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73 KNIGHTAGE. Edmund Carrington, Ch. Justice of Ceylon, who d. 1849. 33i St. James's Square, Bath. CARROLL, Lady. Margaret Elizabeth, da. of the late John Pearson, Esq., of Ballin- teer, co. Dublin : m. 1844, Sir William Carroll, ; M.D., who d, 1890. 29, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin. CARTWRIGHT, Lady. Mary Elizabeth; Augusta, da. of the Count de Sandizell of Bavaria : in. 1824, Sir Thomas Cartwright, G.C.H., formerly British Envoy in Sweden, ; who d. 1850. 2, Bertie Terrace, Leamington. CAUTLEY, Lady. Relict of Sir Proby Cautley, K.C.B., who d. 18 . CAVAGNARI, Lady. Mercy Emma, da. of Dr. Henry Graves, of Cookstown, co. Tyrone : m. 1871, Major Sir Pierre Louis Napoleon Cavagnari, K.C.B., C.S.I., Resident at Cabul, i who was massacred Sept. 1879. Hampton Court Palace, CAVE, Lady. Emma Jane, da. of the late Rev. Canon (William) Smyth, M.A., of j Elkington Hall, Louth : m. 1852, the Rt. Hon. I Sir Stephen Cave, G.C.B. M.P., Paymaster- Gen.. &c., whorf. 1880. Cleve Hill, Downned, Bristol; 35, Wilton Place, S.W. CAVENAGH, Lady. Elizabeth Marshall, da. of James Robert Moriarty, Esq., R.M.: tit. 1842, Gen. Sir Orfeur Cavenagh, K.C.S.I., who , d. 1891. St. Aubyns, Long Ditton, Surrey. CHAMPAiN.Za^Bateman-. [SeeCurrie, Bart.]. CHUTE, Lady. Ellen, da. of Samuel; Browning, Esq., of Erlstone, Epsom, Auckland, ' N.Z.: m. 1868, Gen. Sir Trevor Chute, K.C.B., who d. 1886. CLOETE, Lady. [See Louis, Bart., colls.], i COCHRANE, Lady. Rosetta, da. of Sir j Jonah Denny Wheeler Cuffe, ist Bart. : in. 1853, as his 2nd wife, Adm. of the Fleet Sir Thomas ] John Cochrane, G.C.B. , who d. 1872. Qnarr Abbey House, Isle of Wight. CODRINGTON, Lady. Mary, V.A., da. of: Levi Ames, Esq., of The Hyde, Hertford ; was a Bedchamber Woman to H.M. 1856-85: in. 1836, Gen. Sir William John Codrington, j G.C.B., M.P. for Greenwich 1857-9, w ho d. 1884. Danmore, Winchfield, Hants. COFFIN, Lady. Catherine Eliza, da. of I Mayor John Shepherd : in. 1866, as his 2nd ; wife, Lieut.-Gen. Sir Isaac Coffin, K.C.S.I., who d. 1872. COGHLAN, Lady. Mary Jane, da. of Capt. John Marshall, R.N. : m. 1832, Gen. Sir William Marcus Coghlan, K.C.B., who d. 1885. Albert House, The Elms, Ra.msga.te. COLEBROOKE, Lady. Emma Sophia, da. of Col. R. H. Colebrooke: m. 1820, Gen. Sir William M'Bean George Coltbrooke, K.C.H., C.B., who d. 1870. Iver House, Salt Hill, Slough. COLLEY, Lady POMEROY-. Edith Al- thea, da. of Maj.-Gen. Henry Meade Hamilton, ' C.B. [see Borrowes, Bart.]: m. ist, 1878, Maj.- Gen. Sir George Pomeroy Pomeroy-Colley, K.C.S.I., C.B., C.M.G., who d. 1881 ; 2 ndly, 1891, Wentworth Blackett Beaumont, Esq. j COLLIER, Lady. Catherine, da. of the i late Thomas Thistlethwayte, Esq., of South- I wick Park, Hants: in. 1831, as his 2nd wife, Rear-Adm. Sir Francis Augustus Collier, K.C.H., who d. 1849. Bournemouth. COLQUHOUN, Lady. Ann, only child of the late William Cathrow, Esq., F.R.C.S., of Stoke Lodge, Bucks : m. ist, 1866, as his 2nd wife Sir Robert Gilmour Colquhoun, K.C.B., H.M's. Consul-Gen, in Egypt, who d. 1870; 2ndly, 1871, William Adair Atkinson, sq. Knockfarrie, Pitlochry, Perthshire. COLQUHOUN, Lady. Katharine, da. of Mons. De St. Vitalis : in. 1843, Sir Patrick (Mac Chombaich de), Colquhoun, Q.C., LL.D., who d. 1891. Shepferton, Middlesex. COLVILE, Lady. Frances Elinor, da. of Sir John Peter Grant, K.C.B., G.C.M.G. : m. 1857, the Right Hon. Sir James William Col- vile, who, d. 1880, Ch. Justice of Calcutta. 