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KNIGHTS' WIDOWS. 735 MAXSE, Lady. -Augusta, da. of the late Herr von RudlofT, of Austria : tit, 1859 Lieut. - Col. Sir Henry FitzHardinge Maxse, K.C.M.G., Gov. of Newfoundland, who d. 1883 [see E. Berkeley, colls.]. 10, Walpole Street, S.W. MELLOR, Lady. Elizabeth, da. of the late William Moseley, Esq., of Peckham Rye, Surrey : m. 1833, Rt. Hon. Sir John Mellor, P.C., a Justice of the Queen's Bench 1857-9. Kitigsdovnie House, near Dover ; 16, Sussex Square, W. MEREWETHER, Lady. Harriet, da. of the late J. Dale, Esq., of Coleshill : m. 1854, Col.Sir William Lockyer Merewether, K.C.S.I., C. B. , who d. 1880, Ch. Commr. in Scinde. MICHEL, Lady. Louisa Anne, da. of the late Maj.-Gen. C. H. Churchill, C.B. : m. 1840, Field-Marshal the Right Hon. Sir John Michel, P.C., G.C.B., whoa 1 . 1886. Devilish, Dorset. MILTON, Lady. Blanche, da. of Thomas Meyrick Feild, Esq., of Maidstone : in. ist, 1850, Sir John Milton, C.B., who d. 1880, Ac- countant-Gen, of the Army ; 2nd, 1890, Samuel Bates Sharpe, Esq. The Park, Market Deeping; n, Brunswick Place, Brighton. MOLESWORTH, Lady. Henrietta, da. of the Rev. Joseph England Johnson : m. 1840, Sir Robert Molesworth [see V. Molesworth, colls.], Puisne Judge (in Equity) for Victoria 1856-86, who< 1890. Rdlington, Hawthorne, Melbourne. MONTGOMERY, Lady. Ellen Jane. da. of the late W. Lambert, Esq., of Woodman- stone, .Surrey : in. 1845, as his second wife, Sir Robert Montgomery, G.C.S.I., K.C.B.,LL.D., who d. 1887. 5, Rosary Gardens, S.IV. MORGAN, Lady. -Clasina Joselina, da. of J. M. Sisonw, Esq., of Ceylon : m. 1844, the Hon. Sir Richard Francis Morgan, who d. 1876, Acting Ch. Justice of Ceylon. Belle Vue, Mutiual. Colombo, Ceylon. MORGAN, Lady. Harriett, da. of Thomas Matthews, Esq., of Hurds Hill, Coromandel Valley, S. Australia : in. 1854, Sir William Morgan, K.C.M.G. (Ch. Sec. of S. Australia 1875-6 and 1877-81), who d. 1883. Adelaide, S. Australia. MORLAND, Lady. Fanny Helen Hannah, da. of the late Jeronimo Carandini, i2th Mar- quis de Sarzano, Viscount Ferraris, and Count de Rizi, of Modena : m. 1875, as his second wife, Capt. Sir Henry Morland, who d. 1891, many years Port Officer of Bombay. Bombay. MORPHETT, Lady. Elizabeth, da. of the late Sir James Hurtle Fisher: in. 1838, Sir John Morphett, a pioneer emigrant to S. Australia, who d. 1892. Cummins, Adelaide, S. Australia. MORRIS, Lady. Elizabeth Mary, da. of Edward Griffin, Esq., of Towersey Manor, Bucks : m. 1844, Sir John Morris, who d. 1889. Rosenfeld, Bycultah Park, Enjield, Middle- sex. MORRIS, Lady. Fannie Elizabeth, da. of the late Thomas Rowland, Esq., J.P., of The Grove, Wrexham : m. 1872, Sir Evan Morris, who d. 1890. Woodville, Cheltenham. MUIR, Lady. Rachel Stanley, da. of the Rev. George Heaton, M.A. : m. 1875, Sir William Mure Muir, K.C.B., M.D., Director Gen. of Army Medical Depart., who d. 1885. MUNDY, Lady. Isabella Leyborne, da. of the late Gen. Leyborne Popham, of Little- cote, Wilts: m. 1841, Major Sir Robert Miller Mundy, K.C.M.G., who d. 1892. Hollyliank, Emsiuorth, Hants. MURPHY, Lady. Agnes, da. of the late David