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Turkish Patrol, as able and intelligent Investigators wind down the Himalayas:—

What is the state of the Nation? What is its occupation?
Hi! get along, get along, get along,—lend us the information!
(dim.) Census the bylu and the yaba—capture a first-class Babu,
Set him to cut Gazetteers—Gazetteers ...
(ff) What is the state of the Nation, &c, &c.

Interlude, from Nowhere in Particular, to stringed and Oriental instruments.

Our cattle reel beneath the yoke they bear—
The earth is iron and the skies are brass—
And faint with fervour of the flaming air
The languid hours pass.

Our wells are dry beneath the village tree—
The young wheat withers ere it reach a span,
And belts of blinding sand show cruelly
Where once the river ran.

Pray, brothers, pray, but to no earthly King—

Lift up your hands above the blighted grain,