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COMPANIONAGE. Faclana a:id Kreli, and Civil Commr. and Resi- dent Magistrate for Albert district 1858-9, for Queenstown 1859-68, to Graham's Town 1868-9, and to King William's Town 1869-71 ; was Gov.'-; Agent and Ch. Magistrate for territory of 785 Hon. H. Campbell-Bannerman, Rt. Hon. W. H. Smith, and Rt. Hon. E. Stanhope) 1 886-8, since when he has been A.A.G. at Head- quarters ; cr. C.B. 1887. 115, Harley Street, United Service Club. by both Houses of Parliament), and Gov.'s Ageni ... c- n </ in and Ch. Magistrate for British Basutolind, T"V- v* iTu Calcutta Univ., an Indian and Col. Comdt. of Colonial forces in and upon ^ Cnt ."C and Archaeologist, and has designed borders of Basutoland j8 7 8-82 : m. 1856, Dora- n d carried out many large architectural works, thea Mouncey, da. of the late William Gilfillan, % th orl S^ and restoration ; cr. C.I.E ,1879. Esq., Lieut. 60 Rifles, and Ch. Commr. Cradock Sew' Clb Hasie " tere; East Indla L mtcd Div., Cape of Good Hope; cr. C.M.G. 1877. i /"..._ ' ! 4-. ' , . , T, , , _ East Loiulon, Cape of Good Hope, j GUBBINS, Frederick Bebb, C.B., son of GRIFFITH, Ralph Thomas Hotchkin, the late Gen. J. Gubbins; . 18; served in C.I.E., son of the late Rev. Robert Clavey n f l8 35- 6 3 ; ^ C.B. 1860. Griffith, R. of Corsley; b. 1826; ed. at Upping- DUBBINS, Lieut.-Gen. James, C.B., son ham Sch,, and at Queen's Coll., Oxford (B.A., ! of the late Lieut. - Col. Richard Gubbins, Hon.4thclassClassicsi840,M.A.i849,andBoden j C.B. ; />. 1828; ed. at Sandhurst; entered Sanskrit Scholar 1850) ; was an Assist. -Master and Librarian at Marlborough Coll. 1850-3, j Professor in Benares Govt. Coll. 1853-4, ar >d i Head-Master thereof 1854-56, Inspector ol I Schools 1856-62, Principal of Benares Coll. i "62-79, an d Director of Public Instruction I Army 1845, became Capt. 1853, Major 1854, Lieut.-Col. 1862, Col. 1869, Maj.-Gen. 1879, and Lieut.-Gen. (retired) 1881 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, Legion of Honour, 5th class Medjidie, and Turkish medal): in. 1866, the 2nd da. of S. Cosby, Esq., of Stradbally Hall, Queen's co. ; cr. C.B. 1881. Army and Navy and United Service Clubs. N.W. Prov. and Oudh 1879-85 ; is a Fellow of CalcuttaUniv. ; cr. C.I.E. 1885. Kotagiri, India. GRIFFITH, Thomas Risely, C.M. G., son r of the late Daniel Griffith, Esq., R.N. ; b. < GUINNESS, Col. Charles Wolfran Nugent, 1848 ; was Auditor, Grenada 1872-8, Collector C.B., son of the late Richard Samuel Guinness, and Treasurer, Gold Coast Colony 1878-9, and ! Esq., M.P. [see B. Ardilaun, colls.]; b. 1839; entered 7?nd Highlanders, 1860, be- came Capt. 1869, Major 1880, Lieut.-Col. Sea- forth Highlanders 1 88 1, and Col. i83s(h.p.i887); Colonial Sec. and Treasurer, Sierra Leone 1879-87 ; administered Govt. of Gambia 1887-8, when he was appointed Administrator of the Seychelles: HI. 1874, Mary Jane Helen, da. of i served throughout the Afghan War 1878-80, pre- Sir William Brandford Griffith, K.C.M.G. ; cr. C.M.G. 1892. Governtitent House, Malic, Seychelles Islands ; Junior Travellers' Club. GRIGG, Henry Bidewell, C.L., son of the late Rev. Thomas Nattle Grigg, R. of Lambley, Notts : b. 1841 ; ed. at Elizabeth Coll., Guernsey, and at