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To show the others I would stop and speak.
Then the mule fell—three galls, a hand-breadth each
Behind the withers. Mrs. Whatsisname
Leers at the mule and me by turns, thweet thoul!
"How could they make him carry such a load!"
I saw—it isn't often I dream dreams—
More than the mule that minute—smoke and flame
From Simla to the haze below. That's weak.
You're younger. You'll dream dreams before you've done.
You've youth, that's one—good workmen—that means two
Fair chances in your favour. Fate's the third.
I know what I did. Do you ask me, "Preach?"
I answer by my past or else go back
To platitudes of rule—or take you thus
In confidence and say:—"You know the trick:
"You've governed Canada. You know. You know!"
And all the while commend you to Fate's hand
(Here at the top one loses sight o' God),
Commend you, then, to something more than you—
The Other People's blunders ... that's all.
I'd agonize to serve you if I could.

It's incommunicable, like the cast