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COM PAN ION AGE. .-RICHARDSON, Maj.-Gtn. John Soame, C.B., son of J. Richardson, Esq.; b. 1836; entered Army 1854, became Capt. 1863 ; on retirement from Imperial service was ap- pointed in 1865 to command of H.M. Mil. Forces of N.S.W. with rank of Lieut.-Col., became Col. 1876, and Maj.-Gen. 1885; served with 72nd Highlanders in Crimea 1855 (medal with clasp and Turkish medal), with i2th Regt. in New Zealand war 1860-1 and 1863-4 (medal), and in command of New South Wales contigent; in Soudan Campaign 1885 (mentioned in des- patches and C.B.); cr. C.B. 1885. Sydney, Nevj South Wales. ."RICHARDSON, Maj. Gen. William Stewart, C.B., 3rd son of the late Major Charles Richard- son, 86th Regt., of co. Tyrone : b. 1832 ; entered Army 1852, became Capt. 1858, Major 1872, Lieut.-Col. 1880, Lieut.-Col. Comdt. 2nd Batn. Duke of Cornwall's L.I. 1881, Col. 1884 (h.p. 1885), and Maj.-Gen. (retired) 1887; served with Sangor Field Force during Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (medal and twice mentioned in despatches), and in Egyptian Campaign 1882 ' (medal with clasp, and 3rd class Medjidie): in. 1856, Caroline, 3rd da. of the late Gen. Mus- grove, Madras Army ; cr. C.B. 1882. Glencrciu, Alexandra Road, Reading.

RICHARDSON, Lieut.-Col. Wodehouse

Dillon, C.B., son of Guildford Barker Richard- son, Esq., of Blackheath, S.E. ; b. 1854; ed. at Blackheath Proprietary Sch. ; entered Army 1872, and became Lieut.-Col. Army Ser. Corps 1888 ; served in Ashanti War 1873-4 (medal), during S. African War 1877-8, in Zulu War 1879 (mentioned in despatches, medal with clasp, promoted), in Boer War 1881, with Egyptian Expedition 1882 (medal, bronze star), and with Bechuanaland Expedition 1884-5 as S_enior Commissariat Officer (honourably men- tioned, promoted); was D.A.A.G., Aldershot, 1888-9, since when he has been D.A.A.G., Egypt : in. 1887, Louisa, da. of the Rev. J. E wing, D.D. ; cr. C.B. 1891. Jtinior United Service Club. ^RICHMOND, Major Mathew, C.B. ; b. 18 ; was Resident of Paxio, Ionian Islands, 1836, Dep. Judge Advocate at St. John's, New Brunswick, 1838, Commr. for Examining and Reporting on claims to grants of land in New Zealand, 1840, on special mission to establish order and confidence after the Wairau Massacre 184-, Ch. Police Magistrate of S. Div. of New Ulster (now N. Island) and Cook Straits 1843. Sup. of S. Div. of New Zealand 1844, and Sup. and Resident Magistrate at Nelson 1846 ; ap- pointed a M.L.C. 1853, and elected Chm. of Committees thereof 1865: m. 18 ; cr. C.B. 1860. Nelson, New Zealand. RICKETTS, George Henry Mildmay, C.B., son of Sir Henry Ricketts, K.C.S.I. ; b. 1827 ; ed. at Winchester, and at Haileybury :was in B.C.S. 1847-9; served in Punjab and N.W.P. during Mutinies 1857 ; was sometime a member of Board of Revenue N.W. Provinces : jn. ist, 1862, Charlotte, who d. 1875, da. of Percy Jocelyn Gough, Esq., of Glenconnor, Clonmel ; 2nd, 1883, Emily, da. of the late Sir Edward Clive Bayley, K.C.S.I., C.I.E. [see Metcalfe, Bart., cr. 1802] ; cr. C.B. 1860. East India United Service, Athenceum, and Travellers Clubs. ', RIDDELL, Maj.-Gen. Charles James Bu- chanan, C.B. [see Riddell, Bart., cr. 1628]. RIND, Major Alexander Thomas Seton ; Abercromby, C.M.G. ; b. 1847 ' entered Army ' 1866, became Capt. B.