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KNIGHTS. 727 to exclusion of aliens raised by Chinese ; I is a M.E.C. and a M.L.A. of the Colony : ! m. 1872, Charlotte, da. of the Hon. Henry Miller, of Melbourne ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1892. Raheen, Studley Park, Kew, Mel- bourne. WYATT, Sir Richard Henry, son of the late Charles Wyatt, Esq. ; is a Par- liamentary Agent to Treasury, Clerk of the Peace and Clerk to Lieutenancy of Surrey, and aJ.P. and D.L. for Kent, the Cinque Ports and Merionethshire (High Sheriff 1885) : m. Mary Laura, da. of the late R. Vaughan Williams, Esq., of Glen Tulchen, Inverness, and Upper Brook Street, W. ; cr. K.B. 1883. 38, Grosvenor Place, S. V. ; Maisonette, Broadstairs, Kent ; Garthynvhared, Dolgelly. WYATT, Sir William Henry, son of the late Thomas Wyatt, Esq., of Willen- hall, Warwickshire ; b. 1823 ; has been Chm. of County Magistrates Committee for Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum since 1862 ; is a D.L. for Middlesex: m. 1844, Maria, da. of the late Henry Weld, Esq. ; cr. K.B. 1876. 88, Regents Park Road, N.W. WYCHERLY, Sir George Joseph, M.D., son of Thomas Wycherley, Esq., of Garrymore, co. Cork ; M. R.C.S.Eng. 1844, j L.A.H. Dub., and M.D. St. Andrews'] 1845 ; was Sheriff of Cork City, 1883 and j 1885 : m. ist, Mary Ann, da. of Charles Connell,Esq.,J.P.,of Clover ; { 2nd, 1859, Josephine, who d. 1876, da. of) Joseph Scannell, Esq., Bar.-at-Law, co. Cork ; cr. K.B. 1885. 28, South Mall, Cork. WYKE, Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Lennox, P.O., G.C.M.G., K.C.B., son of Capt. George Wyke (Grenadier Guards), of Rob- j bleston, Pembroke ; l>. 1815 ; formerly | Lieut. Roy. Fusiliers; served for three years j as Capt. on King of Hanover's Staff ; was | Vice-Consul at Port-au-Prince 1845-50 ; appointed Consul-Gen, to Guatemala, I Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, and I Salvador 1852, and Consul-Gen, and ! Charge d' Affaires there 1854 ; was Envoy j Extraor. and Min. Plen. on a special i mission to before-mentioned Republics ! 1 859-60, and to Republic of Mexico 1860-1, ' when he demanded his passports and left ! with all members of H.M.'s mission ; em- i ployed on special service in Mexico 1862-3 ! was Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. to King j of Hanover 1866, when, on the annexation of Hanover to Prussia, H.M.'s mission was withdrawn, to the King of Denmark 1867-81, and to the King of Portugal 1881- 84; represented H.R. H. the Prince of Wales at Funeral of King Charles XVI. of Sweden, Oct. 1872; cr. C.B. 1859, K.C.B. 1860, G.C.M.G. 1879, P.C. 1886, 23, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, S. W. ; Athenteum and Marlborough Clubs. YOUL, Sir James Avundell, K.C.M.G., son of the late Rev. John Youl ; b. 1810 ; was Political Agent for Tasmania 1861-3, an< ^ the first person to introduce (1864) salmon and trout into Tasmanian rivers : m. ist, 1839, Eliza, da. of William Cox, Esq., of Hobart Ville, N. S. Wales ; 2nd, 1881, Charlotte, widow of William Robinson, Esq., of Caldecot House, Clapham Park ; cr. C.M.G. 1874, K.C.M.G. 1891. Wara- tah House, Clapham Park, S. W. ; Con- servative and City Carlton Clubs. YOUNG, Sir Allen William, C.B., son of the late Henry Young, Esq., of Rivers- dale, Twickenham ; b. 18 ; entered Mercantile Marine 1846 ; commanded the "Marlborough" East Indiaman, 1853-4, and "Adelaide" (steam troopship of 3,000 tons) during Crimean War 1855-6, (thanked by Admiralty) ; was navigating officer of the "Fox" 1857-9, in the suc- cessful search for records of Franklin's missing ships ; commanded a sledge party Feb. to July, 1859, travelling 1,400 miles, and discovering 380 miles of new coast ; in 1862 commanded the "Fox" to survey a projected route for a cable m& Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland ; assisted the late Adm. Sherard Osborn to equip the European-Chinese navy, and commanded the " Quan-Tung " [man-of- war] 1862-4 during Taeping Rebellion ; was Commr. to Maritime Congress at Naples 1871 (thanked by Foreign Office); in command of the yacht ' ' Pandora " penetrated Peel Straits (latitude 72 N.), being the first ship that navigated therein ; in 1876 proceeded to the Arctic Seas, and communicated with the dep6ts of the "Alert" and "Discovery" in Smith Sound ; in 1882 commanded the Hope " in the " Eira " relief expedition and rescued the crew of the Arctic ship "Eira " wrecked in Franz Joseph Land ; was Commr. to National Aid So. in London 1884-5 nas two Arctic medals, Egyptian medal, and Khedive's bronze star ; is Hon. Com. London Brig. R.N. Artillery Vol., Hon. Com. Roy. N.R., a Knight Com. of order of Frantz Joseph of Austria and of N. Star of Sweden, Knight of Danebrog of Denmark, officer of Oaken Crown of the Netherlands, and a Younger Brother of Trinity House ; cr. K.B. 1877, C.B. 1881. Twickenham ; 18, Grafton Street, W. ; Marlborough, Garrick, Turf, Royal Yacht Squadron and Royal Dorset Yacht Clubs. YOUNG. Sir Frederick, K.C.M.G., son of the late George Frederick Young, Esq., M.P., of Reigate ; b. 1817; ed. at Homerton, Middlesex ; formerly Hon. Sec. and now a Vice-Pres. of Roy. Colonial Institute; is aJ.P. for Middle- sex, Westminster, Liberty of the Tower, and co. of London, and a D.L. for Tower Hamlets : m. 1845, Cecilia, who d. 1873, el. da. of Thomas Drane, Esq., of Torquay ; cr. K.C.M.G. 1888. 5, Queens- berry Place, S. W. ; Athenceiim Club.