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KNIGHTAGE. 724 Court of Common Pleas ; b. 1838 ; ed. at Westminster, and at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1860) ; Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1864, and a Q.C. 1889; joined Home (now S.E. ) Circuit ; appointed a Judge of the High Court of Justice (Queen's Bench Div.) 1890, and Judge in Bankruptcy, June 1891 : m. 1865, Laura S., da. of the late Edmund Lomax, Esq., of Netley, Surrey ; cr. K.B. 1890. 6, Trebovir Road, Earls Court, S. W. ; High Ashes Farm, Abinger, Dorking ; Athenceum Club. WILLIAMS, Lieut.-Gen, Sir William John, K.C.B., son of B. Williams, Esq. ; b. 1828 ; entered R.A. 1847, became Capt. 1854, Major 1855, Lieut.-Col. 1865, Col. | 1876, Maj.-Gen. 1886, and Lieut.-Gen. ; 1890 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1855 j (medal with clasp, 5th Class Medjidie and i Turkish medal) ; commanded R.A. in ! Dublin Dist. 1882-4, and at Aldershot 1886-91 ; m. 1865, Florence Gore, da. of; the late Col. John de Lancy, of Grange, | Guernsey ; cr. C.B. 1873, K.C.B. 1891. ', Guernsey ; United Service Club. WILLIS, Gen. Sir George Harry Smith, K.C.D., son of the late George Willis, i Esq., of Sopley Park ; b. 1824 ; entered Army 1841, became Capt. 1850, Majon854, Lieut.-Col. 1856, Col. 1862, Maj.-Gen. 1868, Lieut.-Gen. 1880, and Gen. 1887 ; retired 1890 ; served with 77th Regt. in Crimean j Campaign 1854-5, and was present at all the battles and actions during the war ; also | 1855-6 as D.A.Q.M.G. at Head-Quarters, | and A.Q.M.G. of 4th Div. (medal with | three clasps, Legion of Honour, 5th class Medjidie,' and Sardinian and Turkish medals) ; formed the 2nd Batn. 6th Regt. 1857 ; was A.Q.M.G. at Gibraltar 1858-9, A.A.G. at Malta 1859-64, A.Q.M.G. Southern Dist. 1866-71, A.Q.M.G. at Horse Guards 1873-5, and in command of N. Dist. 1878-81 ; commanded ist Div. in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, thanked by Parliament, and > 2nd class Osmanieh) ; Grand Officer of | Legion of Honour 1881 ; was in com- mand of S. Dist. 1884-9 ! appointed Col. Devonshire Regt. 1890 ; unsuccessfully contested Portsmouth (C) 1892: m. ist, : 1856, Eliza, who d. 1867, da. of the late George Gould Morgan, Esq., M.P. , of ; Brickendon Manor, Herts ; 2nd, 1874, Ada Mary, da. of Sir John Neeld, ist < Bart. ; cr. C.B. 1871, K.C.B. 1882. Stretham Manor, Ely ; 118, Eaton Square, S. W. ; United Service Glut. WILLIS, Sir William, son of the late Robert Willis, Esq. ; b. 1821 : ed. at Christ's Hospital ; entered Admiralty in 1838 ; was ch. clerk of Transport Depart, during Crimean, China, Cape, Abyssinian and New Zealand Wars, and Indian Mutiny ; served on various committees ; was Dep. Comptroller of Navy Pay 1872-8, Dep. Accountant-Gen, of the Navy 1878- 82, Accountant-Gen, of the Navy and Comptroller of Navy Pay 1882-5, and a Roy. Commr. of Patriotic Fund ; is a [ J.P. for Westminster: >//. 1868, Eliza Abercromby, da. of the late John Sands, Esq., of Highbury Crescent, N. ; cr. K.B. 1885. 3, Lansdown Road, Lee, S.E. WILLS, Hon. Sir Alfred, son of the late William Wills, Esq., Solicitor, Birming- ham ; b. 1828 ; ed. at Univ. Coll., London, of which he is a -Fellow (B.A. Lond. Univ. 1849, LL.B. 1851) ; Bar. Middle Temple 1851, a Q.C. 1872 ; was Recorder of Sheffield 1880-4, since when he has been a Judge of the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Div. ; appointed Pres. of Railway Commn. 1888 : m. ist, 1854, Lucy, who d. 1860, da. of George Martineau, Esq., of Tulse Hill ; 2nd, 1861, Bertha, da. of Thomas Lombe Taylor, Esq., ofStarston, Norfolk; cr. K.B. 1884. Chelsea Lodge, 42, Tite Street, S. V. ; Athenceum Club. WILSON, Sir Alexander, son of the late Very Rev. David Wilson, Dean of Aberdeen ; b. 1843 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Glenalmond ; formerly Sheriff of Calcutta : /;/. 1874, Isabella Adelaide, who d. 1891, da. of R. D. Dunn, Esq., late Queen's Bays ; cr. K.B. 1887. 34, Chowriiighee, Calcutta; Oriental (London] Club. WILSON, Sir Charles Rivers, K.C.M.G., C.B., son of the late Melvil Wilson, Esq. ; b. 1831 ; Eton, and at Balliol Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1873) ' was Private Sec. to the Earl of Beaconsfteld, K.G., 1868-73, a Royal Commr. for Paris Exhibition of 1878, and Finance Min. in Egypt 1878-9 ; has been Comptroller-Gen, of Office for Reduction of National Debt since 1874 ; has Medjidie ist class : m. 1860, Caroline, who d. 1888, da. of R. Cook, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1876, K.C.M.G. 1880. 16, Wilton. Street, S. W. ; St. James's, Arthur s, and. Garrick Clubs. WILSON, Col. Sir Charles William, K.C.B., K.C.M.G., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., son of Edward Wilson, Esq.; b. 1836 ; ed. at Liverpool and Cheltenham Colls. ; entered R.E. 1855, became Capt. 1864, Major 1873, Lient.-Col. 1879, and Col. 1883 (h.p. 1887); was Sec. to Commr. employed for marking out Land Boundary between Canada and U.S.A. 1858-62; subsequently engaged in Explorations in Palestine 1864-6, on Ordnance Surveys of Scotland and Ireland, as Assist-Boundary Commr., as Director of Topographical Depart. War Office, on Royal Commn. respecting Registration of Deeds and Assurances, and as H.M.'s Commr. to mark Boundaries of Principality of Servia ; was Consul-Gen, in Anatolia 1879-82, specially employed in Egypt 1882-3, ^ n - Director of Survey in Ireland 1883-4, and Head of Intelligence Depart, in Nile Ex- pedition 1884-5 (mentioned in despatches, thanked by Govt. , K. C. B. ) ; was Director- Gen, of Survey of United Kingdom 1885- 92; Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1883, and Hon. LL.D. Edinburgh 1886: m. 1867, Olivia, da. of the late Col. Duffin, of Bengal C'av. ;