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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. 41 Jfiaritinua h !>inm Jtoignttim Cnmjmttt]. Under Contract with the French Government OVERLAND ROUTE, via MARSEILLES. Departures (fortnightly) for CHINA, STRAITS, JAPAN, CEYLON, PONDICHERRY, MADRAS, CALCUTTA, COCHIN CHINA, TONQUIN, MANILLA, SINGAPORE, BATAVIA. AUSTRALIA On the ist of every month to MAKE (Seychelles) KING GEORGE'S SOUND, ADELAIDE, MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, NOUMEA, and NEW ZEALAND PORTS, and by transhipment at MAKE for REUNION and MAURITIUS. EAST COAST OF AFRICA On the i2th of every month, from- MARSEILLES, direct to PORT SAID, SUEZ, OBOCK, ADEN, ZANZI- BAR, MAYOTTE, NOSSI-BE, DIEGO-SUAREZ, TAMATAVE, REUNION and MAURITIUS. BOMBAY, calling at KURRACHEE, on the i2th of every month. Passengers for Kurrachee and Bombay tranship to one of the Company's steamers at Aden. MEDITERRANEAN Weekly departures for CONSTANTINOPLE, BLACK SEA PORTS, SMYRNA, SYRA, PIR^US, &c. Fortnightly for ALEXANDRIA, PORT SAID, JAFFA, BEYROUT PIR.EUS, SALONICA, &c. ; and fortnightly for SALONICA, BEYROUT, JAFFA, PORT SAID, ALEXANDRIA. BRAZILS and RIVER PLATE from BORDEAUX On the sth of each month for LISBON, DAKAR, RIO JANEIRO, MONTE VIDEO and BUENOS AYRES. On the 20th of each month for LISBON, DAKAR, PERNAMBUCOr BAHIA, RIO JANEIRO, MONTE VIDEO and BUENOS AYRES. REDUCED RATES OF. PASSAGE MONEY.. . SPECIAL RETURN TICKETS. Offices London 97, Cannon Street, E.G., and 51, Pall Mall, S.W. Head Offices 1, Rue Vignon (Boulevard de la Madeleine), Paris. DIRECTION : 2, Qua! de la Joliette, Marseilles, and 16, Rue Cannebiere.