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DEBRETT ADVERTISEMENTS. MESSER & THORPE'S BUCKET FIRE-EXTINGUISHER, GoidMedau. dfc 8, Quality Court, London, W.C. " A highly ingenious arrangement for keepinar always ready a supply of water to extinguish fires on their first outbreak." Engineer. " This new system is tar in advance of any- thing we have yet seen." Insurance Neu-s. " So simple and so effective that it commends itself to favour at a glance." Ironmonger. " Worthy of consideration by all who are responsible for the safety of large or small buildings." Architect. " A most useful invention." Queen. Etc., etc., etc. BIRMINGHAM EXHIBITION, 1892. LEATHKK EXHIBITION, LONDON, 1892. ISLE OF MAN EXHIBIT 1892. Illustrated Price List Post Free. 10 to 30 BUCKETS of WATER ALWAYS READY. Amongst those we have supplied may be mentioned: LORD BOYNE ; SirW' EDEN, Bart. ; Vice-Admiral FAIRFAX; Sir J. A. HAT, Bart. ; Sir VILLIER LISTER> Bart.; ARCHIBALD PEEL, Esq., etc., etc., etc. mt 0f Central FOR PROVIDING HOMES FOR WAIFS & STRAIS. Presidents: THE ARCHBISHOPS OF CANTERBURY AND YORK. Chairman of Executive : THE LORD BISHOP OF WAKEF1ELD. Vice-Chairman of Executive : THE LORD BISHOP OF BEDFORD. Deputy- Chairman of Executive : Lieut-General R. W LOWRY, C.B. .^IDCGPTIKnD | (2) ESTABLISHING SMALL HOMES EMIGRATION. BOARDING OUT IN FAMILIES. The Clerical Deputation Secretaries Rev. JOHN BLEW, MA. Rev. F. R. BURROWS, M.A., (For Northern Province.) Rev. J. W. GODDARD, M.A. Rev. J. GROSVENOR MONRO, M.A., (For Herefordshire and Welsh Diocese.) will gladly preach or speak on behalf of the Society. Contributions will be grate- fully acknowledged by E.DEM. RUDOLF, Secretary, Church House, Dean's Yard Westminster, S,W. N.B. Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to E. de M. RUDOLF, and crossed Lloyd's Bank, Limited, St. James Street, S.W.