubs. MORRISON, Sir George William, el. son of the late Rev. George T. Morrison ; b. 1850 ; admitted a Solicitor 1875 ; was Pres. of Incorporated Leeds Law So. 1887-8, and Town Clerk of Leeds and Solicitor to the Corporation 1878-92 : m. 1881, Annie Sophia, da. of George Tatham, Esq., J.P., of Leeds ; cr. K.B. 1885, "in recognition of his great municipal services and in connection with the occasion of the Municipal Jubilee with which he was especially associated." Headingley, near Leeds ; Leeds Club. Mow AT, Sir Oliver, K.C.M.G., LL.D., el. son of the late John Mowat, Esq., J.P. , a native of Canisbay, Caith- ness-shire, v:ho settled at Kingston, Canada 1816 ; b. 1820 ; ed. at Kingston, Canada; Bar. Upper Canada 1841, and a Q.C. 1856; was a Commr. for Consoli- dating Public Gen. Statutes of Canada and Upper Canada 1856, a Member of Toronto City Council 1857-8, Provincial Sec. of Reform Administration 1858, Post- master-Gen., Ontario 1863-4, an active Member of Quebec Inter-Provincial Con- ference 1864, Pres. of Canadian Institute, Toronto 1868-9, 2O years Pres. of Evan- gelical Alliance, Toronto, and Vice-Chan- cellor of Upper Canada 1864-72, since when he has been Premier of Ontario, and Attorney-Gen. ; sat for S. Ontario in Canadian Assembly 1857-64, and has sat for N. Oxford in Ontario Legislative Assembly since 1872 : m. 1846, Jane, da. of the late John Ewart, Esq., of Toronto ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1892. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. MOVERS, Sir George, LL.D., son of William Moyers, Esq., of Fortfield, co. Dublin ; b. 1836 ; ed. at Clifton, and at Dublin Univ. (B.A. i8s6,LL.B. and LL.D. 1868) ; is an Architect, Civil Engineer and Surveyor, a J.P. for co. Dublin, and a D. L. for Dublin, of which city he was Lord Mayor 1881 : m. 1857, Ada Constance, who d. 1885, da. of Peter Lambert, Esq. , of Castle Ellen, Athenry, co. Galway ; cr. K.B. 1887. 8, Vesey Place, Kingstown, Dublin ; Junior Carlton and Constitu- tional Clubs. MUELLER {Baron}Sir Ferdinand von, K. C. M. G. , M. D. , LL. D. , Ph. D. , F. R. S. , son of the late Frederick Mueller, Commr. of Customs, of Rostock ; b. 1825 ; studied Medicine and the Natural Sciences at Kiel Univ. ; investigated the flora of Schleswig 1840-6, and the flora of Austra- lia uninterruptedly since 1847 ; is a dis- tinguished Naturalist and Explorer, and has been Govt. Botanist at Victoria since 1852 ; has materially contributed to the progress of geography and of other sciences in relation to Australia ; was a Local Executive Commr. for the Inter- national Exhibitions of 1855, 1863, and