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COM PAX ION AGE. Henry Jenkins, Esq., of Abergavenny. Mem- Frontier of India 1355-78 : in. 1848, Alicia mouthshire; b. 1843; was Clerk in Victorian Laurence, da. of the late Col. J. Vincent lervis; Govt. Railways, 1861-5. Clerk of Private Bills cr. C.B. 1869. 83, Sinclair Road. West Ken- in Legislative Assembly 1865-70, Clerk of Com- sington Park, II'.; Broughton House, N.B.; mittees 1870-78, Clerk Assist. 1878-82, and Clerk East India United Service and Edinburgh of the Legislative Assembly 1882-91, since Consei'vative Clubs. when he has been Clerk of the Parliaments of JONES, Lieut. -Gen. Howard Sutton, C.B., Victoria; acted as Sec. to Roy. Commn. on ' sonoft h e late Capt. Herbert Jones, R.N.; b. Question of Payment of Members of the l3 . entered R.M. 1853, became Capt. 1863, Legislature 1868, and to Australasian Federa- Ma j or l3 Lieut. -Col. 1879, Col. 1882, Col. t ion Conference at Melbourne 1890 (specially Comdt. 1885. Maj.-Gen. 1886, and Lieut.-Gen. thanked); presented by Members of the jSSg; served in Baltic Expedition 1854 (medal); Legislative Assembly with handsome service of on spe cial . se rvice 1857-61 in H.M. S." Satellite " silver plate on completion of his twenty-fifth to determine the boundary line between British year of service in Parliament and thanked by N . America and the U.S.A.; thanked by Govt. resolution of Legislative Assembly for _ his and Colonial Govt. for services rendered in prolonged and singularly valuable services que ili ng riot and re-establishing order among: rendered to the House and its Members on , jj^ Gold Miners at Fort's Hope and Yale, his vacating the position of Clerk of that British Columbia; commanded a Batn. of House; is an Hon. J P. for Victoria and S. R. M.L.I, quartered in Cork Harbour and neigh- Australia, and Sec. to Roy. Commn. on erection bouring counties during the Fenian disturbances of Houses of Parliament; cr. C.M.G. 1891. ^82, from thence selected to command R. M. Parliament House, Melbourne, Victoria. f orces ser ving with expeditionary forces in Egypt JENKINS, Adm. Robert, C.B., son of 1882 (medal with clasp, several times mentioned the late Robert Boycott Cressett Leighton Jen- in despatches, 2nd class Medjidie, C.B., and kins, Esq., of Charlton Hill, Salop; b. 1825; Col.); isan extra A.D.C. to H.M.; commanded entered R.N. 1838, became Lieut. 1846, Com. R.M. Depot at Walmer and Gosport Div. R.M. 1853, Capt. 1857, Rear-Adm. 1875, Retired 1885-6; appointed D.A.G. of R.M. L.I. 1888; Vice-Adm. 1880, and Adm. 1885; served in,;. 1877, Katherme, da. of Major A. von Bever- Syrian War 1840 (medal with clasp and Turkish hondt, sSth Regt.; cr. C.B. 1882. 26, Nevern medal), in China War 1842 (medal and men- Square, Earls Court, S.W.; Umttd Service tioned in despatches), and in Kaffir War 1851 Club. (medal); was Com. of "Talbot" in Arctic JONES, Humphrey Stanley Herbert, C. B., Expedition 1854 (medal), Com. of "Comus" son of H. H. Jones, Esq., J.P. and D.L. of suppressing piracy in China 1 855-6 and in China Llynon. Anglesey; /'. 1817; served 30 years in War 1856-7, and Capt. of " Actseon" in China Commissariat Depart, and retired as Corny- War 1858 (clasp), and of "Miranda" in New Gen. 1867; served with Osmanli Cav. dur- Zealand War 1863-4 (medal) : was Mayor of , ing Crimean War 1855-6 (4th class Medjidie), Shrewsbury 1881-2 : in. 1860. Maria Catherine, and in New Zealand 1857-67 (medal); is a da. of the Rev. Robert Hornby, of Lythwood J.P. for cos. Anglesey and Herts: in. 1857, Hall, Salop; cr. C.B. 1864. Charlton Hill, Emma, da. of A. Buchanan, Esq.; < >-. C.B. Shrewsbury; The Abbey Foregate. Shrews- 1863. 