Reid, Esq., R.N., J.P., of Inverary Park, co. Argyle, N.S. Wales : m. 1839, Sir Francis Murphy, for 14 years Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Victoria, who d. 1891. Edgecumbe, South Yarra, Melboiime. MUSGRAVE, Lady. Jeanie Lucinda, da. of David Dudley Field, Esq., of Gramercy Park, New York : m. 1870, as his second wife, Sir Anthony Musgrave, G.C.M.G., who d. 1888, Gov. of Queensland. Brisbane, Queensland. NEED, Lady. Ellen, da. of Edward Whitby, Esq., of Church Broughton, Derby- shire : m. 1875, Lieut. -Col. Sir Arthur Need, who d. 1888. Radford Boulevard, Nottingham. NiAS, Lady. Caroline Isabella, da. of John Laing, Esq. : m. 1855, Adm. Sir Joseph Nias, K.C. B., who d. 1879. 56, Montagu Square, W. NORCOTT, Lady. Frances Marianne, da. of George Durant, Esq., of Tong Castle, Salop : in. 1848, Gen. Sir William Sherbrooke Ramsay Norcott, K.C.B., who d. 1886. St. Ronan's, Pevensey Road, St. Leonard 's-on-Sea. NORRIS, Lady. widow of Sir William Norris, Ch. Justice of Ceylon, who d. 1859. Mount Stuart, Torquay. NOTTAGE, Lady. Martha Christiana, da. of James Warner, Esq. : ;. 1851, Alderman George Swan Nottage, Lord Mayor of London Nov. 1884 till his death in April 1885 ; raised to the rank of a Knight's dame 1885. 35, Collingham Road, S. Kensington, S. W. O'CONNELL, Lady. Eliza Emily, da. of the late Col. Philip Le Geyt (63rd Regt.), of Jersey: in. 1835, Sir Maurice Charles O'Con- nell, who d. 1879, Pres. of Council of Queens- land. Portland Place, Brisbane, Queensland. O'DONNELL, Lady. [See B. Elibank, colls.]. OLDKNOW, Lady. Amy, da. of Henry Bursell, Esq., of The Park, Nottingham: m. 1886, as his second wife. Sir James Oldknow, who d. 1888. 18, Villa Road, Nottingham. OLLIFFE, Lady. Laura, da. of the late William Cubitt, Esq., M.P., of Penton Lodge, Andover : m. 1841, Sir Joseph Francis Olliffe, M.D., who d. 1869, Physician to British Em- bassy in Paris. 95, Sloane Street, S. W. ORD, Lady. Julia Graham, da. of the late Adm. James Carpenter: m. 1846, Maj.- Gen. Sir Harry St. George Ord, G.C.M.G. C.B. (Gov. of W. Australia 1877-80), who d. 1885. Fornham House, Bury St. Edimmds. O'SHANASSY, Lady. Margaret, da. of Matthias McDonnell, Esq., ofThurles, co. Tip- perary:;.i839, SirJohnO'Shanassy.K.C.M.G., who d. 1883, having been thrice Prime Minister of Victoria. OWDEN, Lady. Frances Mary, el. da. of Mr. John Rigby : ;. 1837, Sir Thomas Scambler Owden, who d. 1889, Lord Mayor of London 1877-8. Mulgrave Hoiisc, Sutton, Surrey. PAGET, Lady. Clara, da. of the late Rev. Thomas Fardell, LL.D., V. of Sutton, Isle of Ely : in. 1851, Sir George Edward Paget, K.C.B., M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. [see Paget, Bart., cr. 1871, colls.], Regius Pro- fessor of Physic in Camb. Univ., who d. 1892. 2, St. Peter s Terrace, Cambridge. PALLISER, Lady. Anna, da. of the late George Pelham, Esq. : m. 1868, Sir William Palliser, M.P., C.B., who d. 1882, the inventor of Palliser guns and of chilled projectiles. PARRY, Lady. Catherine Edwards, da. of the Rev. Robert Hankinson : m. ist, Samuel Hoare, jun., Esq. ; 2ndly, 1841, as his znd wife, Rear-Adm. Sir William Edward