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COMPANION AGE. 763 of the late Capt. Edwardes, 3oth Regt. ; cr. C.M.G. 1892. Gmiernmcnt House, Port Victoria, Labuah; Salisbury Club. CREALOCK, Maj.-Gen. John North, C.B., sen of William Belton Crealock, Esq. ; />. 1836; ed. at Rugby ; entered Army 1854, became Capt. j 1859, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 1878, Lieut.-Col.- ! Comdt. 2nd Batn. Sherwood Foresters (Derby- | shire Regt.) 1880, Col. 1882 (h.p. 1885), and Maj.-Gen. 1892 ; served in Indian Mutiny Cam- ; paign 1858 (wounded, medal with clasp, and twice mentioned in despatches), throughout Kafir War 1878, and Zulu Campaign 1879 as Mil. Sec. to Baron Chelmsford (wounded, several i times mentioned in despatches, and medal with ! clasp), and in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal and bronze star) ; passed Staff Coll. 1868 ; com- at Catholic Univ. of Dublin, and at Richmond Hospital, Dublin; L.R.C.P. and L.R.C.S. Edin. 1863; appointed Assist. Surg. in army 1863 ; was Assist. Surg. and Surg. nth Hussars 1867-74 ; became Surg.-Maj. 1876, and Brig.-Surg. (now Brig.-Surg.-Lieut.-Col.) 1888 ; served in Arabia, E. Indies, S. Africa, and Nova Scotia, throughout Kaffir War 1877-8, as Senior Med. Officer of Wood's flying column throughout Zulu Wr 11878-9 (twice mentioned in despatches, medal .vith clasp), and in Burmah Campaign 1886-7 an Hon. Asso. of Order of St. John of Jerusalem : 111. 1883, Amy Blanche, da. of the late William J. Jones, Esq., of Jones- vill tand Corozal, Central America ; cr. C.B. 1879. Mount Vernon, Darjeeling, Bengal; Junior United Service, United Setvice (3i>- la), and Hibernian United Service Clubs. manded 45 th Regt. Dist. 1885-7 w ^ an * anci Hibernian United Serv A.A.G. Aldershot 1887-90, and A.Q.M.G., j CuLLEY, George, C.B., el. son of the Head Quarters 1890-92, since when he has com- manded 3rd Inf. Brie, at Aldershot : m. 1869, Marion, only da. of Morgan Lloyd, Esq., Q.C.; cr. C.B. 1879. Aldershot; 29, Evelyn Gardens. S. IV. ; Army and Navy Club. CREASE, Maj.-Gen. ]om Frederick, C.B., son of the late Capt. Henry Crease, R.N. ; b. 1836; ed. at Upper Canada Coll., Toronto; entered R.M. Artillery 1854, became Capt. 1867, Major 1877, Lieut.-Col. 1881, Col. 1885, Col. 2nd late George Darling Cuiley, Esq., of Fowberry Tower, Northumberland ; b. 1834 ; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A. 1856) ; is a J.P. for Northumberland (High Sheriff 1867) ; has been Commr. of Woods and Forests since 1884. : in. 1858, Jane Arundell St. Aubyn, da. of William Arthur Woodcock, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1892 S'. James's Chambers, Duke Street, S. IV. ; Fmuberry Tower, Belford, Northumberland ; Oxford and Cambridge Club. Comdt. 1886, Col. Comdt. 1888, and Hon. Maj.- i CUMBERLAND, Maj.-Gen. Charles Ed- Gen, (retired,) 1891 ; served (/) in China War 1857-61 (twice mentioned in despatches and medal with clasp), and (if) in Ashanti War 1873 (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of Major, and medal): m. 1877, Frances Mai y , widow of Henry Stewart Oldnall-Russell, Esq., of Sion House, Stone, and Comberton, Wor- cester, and da. of the late Henry Barry Dom- vile, Esq., of Sherwood House, Worcester; cr. C.B. 1881. United Service Club. ward, C.B., son of R. E. Cumberland, Esq. ; b. 1830; entered R.E. 1847, became Capt. 1856, Major 1860, Lieut.-Col. 1871, Col. 1877, and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1887; served in Crimean Campaign 1855 (medal and Turk- ish medal), and in Indian Campaign 1857-9 (medal with clasp) ; is a J.P. for Kent : jn. 1883, Elisabeth Anne, who d. 1891, widow of the Right Rev. Addington Venables, Bishop ot Nassau, and da. of the late Rev. William Moss CRIPPS, Wilfred Joseph, C.B., el. son ofj King;-. C.B. 1881. Manor House, Maid stone. the late William Cripps, Esq., M.P. for Ciren- ' CUMMINS, Lieill.