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732 KNIGHTAGE. Sinclair Smithfield Club. Messlcy Hoits Road, 'cst Kensington park, IV. GLASS, Lady. Anne, da. of Thomas Tanner, Esq., of Amesbury : in. 1854, Sir Richard Atwood Glass, who d. 1873, construc- tor of the Atlantic Telegraph Cable, ll'arbrook, Evcrsley, Vinclifteld. GLOVER, Lady. Elizabeth Rosetta, da. of William James Butler Scott, Esq., of Anne's Grove Abbey, Mountratb, Queen's Co. : in. 18 , Capt. Sir John Hanley Glover, G.C.M.G., Gov. of Newfoundland, who d. 1885. 7, Car- lisle Mansions, Victoria Street, S. IV. GORDON. Lady. Anne, da. of T. ' O'Kearney, Esq., of Newcastle House, co. Tipperary : in. 1825, Sir John Gordon. Mayor of Cork, who d. 1871. South Mall, Cork. GORDON, Lady. Henrietta Rose, da, of the late Lieut. -Gen. Staveley, C.B., Com.-in- Ch. at Madras, and widow of Capt. C. Granet : in. 1851, Sir Henry William Gordon, K.C.B.. who d. 1887. GOSSETT, Lady. [See Butler, Bart.; cr. 1628.] GOUGH, Lady. Elizabeth, da of George Arbuthnot, Esq., of Elderslie : m. 1850, as his 3rd wife, Gen. Sir John Bloomfield Gough, G.C. B., who^. 1891. Knockecvan,Cloiiinel,co. Tipperary. GOWANS, Lady. Mary, el. da. of the late William Brodie, Esq., R.S.A., Sec. of Scottish Acad. : in. 1864,35 his second wife, Sir James Gowans, who d. 1890, Lord Dean of Guild, Edinburgh. Blantyrc Terrace, Edin- burgh; Gowanbank, Linlithgmvshire. GRANT, Lady. Isabella Elizabeth, da. of Richard Norman, Esq. : in. 1829, Sir Fran- cis Grant, D.C.L., who d. 1878, Pres. of Roy. Academy. The Lodge, Melton Mmubray. GRANT, Lady Mary-, da. of Capt. Thomas Blair : in. 1860, Gen. Sir John Thornton Grant, K.C.B., who d. 1886. Upton Park, Slcugh. GRATTAN, Lady. Mary Cawthorne, da. of the late John Alexander Hunter, Esq., of Ormley Lodge, Richmond, Surrey : ;//. 1860, Sir Edmund Arnout Grattan, Consul-Gen, for Belgium, who d. 1890. 17, De Verc Gardens, Kensington, IV. GREATHED, Lady. [See Osborn, Bart.]. GREEN, Lady. Ellen, da. of William Carter, Esq., of Troy, Jamaica : ;:;. 1859, Gen. Sir George Wade Guy Green, KvlE.B., who d. 1891. Sidney Lodge, Cheltenham. GREEN, Lady. Mary, da. of the late Col. Sir Thomas Reade, K.C.B., Agent and Consul-Gen, in Tunis : m. 1863, Sir William Kirby Green, K.C.M.G., who d. 1891, Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. to Morocco. GREEN, Lady. Mary, da. of Thomas Griffiths, Esq., of Exeter : m. 1877, Gen. Sir Edward Green, K.C.B., who d. 1891. GREGORY, Lady. Augusta, da. of the late Dudley Persse, Esq., D.L., of Roxborough, co. Gahvay : in. 1880, as his second wife, the Rt. Hon. Sir William Henry Gregory, P C. K.C.M.G., F.R.S., whorf. 1892. Coolc Park, Gort, co. Gahuay. GREY, Lady. Georgina Chicheley, da. of Trevor Chicheley Plpwden, Esq., B.C.S. : in. 1865, as his 2nd wife, Sir William Grey, K.C.S.I., who d. 1878, Lieut.-Gov. of Bengal [see E. Grey, colls.]. GUY, Lady. Anne Elizabeth, da. of the late Adm. Sir James Plumridge, K.C.B. : m. 1846, Gen. Sir Philip M. X. Guy, K.C.B., who d. 1878. GYI.L, Lady. Jane Price, da. of the late Sir J. Pinhorne, and widow of H. B.Thomason, Esq., ofPeachfield, Worcester: m. 1847, Lieut.