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COMPANIONAGE. h.ndWest, and Clerk of the Council 1875-7, and Acting Colonial Sec. 1877-80, and a M.L.C. 1879 ! nas been Auditor-Gen, for British Guiana since 1882, and a M.E.C. since 1891 ; cr.

  • .'. M.G. 1880. Georgetown, British Guiana;

Devonshire Club. VINCENT, Charles Edward Howard, C.B., M.P. [see Vincent, Bart.]. WAGE, Major Ernest Charles, D.S.O. ; b. 1850 ; entered R.A. 1871, became Capt.i88i,and Major 1887 ; served in Jowaki Expedition 1877-8 (medal with clasp), during Afghan War 1878-80, being present at Ali Musjid (mentioned in de- spatches, and medal with two clasps), and with Burmah Expedition 1885-7 (mentioned in despatches, and clasp): m. 1891, Gertrude Mary Hay, da. of the late Charles Nathan, Esq., of Sydney, New South Wales ; cr. D.S.O. 1886. WAKE, Herewald Craufurd, C.B. [see Wake, Bart.]. WALCOTT, Col. Edmund Scopoli, C.B., son of the late J. M. Walcott, Esq. ; h. 1842 ; entered Bombay Army 1860, became Capt. 1869, Major 1880, Lieut.-Col. 1881, and Col. 1885 ; re- tired 1889; served in China War 1860-3 (medal), and in Afghan War 1879-80 (medal with clasp, mentioned in despatches, Brevet Lt.-Col.), and in Soudan Expedition 1885 (mentioned in de- spatch, medal with clasp, bronze star, and C.B.); is a J.P. for Devonshire, and Comdg. 4th Vol. Batn. Devonshire Regt. ; cr. C.B. 1885. Rock House, Chudleigh, S. Devon. WALKER, Ernest Octavius, C.I.E., son of the late G. J. Walker, Esq. (i3th Light Dragoons), of Teignmouth, S Devon; b. 1850; entered Indian Te'egraph Depart. 1871 ; served with Chin Lushai Expedition 1890, in charge of Telegraphs with Chittagong Column (men- tioned in despatches, services acknowledged by Govt. of India): tit. 1881, Rosa, da. of the Rev. Henry Charles Deshon, M.D., formerly V. of St. Michael's, Teignmouth; cr. C.I.E. 1891. Poona, Bombay. WALKER, Maj.-Gen. Frederick William Edward Forestier, C.B., C.M.G., son of the late Gen. Sir Edward Walter Forestier Walker, K.C.B. ; b. 1844 ; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sandhurst ; entered Scots Guards 1862, became Capt. and Lieut.-Col. 1873, Col. 1878, Lieut.-Col. 2nd Batn. 1886, and Maj.-Gen. 1887 ; served as Assist. Mil. Sec. to Gen. Sir Arthur Cunynghame in S. Africa in Kaffir War 1877-8, as Mil. Sec. to Sir Bartle Frere 1878-9, and in Zulu War 1879 (mentioned in de- spatches) ; was A. A. and Q.M.G. Home Dist. during War in Egypt 1882, A. A. and Q.M.G. in Bechuanaland 1884, and in command of 2nd Inf. Brig, at Aldershot 1889-90, since when he has commanded the troops in Eeypt : in. 1887, Mabel Louisa, da. of Lieut.-Col. A. E. Ross ; cr. C.B. 1878, C.M.G. 1886. Cairo, Egypt; Guards' and Travellers' Clubs. WALKER. James Lewis, C.I.E., son of the late John Walker, Esq., Punjab Police ; b. 1845 ; was Assist. -Sec. to Simla Bank Corpora- tion 1868-1873, Officiating Dep. Controller, Public Works Accounts, Bengal. 1873, Gen. Manager of Alliance Bank, Limited, _ India (which he established, and of wh ch he is now a Director) 1874-91. Pres. (many years a Member) ot" Simla Municipality 1884-7, a "d Lieut.-Col. Comdt. 2nd Punjab Vol. Rifles 1884- yi, having been associated with Vol. Movement since its extension to India : m. 18 , L'zzie Marion, who d. 1892, da. of the late W. Hogan. Esq., of Simla; cr. C.I.E. 1888. ^Lancas- ter Gate, W. ; Woodviile, Simla, Junior 853 Athetueum, Bengal (Calcutta), and United Service (Simla) Clubs. WALKER, Gen. James Thomas, C.B., LL.D., F.R.S.; b. 1826; entered Bombay Engi- neers 1844, became Capt. 1857, Major 1858, Lieut.