-Col. Tames Turner, /T e , St . er ; ot' "fl 1 .' e o' x l I r " ol V' Oxford D.S.O., son of the late Nicholas Cummins, (B.A. 1863, M.A. 1866); Bar. Middle Temple 1865 ; formerly Capt. and Hon. Major 4th Batn. Gloucestershire Regt.; is a J.P. for Gloucester- shire and Kent, F.S.A., and author of standard works on art subjects : in. ist, 1870, Maria H. A., who d. 1881, da. of J. R. Daniel-Tyssen, Esq., of Hackney ; 2nd, 1884, Helen Augusta Wilhelmine, Countess Bismark, youngest da. of Count Bismark, of Schierstein, Prussia ; cr. C.B. 1889. Circncester; Farlcigh House, ' Sandgate, Kent; Carlton Club. CROFTON, Col. Morgan Samuel, D.S.O. [see Crofton, Bart., colls., cr. 1801]. Esq., J.P., of Ashley House and Myrtleville House, co. Cork ; b. 1843 ; ed. at Cheltenham Coll., and at Addiscombe ; entered Madras Army 1861, became Capt. 1873, transferred to M.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1875, Major 1883, and Lieut.-Col. 1887 ; served in Afghan War 1878-80 (medal , with Egyptian Expedition 1882, with Soudan Expedition 1885 (medal with clasp, bronze star), and during Burmah Campaign 1886-9 (specially mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps) : m. 1869, Louie, da. of the late T. Dunman, Esq., (Commr. of Police, Straits Settlements), of " Clovelly," Bournemouth ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. Constitutional Club. CROSTHWAITE, Robert Joseph, C.S.I., ion of the Rev. John Charles Crosthwaite ; b. CUNISGHA.M, Surg.-Gen. James Macnabb, 1841 ; ed. at Merchant Taylors' Sch., and at Brasenose Coll., Oxford (B.A. 18 ); Bar. Middle Temple 1868; entered B.C.S. 1863; is Gov.-Gen.'s Agent for Central India, and an Additional Member of Viceroy's Council; cr. C.S.I. 1890. Nagpur, Central India; East India United Service Club. CUBITT, Col. William George, D.S.O., V.C. ; b. 1835 ; entered Bengal N.I. 1854, be- came Capt. 1865, Major B.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1873, Lieut.-Col. 1879, and Col. 1883: served in Sonthal Rebellion 1855, during Indian Mutiny 1857-8, present at defence of Lucknow (men- tioned in despatches, medal with clasp, V.C.), C.S.I., M.D., LL.D., son of the late Major William Cuningham, H.E.I.C.S. ; b. 1829; ed. at Edinburgh Univ. (M.D. 1851, LL.D. 1892) ; entered Indian Medical Depart. 1851, and became Surg.-Gen. 1880; retired 1885; was Sanitary Commr. with Govt. of India 1869-85, and Surg.-Gen. with Govt. of India 1880-5; appointed Hon. Surgeon to H.M. 1888: . ist, 1854, Mary Falconer, whorf. 1883, da. of the late James McRae, Esq. Surg., H.E.I.C.S. ; 2nd, 1889, Georgina da. of the late Robert Reid Macredie, Esq. ; cr. C.S.I. 1885. >7> De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W.; United Service Club. ivith Duffa Expedition 1875 (mentioned in de- ' CUNNINGHAM, Alexander Frederic Doug- spatches), during Afghan War i88o(medal), and las, C.I.E.; b. 18- ; entered B.C.S. 1871; was sometime Under-Sec, to Govt. Civil De- part.. Lahore; is Dep. Commr., Punjab; cr. C.I.E. 1881. Hazar a, Punjab. with Akha Expedition 1883-4 (mentioned in despatches) ; was Brig.-Maj. Bengal 1867-72 ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. -CUFFE, Brig.-Surg.-Lieut.-Col. Charles McDonough, C.B., el. son of the late Daniel .Barrett Cuffe, Esq., of Dublin; b. 1842; ed. CURE. Capt. Herbert Capel, D.S.O., son of the late Robert Capel Cure, Esq., of Blake Hall, Ongar, Essex ; b. 1859 i entered 6ist