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manded Rawal Pindi Brig. Feb. to Aug. 1886: in. 1857, Harriet Eliza Vincent, da. of the late Capt. Sheriff, 48th Bengal Native Infantry ; cr. C.B. 1881. 78, Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, S. IV. ; United Service Club. WERE, Jonathan Binns, C.M.G., son of Nicholas Were, Esq., of Landcox, Somerset ; b. 1809 ; arrived in Melbourne 1839, a "d in 1840 was the fust magistrate appointed for Victoria, and in 1857 was the first member returned to Victorian Parliament for Brigltton ; was also the first Agent appointed to Lloyd's in Mel- bourne, and the first P. and O. Agent ; is a merchant and financial agent and a Commr. of Supreme Court of W. Australia ; in 1841 elected first Pres. of Melbourne Chamber of Commerce ; first Consular Agent for Hanse Towns, Peru and Spain ; Consul-Gen, for Por- tugal and Denmark. Consul for Sweden, Nor- way, and Chili, and Vice-Consul for Brazil; was Commr. and Member of Executive Committee of Melbourne International Exhibition, 1881 ; is a Knight of the Orders of the Dannebrog and Wasa : ;. ist, 1833, Sophia, da. of Robert Dunsford, Esq., of Plymouth. Devon ; 2nd, I 1882, Bessie, da. of Donald Gordon M'Arthur, Esq., of H.M.'s Survey Depart., Melbourne; fr. C.M.G. 1881. Melbourne (Victoria); Brighton {Victoria) ; Melbourne (Victoria) Club. WESTERN, Lieut. -Col. James Halifax, C.M.G. ; b. 1842 ; entered R.E. 1860, became Major 1881, and Lieut. -Col. (retired) 1887; sometime Director-General of Works in Egypt ; has 2nd class Medjidieh ; cr. C.M.G. 1888. WESTLAKE, Capt. Almond Paul,Z>.^.C>.; b. 1858; entered Army 1876, became Lieut. M.S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1878, and Capt. 1889 ; served during Afghan War 1879-80 (medal) ; cr. D.S.O. 1887. WEST-LAND, James, C.S.7., LL.D., son of James Westland Esq., banker, of Aberdeen ; /;. 1842 ; LL.D. Aberdeen 18 ; entered B.C.S. 1862; appointed Comptroller and Auditor-Gen, and Head Commr. of Paper Currency 1880, and Financial Member of Council of Gov.-Gen. of India 1887 ; retired 1889 : m. 1874, Mildred, da. of Surg.-Maj. C. J. Jackson ; cr. C.S.I. 1888. East India United Sen<ice Club. WESTMACOTT.CV. Richard, C.B. , D.S.O., son of the Rev. Horatio Westmacott ; b. i84i;ed. at Rossall ; entered Bom. Army 1859, and Bom. S.C. (now I.S.C.) 1863, became Capt. 1871. Major 1879, Lieut. -Col. 1885, and Col. 1889 ; served during Indian Mutiny 1859 (medal), against the rebels in Gujerat 1860, against rebel Naikras in Punch Mahol 1868 (thanked by Govt.), during Afghan War 1879-80, comdg. troops on line of communications (mentioned in despatches, and medal), with Soudan Expedition 1885 (mentioned in despatches, medal with two clasps and bronze star), and with Chin-Lushai Expedition, as 2nd in command of Chittagong Force 1889-90 (medal and D.S.O.) ; is in com- mand of 28th Pioneers and the Brig, at Kirkee : in. 1889, Margartt Rose, da. of Co). Caldecott, R.A. ; cr. D.S.O. 1890, C.B. 1891. Kirkee, Bombay ; United Service and East India United Service Clubs. WHITE, Herbert Thirkell, C.I.E., son of the late Richard White, Esq. ; b. 1855 ; ed. at Dulwich ; entered B.C.S. 1877 ; served in Upper Burma 1885-7 (thanked by Gov.-Gen. in Council, medal); successively Sec. for Upper Burma, and Sec. and Ch. Sec. to Ch. Commr. of Burma ; is Commr. of Div. in Burma : in. 1877, Fanny Sophia, da. of the late William Hawes, Esq. ; cr. C.I.E. 1892. The Warren. Tiverton, N. Devon. COMPANIONAGE. 