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"Oh, I had a love on earth," said he, "that kissed me to my fall,
"And if ye would call my love to me I know she would answer all."
—"All that ye did in love forbid it shall be written fair,
"But now ye wait in Hell-Mouth Gate and not in Berkeley Square:
"Though we whistled your love from her bed to-night I trow she would not run,
"For the sin ye do by two and two ye must pay for one by one!"
The Wind that blows between the worlds, it cut him like a knife,
And Tomlinson took up the tale and spoke of his sin in life:
"Once I ha' laughed at the power of Love and twice at the grip of the Grave,
"And thrice I ha' patted my God on the head that men might call me brave."
The Devil he blew on a brandered soul and set it aside to cool:

"Do ye think I would waste my good pit-coal on the hide of a brain-sick fool?