24, Carlvlf Mansions, Chcync II 'a/A-, bury; United Service Civil. S.W.; Villa liana, Bordighera, Italy. JEXXER, Capt. Albert Victor, D.S.O. JONES, Maj.-Gen. Robert Owen, C.B., [see Jenner, Bart.]. " 2nd son of the late William Jones, Esq.. of Bryn TERNINGHAM, Hubert Edward Henry, Tegid Bala, N. Wales; l iS 37; ed. at Roy. C..l/.<7.;o-.C.M.G. 1889 [see B. Stafford.colls.]. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; entered R.E. 1856, T TT inr-ii- XT /-. r> became Capt. 1866, Major 1873, Lieut. -Col. JOCELYX, Hon. William Nassau, C.B. l88lj CoL & 5> and ' Hon J . Maj.-Gen. (retired), [see E. Roden]. l33 , . serve d in Ashantee War 1873-4 (medal); JOHNSTON, Henry Hamilton, C.B., son of is Head of the Boundary Office of the Ordnance John Brookes Johnston, Esq.; b. 1858; explored Survey, and a J.P. for Merionethshire; was River Congo 1882-3, a "d conducted an expedi- Boundary Commr. 1884-5, and Sec. and Ch. tion to explore Mount Kilimanjaro, E. Africa, Assist. Boundary Commr. 1888 : M. ist, 1866, 1884; entered Consular Ser. 1885; was H.M. 's Emma Marian, who d. 1875, da. of Thomas Vice-Consul for territories under German Pro- Dickins, Esq., J.P., of Edgemoor, Kersal; 2nd, tectorate in Dists. of Cameroon^, and the Oil 1878, Harriette. da. of the Rt. Hon. Sir James Rivers 1885-7, Acting Consul at Old Calabar Parker Deane, P.C., Q.C., D.C.L.; cr. C.B. 1887-8, and Consul for Portuguese Possessions: 1885. Basing House, Banstead, Sumy; Bryn on K. Coast of Africa 1889-91, since when he has Tegid, Bala. -V. Wales; Junior L'nited Ser- heen Consul of Portuguese E. African Terri- ' -'ice Ci-i: . lories, and H.M. 's Commr. and Consul-Gen, in; JONES, William Brittain, C.S.I., son of British Central Africa and territories north of the late Rev. W. Jones; b. 1834; B.A. of Lon- Zambesi; is Fellow of many learned Sos.; don Univ. and Fellow of Univ. Coll., Lond. : author of several works on Africa; cr. C.B. 1890. entered B.C.S. 1856; Bar. Inner Temple, 1875; The Residency, Zoinba,British Central Africa; was Resident at Hyderabad 1882-^;. then Ch. Quten. Anne's Mansions, S. }!'.; H'ellington . Commr. Central Provinces, India; retired 1885; and SaoiU Clubs. cr c. S.I. 188^;. Svmmerleas, Trinity Gardens, [OHNSTONE, Maj.-Geil. Henry Campbell, Folkestone: East India United Sen>ice Club.. C.B., F.R.G.S.. F.R.A.S., son of the late Dr. JORDAN, Maj.-Gen. Joseph, C.B., son of James Gardiner Johnstone, H.E.I.C.S., of the late Rev. Gibbes Walker Jordan; b. 1826; Hutton Hall, Berwickshire : b. 1823; ed. at ed at Tonbridge Sch.; entered Army 1845, Edinburgh Univ.; entered Bengal Army 1840. became Capt. i852,Major 1855. Lieut.-Col. 1865, became Capt. 1855, Major 1861, Lieut.-Col. Col. 1876 (h.p. 1882), and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1866, Col. 1871, and Maj. -Gen. 1878; served in 1885; served (/) in Crimea 1855 (severely Bundlecund 1842-3, in Indian Mutiny 1857 wounded at the Redan, medal with clasp. 51)1 (medal), wilh expeditions against Wuzeeree.- class Medjidie. Sardinian and Turkish medals, 1859-60, throughout Eusofzie Campaign 1863-4, and mentioned in despatches), and (/;') in Indian and Ha/ara Campaign 1868 (mentioned in Mutiny (wounded in 3rd action at Cawnpore. despatches, and medal with three clasps; was and medal) : in. 1867, Maria Lucinda, da. of engaged in all military expeditions in N.W. , ihe b.te Lieut. -Co:. Henry Williams. R.A. :