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DE BRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. 39 TO THE NOBILITY AND GENTRY. , . ,' 'o Q'&t 10,000 worth Sealskin Garments and /*Y ) w<vy 500 Sealskin Jackets, from 8. Gentlemen's Fur-Lined Coats, 5 to 10 Ladies' Furs at half-price. Bear Boas and /> w^ rs Capes, from 25/-, fine Sable and Mink / fy. Trimmings. /O ' '"' 600 Fur Carriage Rugs, 35/- to 70/- Sealskin Jackets re-dyed and al- tered to present fashion. THE BEAUTY. CAUTION "THE ONLY ADDRESS." Other people are trading upon our name. 52 & 53, Newgate Street, City. EDINBURGH. THE CELEBRATED EDINBUEGH EOCK IS ONLY MANUFACTURED BY Alexander Ferguson. ttjedHtwn anft Ink? nf (Kiinlmr MELBOURNE PLACE, EDINBURGH.