-Col. 1864, Col. 1869, Maj.-Gen. 1878, Lieut. -Gen. 1 88 1, and Gen. (retired) 1884 ; served in Punjab Campaign 1848-9 (medal with two clasps); employed 1849-53 in making a Mill survey of the N. Trans Indus Frontier, and was engaged in numerous encounters with Hill Tribes ; served in expedition against Mahsood Wuzeerees 1860 (medal with clasp), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 (medal with clasp) ; was Sup. of Great Trigonometrical Sur- vey of India 1861, and Surveyor-General of India 1878 ; Hon. LL.D., Camb. 1883 : in. 1854, Alicia, da. of the late Sir John Scott, K.C.B. ; cr. C.B. 1877. 13, Cromwell Road, South Kensington, S.W.; Athenaum Club. WALKER, Lieut. -Gen. Mark, C.B., V.C., son of Capt. A. Walker; l>. 1827; entered Army 1846, became Capt. 1855, Major 1856, Lieut.-Col. 1861, Col. 1869, Maj.-Gen. 1878, and Lieut. -Gen. 1888 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, V.C., mentioned in despatches, $th class Medjidie, and Turkish medal, dangerously wounded, and right arm amputated), and throughout China Campaign 1860 (medal with two clasps and mentioned in despatches) ; com- manded a Brig, in Madras, 1875-9, at Aldershot 1883-4, and at Gibraltar 1884-8: m. 1881, Catherine, da. of Robert Bruce Chichester, Esq., of Arlington, Devon ; cr. C.B. 1875. 10, Castle Hill Avenue, Folkestone; United Ser- vice Club. WALKER, Richard Cornelius Critchett, C.M.G., youngest son of the late Rev. James Walker, M.A., formerly Chap, of New Coll., Oxford, and Head Master of the King's Sch., Parramatta, N. S. Wales; b. 18 ; ed. pri- vately, and at St. James's Gram. Sch., Sydney, N. S. Wales ; entered Pub'ic Ser. of N. S. Wales 1856, and was Private Sec. to successive Pre- miers ; was a Clerk of Records, N. S. Wales, 1866-78, and First Clerk 1878-9, since when he has been Principal Under Sec. in the Colony ; appointed a Member of Civil Ser. Board 1887 ; has twice acted as Clerk of Ex- ecutive Council ; cr. C.M.G. 1891. Sydney, N. S. Wales. WALKER, Lieut.-Col. Robert SandiJands Frovd,C.Jtf.G., son of J.Walker, Esq., formerly R.A. ; b. 1850; ed. at Roy. Mil. Coll., Sand- hurst ; formerly in 28th Regt. ; is Major and Hon. Lieut.-Col. Comdt. ist Batn. Perak Sikhs; cr. C.M.G. i8gr. Perak, Straits Settlement ; A'aval and Military Club. W'ALLACF, Arthur R., C.B. ; b. 18 ; ed. at Trin. Co 1., Dublin (B.A. 1862) ; is Prin- cipal Clerk in Ch. Sec.'s Office, Dublin Castle, and a J.. for C3. Dtnegal : in. 18 , Georgina Lawrell, da. of the late Major George A. F. Quentin, icth Hos ; ars ; cr. C.B. 1892. 79, I^cinster Read, Dublin', Ardnamona, Lough. Eske, co. Donegal; Sacltvillc Street, and Royal St. George Yacht Clubs. WALLACE, Maj.-Gcn. Hill, C.B., 3rd son of Joseph Wallace, Esq., of Beechmount, co. Antrim ; b. 1823 ; ed. at Addiscombe Coll. ; entered Bombay Artillery 1843, transferred to R.A. 1861, became Lieut.-Col. 1863, Col. 1868, and Maj.-Gen. 1879; was A.A.G., R.A., Bombay Pres. 1864-9 j served in Abyssinian Campaign in command of a Div. of R.A., (mentioned in despatches, C.B. and medal) ; commanded Mysore Div. of Army 1878 : in. ist, 1851, Harriet Sophia, who d. 1881, da. of Capt. F. W.