- Col. Sir Robert Gyll, who d. 1880, Lieut, of Yeo.-of-the-Guard at Coronation of William IV. Fcltham, Hounsloiu, HAAST, LadyvOK. Mar}-, da. of Edward Dobson. Esq., C.E., M.I.C.E., formerly Ch. Engineer of Province of Canterbury, N.Z. ; in. 1863, Sir John Francis Julius von Haast, K.C.M.G., F.R.S., Ph.D., who d. 1887, Direc- tor of Canterbury Museum. Cliristchurch, New Zealand. HACKETT, Lady. Margaret, da. of John Lawlor, Esq., of Cork: in. 1843, Sir William Bartholomew Hackett, who d. 1872, Mayor of Cork, 1852. HAGAN, Lady. Isabella Maria, da. of the late Capt. Henry Levitt Hall, of Park Hall, Notts : in. 1819, Capt. Sir Robert Hagan, R.N., who d. 1863. HALL, Lady. Charlotte, da. of the late S. Campbell Simpson, Esq., 2jrd Light Dragoons, and widow of Thomas Knowles Tillotson, Esq. : in. 1880, as his 2nd wife, Adm. Sir William King Hall, K.C.B. , who d. 1886. The Elms, Sutton Ronnington, Loughborough. HALL, Lady. Lucy, da. of the late Harry Hackshaw, Esq., of Three Rivers, St. Vincent : m. ist, Duncan Forbes Sutherland, Esq. ; 2ndly, 1848, Sir John Hall, K.C.B., M.D., who d. 1866, Inspec.-Gen. of Hospitals. HALY, Lady. Harriette Craven, da. of Hamilton Hebden, Esq., J.P., of Ely Grange, Frant, Sussex : m. 1839, Gen. Sir William O'Grady Haly, K.C.B., who d. 1878. Eridge Cottage, Frant, Tnnbridge Wells. HAMILTON, Lady. A da. of the Rev. Henry Bayly, R. of Nenagh : in. 1833, Sir William Rowan Hamilton, LL.D., who d. 1865, Astronomer Royal in Ireland. HARDMAN, Lady. Mary Anne, only da. of the late James Radlej-, E<q., of Liverpool in. 1855, Sir William Hardinan, who d. 1890, Chm. of Surrey Sessions, Recorder of Kingston- upon-Thames, and Editor of the Mot ningPost. 55, Carlisle Place Mansions, Victoria. Street, S.W. HARDY, Lady. Eliza Caroline Seymour, da. of the late Capt. John Edward Lee, of West Cholderton Manor, Wilts, and Balla Fletcher, Isle of Man : in. 1840, Sir William Hardy, who d. 1887, Dep.- Keeper of Public Records 1878-86. Caiadon, Cat/ord. HARE, Lady. Mary, da. of George Franklin, Esq. : m. 1858, as his 2nd wife, Sir John Hare, of Bristol, who d. 1865. HARLEY, Lady. Annie, da. of Henry Francis Cjnington, Esq., of Ranby Hall, Lin- colnshire : i. 1860, Col. Sir Robert William Harley, K.C.M.G., C.B., who d. 1892 16, Vicarage Gardens, Kensington, W. HARMAN, Lady. Helen Margaret, da. of the late John Tonge, Esq., of Starborough Castle, Edenbridge : in. 1868, Lieut. -Gen. Sir George Byng Harman, K.C.B., who d. 1892, Mil. Sec. to Com.-in-Ch. 64, Courtfield Gar- dens, S. If. HARRISON, Lady. Eliza Sophia, da. of the late James Hume, Esq. : in. 1834, Sir Edmund Stephen Harrison, C.B., Dep. Clerk of the Council, who d. 1882. 6, St. Stephen's Crescent, W. HARRISON, Laiy. Fanny Matilda, da. of the late Gilbert Abbot a Beckett, Esq., Police Magistrate of London : in. 1860, Sir Henry Leland Harrison, who d. 1892. 15, Neville Stteft, Onslow Gardens, S.U~.