15, Aldford Street, Park Lane, S. If. COODE, Lady. Jane, da. of the late William Price, Esq., of Weston-super-Mare : in. 1842, Sir John Coode, K.C.M.G., an eminent Engineer, who d. 1892. 35, Norfolk Square, W. COOPER, Lady. Emily Grace, el. da. of Charles Burton Newenham, Esq., High Sheriff of S. Australia : in. 1853, Sir Charles Cooper (Ch. Justice of S. Australia 1856-61), who d. 1887. 16, Pulteney Street, Bath. COOPER, Lady. Mary Elizabeth, da. of the late Samuel Poyser, Esq., of The Elms, Derby: m. 1845, William White Cooper, Esq., F.R.C.S., Surg.-Oculist in Ordinary to H.M., who was nominated a Knight Bachelor in May, 1889, and died a few days subsequently, before receiving Knighthood ; raised to rank of a Knight's dame July, 1886. 49, Cornwall Gardens, S. W. COWAN, Lady. Agnes, da. of Andrew Cowan, Esq., J.P., of Glenghana, co. Down : in. 1866, Sir Edward Porter Cowan, Lord-Lieut, of co. Antrim, who d. 1890. Craig-a-vad, Belfast ; Clintough House, co. Down. Cox, Lady. [See Wood, Bart., cr. 1808.] CREASY, Lady. Mary Maria, da. of G. Cottam, Esq., C.E. : in. 1846 Sir Edward Shepherd Creasy, who d. 1878, Ch. Justice of Ceylon. Grosvenor House, St. Mary's Road, Baling. CRICHTON, Lady. A da. of the late Dr. Shutthorff, Physician to Emperor of Russia : m. 1820, Sir Archibald William Crichton, who d. 1865, Physician to Emperor of Russia. CROSLEY, Lady. Helen, da. of James Wright, Esq., of Belsize Park Gardens, N.W. : in. 1878, as his 2nd wife. Sir Charles Decimus Crosley, Sheriff of London and Middlesex 1854-5, who d. 1882. 47, Belsize Park Gardens, N. W. DACRES, Lady. Emma, da. of the late John Lambert, Esq., of Banstead, Surrey : in. 1840, Adm. Sir Sydney Colpoys Dacres, G.C.B., who d. 1884. 61, Tisbury Road, IV. Brighton. DACRES, Lady. Fanny, da. of H. Phillips Thomas, Esq., of Mottingham, Kent : in. 1840, Field-Marshal Sir Richard James Dacres, G.C.B., who d. 1886, Constable of Tower of London. Langlctc, Shortlands, Kent. DARLING, Lady. Elizabeth Isabella Caroline, da. of Christopher Salter, Esq., of Stoke Pogis, Bucks: m. 1851, Sir Charles Henry Darling, KiC.B., who d. 1870, Gov. of Victoria (Australia) 1863-6. DEAS, Lady. Margaret, da. of the late William Hepburn, Esq.: m. 1860, Sir David Deas, K.C.B., who d. 1876, Inspector-Gen, of Hospitals and Fleets. 12, Magdala Place, Edinburgh. DEAS, Lady. Sally, da. of the late Joseph Outram, Esq., C.E., of Clyde, N.B., and widow of Sir Benjamin Fenseca Outram, C.B., M.D. : in. 1858, Hon. Sir George Deas, LL.D. (Lord Deas), who d. 1887. Pittendriech, Lasswade, Midlothian ; 32, Heriot Row, Edinburgh. DE GEX, Lady. Alice Emma, el. da. of Sir John Henry Briggs : in. 1880, Sir John De