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1878, and Major 1881 ; served during Afghan War ! i879-o (mentioned in despatches, Brevet of i Major) and in Egyptian Expedition 1882 (medal, bronze star) ; cr. C.M.G. 1887. RISLEY, Herbert Hope, C.I.E., son of the Rev. John Holford Risley, R. of Akeley, Bucks ; b. 1851 ; ed. at Winchester, and at New Coll., Oxford (B.A. 18 ); entered B.C.S. 1873 ; is Financial Sec. to Govt. of Bengal, a Member of Bengal Legislative Council, and Hon. Member of French Acad. : m. 1879, Else Julie, da. of the late Friedrich Oppermann, ofHanover; cr. C.I. E. 1892. Newstead House, Darjeeling, Bengal; East India United Service Club. ROBERTS, Col. Charles Fyshe, C.M. G., son of the late Capt. Charles Roberts, sgth Regt.; b. 1837 ; ed. at Carshalton Mil. Sch., and Roy. Mil. Acad. ; entered R.A. 1855, became Capt. 1862, and Major 1863 ; served in Crimean cam- paign 1855-6 (twice wounded, medal with clasp, Turkish medal, Sardinian order of Mil. Valour, and personally commended for conduct on June 18, 1855, by Lord Raglan), and in command ot Artillery with Field Force in Sekkim 1861 (thanked in Gen. Orders, and by Gov.-Gen. of India in Council) ; retired from R.A. 1871 ; was Sec. to Agent-Gen, for N.S.W. 1872-4 ; ap- pointed Col. in command of N.S.W. Artillery Forces 1876 : in. 1866, Alice, da. of the late William Bradley, Esq., of Goulbourn, N.S.W.; cr. C.M.G. 1885. Army and Navy, and Union (Sydney) Clubs. ROBERTS, Charles James, C.M.G., el. son of Charles Warman Roberts, Esq., of Sydney ; b. 1846; ed. at Sydney Gram. Sch. ; elected Alder- man of Sydney 1877, appointed a J.P. 1878, and was Mayor and Ch. Magistrate of the city 1879, Commr. at Sydney International Exhibition 1879-80, Commr. for N.S.W. at Melbourne Inter- national Exhibition 1880-1, at Amsterdam Exhi- bition 1883, at Calcutta Exhibition 1883-4, at Colonial and Indian Exhibition, S. Kensing- ton, 1886, at Centennial Exhibition, 1888, and at Chicago Exhibition 1893 ; elected in 1882 a Member of Parliament of N.S.W., re-elected 1885, 1887, and 1889 ; was Postmaster-Gen, of N.S. Wales 1887-9; appointed M.L.C. 1890: m. 1867, Lucretia, da. of the late Abraham Abraham, Esq., of Sydney ; cr, C.M.G. 1882. Caradon, IVoollahra, Sydney. ROBERTS, John, C.M. G., son of the late George Roberts, Esq., for many years Provost of Selkirk ; b. 1845 ; ed. at Edinburgh Acad. and at Queen Street Institution, Edinburgh ; went to New Zealand 1868 ; was Pres. of Dunedin Chamber of Commerce 1887, and of New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition held at Dunedin 1889-90, and Mayor of Dunedin 1890 ; is a Director of the Colonial Bank and many public companies : in. 1870, Louisa Jane, da. of the late Charles Henry Kettle, Esq., of Dunedin, New Zealand; cr. C.M.G. 1891. Dunedin, New Zealand. ROBERTS, Samuel Ussher, C.B., el. son of the late Edward Roberts, Esq., of Weston, Waterford ; b. 1821 ; ed. at Roy. Acad., Gosport ; formerly a Commr. of Public Works, Ireland : m. 1847, Emily Isabella, da. of Sir George Forster, 2nd Bart. ; cr. C.B. 1887. 6, Clyde Road, Dublin Kildare Street Club. ROBERTSON, Frederick Ewart, C.I.E., son of Frederick Robertson, Esq.; b. 1847 ; ed. privatsly ; was in Public Works Depart of India 1868-89 ; is Ch. Engineer of E. Indian Railway : m. 1879, Jane Isabella, da. of Ramsay, Esq.; cr. C.I.E. 1892. ROBERTSON, Surg.-Maj. George Scott, C.S./. ; b. 1832 ; entered India Med. Ser. 1878 and became Surg.-Maj. 1890; served during Afghan War 1879-80 (medal with clasp); cr, C.S.I. 1892. Calcutta.