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DEBRETT'S ILLUSTRATED BARONETAGE. Grandchildren of the late Col. John Anstruther, 3rd son of 2nd baronet : Issue of the late John Anstruther-Thomson, Esq., b. 1776, d. 1833 : tn. 1807, Clementina, who d. 1877, da. of the Rt. Hon. William Adam, a Baron of the Exchequer: John, b. 1818 : ed. at Eton; formerly Capt. i^th Light Dragoons; is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Fife, and Lieut. -Col. Fife Light Horse Vol. : tn. ist, 1852, Caroline Maria Agnes Robina, who d. 1883, da. of the late Rev. John Hamilton Gray ; 2ndly, 1891, Isabel, da. of the late Lieut. -Gen. Robert Bruce [see Corbet, Bart., colls.], and has issue living (by ist marriage), Charles Frederick St. Clair (of 22, Hans Place, S. VV.). b. 1855 ; is Capt. 2nd Life Guards : tn. 1882, Agnes Dorothea, da. of the late James Alexander Guthrie, Esq., of Craigie, co. Forfar, and has issue living, John Arnold b. 1888, Grizel, William, b. 1859 ; is Lieut. Royal Horse Guards : m. 1891, Jessie Clayre, da. of Andrew Tennant, Esq., of Essenside, Glenelg, S. Australia, and has issue living, a da. b. 1892, Arthur St. Clair, b. 1872, Clementina Caroline, Rpsia Mary, Olivia Beatrice. Resi- dences, Charleton, Colinsburgh, N.B.; Kilmany, Cupar, Fife. Clubs, Army and Navy, New. Jean St. Clair. Grandchildren of the late John Anstruther-Thomson, Esq. (ante) : Issue of the late Lieut. -Col. William Anstruther-Thomson, Esq., b. 1823, d. 1865: t. 1849, Isabella Eliza, da. of Gen. James Steel : Charles James, b. 1859 ; is Capt. I7th Lancers ; served in Zulu war 1879 (medal with clasp). Clementine Susan Adelaide. The sth Baronet was Lord-Lieut, of Fifeshire, and sat as M.P. for Fifeshire (L) 1864-80, and for St. Andrews District 1885-6. CARMICHAEL-ANSTRUTHER, Creations 1694 and 1798, of Anstruther, co. Fife. Toujours prest. Always ready. Sir WINDHAM CHARLES JAMES CAR- MICHAEL-ANSTRUTHER, gth Baronet of Nova Scotia, and 5th of Great Britain; b. 1824; s. his father, Sir WINDHAM, 1869 ; is Heritable Carver to Roy. Household in Scotland, and a J.P., a D.L. and Vice-Lieut, for co. Lanark ; sat as M. P. for Lanark- shire S. (C) 1874-80, when he was defeated: m. 1872, Janetta, who d. 1891, only da. of the late Robert Barbour, Esq., of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, and has issue. Jlrms Quarterly : ist and 4th, argent, three piles issuing from the chief sable, Anstruther', 2nd and 3rd, argent, a fesse wreathy azure and gules. Carmichael. Crests ist, two arms embowed in armour holding a poleaxe with both / should have perished had I not gone hands proper ; 2nd, an arm embowed holding a broken lance through it. proper. ..Supporters Two falcons with wings expanded proper, armed gules, jessed and belled or. Seat Carmichael House, Thankerton, Lanarkshire, N. B. Clubs Carlton, Windham, Western, New. Son living- WINDHAM ROBERT, 6. March 2 6th, 1877. Half-Brother living Windham George Conway ; b. 1845 ; formerly Lieut. 851)1 Regt. : m. 1867, Anne Katherine, da. of John Adam, Esq.; Surg. H.E.I.C.S., and has issue living, Gerald Yorke, b. 1871, Eric George Basil, b. 1874, Hugh John Elphinstone, b. 1874, Maud Ellen Constance : tn. 1888, Capt. John Christopher Swann, I.S.C., D.A.A.G. Bombay, and has issue living, Robert Wyndham Anstruther, b. 1888, Aileen Yvonne Marion . 1890, Mildred Helen Mary. Residence. i Half-Sister living Marian Alice : tn. 1875, Capt. Charles Roger, late 7oth Regt. Residence, Widow living Of 8th Baronet MARY ANNE (Lady CarmicJiael-Anstruther), 2nd da. of John Parsons, Esq. : tn. 1859, as his 3rd wife, Sir Windham Carmichael-Anstruther, Sth baronet, who d. 1869. Residence, 23. De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W. Collateral Branches living. Grandchildren of the late Hon. Philip Anstruther, Colonial Sec. of Ceylon (infra) : Issue of the late Capt. Robert Durham Anstruther, b. 1841, d. 1890: m. 1864, Florence, da. of F. Wise, Esq., of Cubbington, near Leamington : Philip Francis, b. 1869. Florence Mary. Edith Sophia.^ Elizabeth Ethel. Constance Lucy. Armine Clementina. Grandchildren of the late Col. Robert Anstruther, 3rd son of 3rd baronet of Nova Scotia : Issue of the late Hon. Philip Anstruther, Colonial Sec. of Ceylon, b. 1802, d, 1862: /. 1838, Mary Frances, da. of the Rt. Hon. James Alexander Stewart-Mackenzie [see E. Galloway, colls.]: - Philip Morrison, b. 1846 ; is a coffee planter in Ceylon. Residence, Tillicoultry, Lindula, Ceylon. Stewart Mackenzie, b. 1848. John Newdegate, b. 1850: m. 1874, Georgiana Julia, da. of the late Daniel Farley, Esq., of Henwick, Worcester. Residence, Henwick Lodge, Maidenhead. Keith Francis George, b. 1854 ; is a F.R.G.S., and a Corresponding Member of Zoological So. : tn. 1878, Maria Catharine Geraldine, da. of the late William Dallas Bernard, Esq., Dep. Com. -Gen., Ceylon, and has issue living, Pearl Annie Geraldine Keith. Residence, 4, Cranmer Villas, Mitcham. Henry Lewis, b. 1856 ; formerly Lieut. R.M. Mary Helen : tn. 1858, William Reirson Arbuthnot, Esq., and has issue living, Philip Stewart Mackenzie(of Hanford, co. Tulare, California), b. 1863, Keith Fraser, b. 1864, William Reirson, b. 1866, Harold Denison, b. 1868, Kenneth Wyndham, b. 1873, Andrew Carmichael, b. 1877, Malcolm Alexander, b. 1878, Mary Eleanor, Helen Frances : in. 1885, Capt. William Crawfurd Middleton, 2nd Dragoons, and has issue living