Queen's Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1864, M.A. 1880); entered M.C.S. 1864; was Under Sec. to Madras Govt. 1876-80, since sent at march from Cabul to relief of Candahar (mentioned in despatches, medal with four clasps, bronze star), and with Egyptian Expedition 1882, present at battle of Tel-el-Kebir (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh) ; commanded Regimental Dist. No. 83 1889-90, when he was transferred to No. i ; cr. C.B. 1887. Glencorse, N.B. ; United Service and Naval and Military Clubs. when he has been Director of Public Instruction ! GUISE, Lieut. -Gen. John Christopher, Madras, and Commr. for Uncovenanted Civil i C.B., V.C. [see Guise, Bart.]. Ser. Examinations; twice acted as British j HADEN, Francis Seymour, C. M. G. , son Resident in Travancore and Cochin ; is Fellow of Madras Univ. : m. 1870, Elizabeth i Louisa, da. of the late Sir Edward Deas- i Thomson, K.C.M.G., C.B., Colonial Sec. N. S. Wales ; cr. C.I.E. 1890. Maiiras ; Inter- ! national, National Liberal, and Groszcnor Clubs. GROVE, Col. Alexander Sinclair, D.S.O.; b. 1840 ; entered Madras Army 1858, became Capt. M.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1870, Major 1878, Lieut.-Col. 1884, and Col. 1888 ; served during Afghan War 1880 (medal), and in Burmah Campaign 1887-8 (medal with two clasps) ; ' appointed A.A.G. , Madras 1892 ; cr. D.S.O. 1888. Madras. <}ROVE, Col. Coleridge, C.B., son of the Hon. Sir William Robert Grove, D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S. ; b. 1839 ; entered I5th Regt. of Francis Seymour Haden, Esq., of Woodcote Manor, Alresford, Hants ; b. 1850 ; ed. at West- minster Sch., and at Ch.Ch., Oxford (B.A. J 873); entered Colonial Ser. 1877; was Private Sec. to Lieut.-Gov. of Natal (Sir H. E. G. Bulwer, G.C.M.G.) 1877-80, Ch. Clerk, Colonial Sec.'s Office, Natal, 1 880-81, and Assist.-Colonial Sec. 1 88 1 -87 (Ac ting Colonial Treasurer 1885, and Acting Colonial Sec. 1885-6}, since when he has been Colonial Sec. ; appointed M.E.C. and M.L.C., also Pres. of Natal Trade Commn. 1885, Natal Delegate to Capetown Conference 1888, and Dep. Gov. of Natal and Zululand 1890, and of Natal, 1801 : in. 1885, Ethel, i a. of Lieut.-Col. B. A. Branfill, formerly joth Hussars and 86th Regt., of Upminster Hnll, Essex ; cr. C.M.G. 1890. Pitterniaritzbif^, Natal; Whites Club. i i863,becameCapt.i87i,MajorE.YorkshireRegt' HAGART, Lieut. -Col. James McCaul, Bi, Lieut.-Col. 1882, and Col. 1885 (h. p. 1889) ; served with Egyptian Expedition 1 882 as D. A. A. and Q.M.G. (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, 4th class Osmanieh) and with Soudan Expedition 1884-5, on special service (mentioned in despatches, two clasps) ; was A.D.C. to Lord-Lieut, of Ireland 1882, A. A. and Q.M.G. Gibraltar 1885-6, and Private -Sec. to successive Sees, of State for War (Rt. C.B., son of the late Thos. Campbell Hagart, Esq., of Bantaskine, Stirling; b. 1815 ; entered Army 1837, and retired as Lieut.-Col. 7th Hussars 1858 ; served with his Regt. in Canada during rebellion 1838, and in command of Cav. of Sir Hope Grant's column in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1858 (medal with clasp and men- tioned in despatches) ; was sometime a member of Council of St. Vincent; cr. C.B. 1858. East 50