857 WHITE, Adm. Richard Dunninp. C.B., son of the late Rear- Adm. Thomas White ; b. 1813 ; entered R.N. 1826, became Com. 1846, Capt. 1856, retired Rear-Adm. 1874, Vice-Adm. 1879, and Adm. i885;servedinSyriai84o, present at capture of St. Jean D'Acre (medal); employed on W. Coast of Africa in suppressing slave trade 1844-7 and 1850-3, captured several slavers during first period, and during second period satisfactorily arranged a somewhat difficult diplomatic question that had arisen through a British cruiser having captured a French vessel in error; commanded H. M.S. "Desperate" in Baltic during Russian War 1855, and captured first prize ; present at attacks on forts and batteries at entrance of River Dwina, near Riga, and at several operations on land in the Gulf of Riga in command of sailors and marines (medal and services approved by Lords of Admiralty); commanded H.M.S.s. "Mada- gascar "four years at Rio de Janeiro. "Cos- sack" in Mediterranean 1865-7, and "Mersey" at Queenstown 1867-9 > ' s a J-P- f r Devon : m, 1848, Rose Emily, da. of William Ady, Esq.; cr. C.B. 1881. u, Baring Crescent, Heavitrec, Exeter. WHITE, Gen. Robert, C.B., el. son of the late Hans White, Esq., J.P., of Coolnagour and Aghayoe, Queen's co. ; b. 1827; ed.atTrin. Coll., Dublin; entered Army 1847, became Capt. 1852, Major 1854, Lieut.-Col. i36o, Col. 1865, Maj.- Gen. 1870, Lieut. -Gen. 1885, and Gen. 1890; retired 1891 ; served with i7th Lancers in Tur- key and the Crimea during Russian War 1854-5 (medal with three clasps, 5th Class Medjidie and Turkish medal), and in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1 857-9 (medal) ; commanded E. Dist. 1882-6 : 111. 1860, Charlotte, who d. 1883, da. of the late Rev. J. Meara, of Headfort, co. Gal- way ; cr. C.B. 1873. Coolnagour, Queens co. ; A nny and Navy Club. WHITE, Thomas Richard St. Steph'en, Esmonde, JI.D,, C.B., son of the late Lawrence Esmonde White, Esq., of Scarnagh, co. Wex- ford ; b. 18 ; entered Indian Med. Ser. 18 ; and retired as Surg.-Gen. 1880; served in New Zealand War 1846, and as senior Medical Officer in Taranaki War 1860-1 ; m. 18 , Sophia, da. of Cuthers, Esq. ; cr. C.B. 1867. WHITE. William Henry, C.B., F.R.S., son of R. White, Esq., of Devonport ; b. 1845 ; ed. at Roy. Sch. of Naval Architecture (highest diploma) ; was in Constructive Depart, of Ad- miralty 1867-83, when he retired as Ch. Con- structor (thanked by Board of Admiralty) ; organised War-Shipbuilding Depart, of Sir W. G. Armstrong and Co. 1883-5, since when he has been Assist. -Controller of Navy and Director of Naval Construction at Admiralty ; electee!/ F.R S. 1888, and F.R.S.E. 1889; isaVice Pres. of Institution of Naval Architects, a M.I.C.E.. and a Member of Council of Institution of Mechanical Engineers 1870-81 ; sometime Pro- fessor of Naval Architecture at Roy. Sch. of Naval Architecture and at Roy. Naval Coll. : m. ist, 1875, Alice Maud, who d, 1886, da. of F. Martin, Esq., of Pembroke ; 2nd, 1890, Annie, da. of F. C. Marshall, Esq., J.P., of Tynemouth ; cr. C.B. 1891. 9, Putney Hill Park, S.W.; The Admiralty, Whitehall ', S.W. WHITEHEAD, Maj.-Gen. Robert Children, C.B.', b. 1833; entered Army 1851, became Capt. 1855, Major 1861, Lieut.-Col. 1871, Col. 1877, and Maj.-Gen. 1887 ; retired 1892 ; served in Crimean Campaign 1854-5 (specially men- tioned in despatches, medal with clasp, 5th class Medjidie and Turkish medal) ; commanded 48th