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"She was very sweet," I hinted. "If a kiss had been imprinted——?"
"Would ha' saved a world of trouble!" clashed the busy tonga-bar.
"'Been accepted or rejected!" banged and clanged the tonga-bar.

Then a notion wild and daring, 'spite the income tax's paring
And a hasty thought of sharing—less than many incomes are
Made me put a question private, you can guess what I would drive at.
"You must work the sum to prove it" clanked the careless tonga-bar.
"Simple Rule of Two will prove it" lilted back the tonga-bar.

It was under Khyraghaut I mused:—Suppose the maid be haughty—
"[There are lovers rich—and forty] wait some wealthy Avatar?

"Answer, monitor untiring, 'twixt the ponies twain perspiring!"