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N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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11 i 5f.e. Abbot, George (1562-1633): for Early in 1614 read In March 1611–12
4–3f.e. for Burton-upon-Trent read Lichfield
20 ii 17 Abbot, George (1603-1648): for 1648 read 1649
39 after training insert He was M.P. for Tamworth from 1645 till his death
3f.e. for 2 Feb. 1648 read 2 Feb. 1648–9
21 ii 20 Abbot, Sir Maurice: for on his return read in his absence in July 1615
23 ii 12 for 10 Jan. 1641-2 read late in 1642
13 after buried insert on 7 Dec. 1642
29 for in the Long Parliament read in both the Short and the Long Parliaments
30 i 37 Abbott, Edwin: for 12 May 1882 read 27 May 1882, and was buried at Kensal Green
ii 37 Abbott, Thomas Eastoe: add to list of works ‘Resignation, a poem on the death of Princess Charlotte,’ Hull, 1817
35 ii 11f.e. Abell, William: for 1687 read 1636
36 i 31-34 for Ten years later .... alderman read In the same year he resigned his office of alderman. Ten years later Abell was again imprisoned
38 ii 29 Abercromby, Alexander (1745-1795): after Alexander insert Lord Abercromby
5f.e. omit courtesy
39 i 15f.e. Abercromby, Alexander (1784-1853): before in 1817 insert in the whig interest
40 ii 30 Abercromby, David: omit Curiously enough and for so read So
34 for by him read in which his name occurs
41 i 3-4 Abercromby, James, 1st Baron Dunfermline: for On the accession .... 1827 read On the accession of Canning to power in 1827
15·17 for he was put forward .... Manners Sutton read his claims for the speakership were considered by his party in 1883, but Edward John Littleton, afterwards Baron Hatherton [q. v.], was chosen to oppose Charles Manners-Sutton [q. v.], who was elected.
27 for 310 read 306
37·38 omit received a pension of 4,000l. a year, and
42 i 16f.e. Abercromby, Sir John: for 1814 read 1815
43 i 23f.e. Abercromby, Patrick: for 1716 read 1715
44 i 23·25 Abercromby, Sir Ralph: for The war with France .... no hesitation read The war with France recalled him to military life. He had been made major-general in 1787, and in 1793 he had no hesitation
28 omit promoted major-general and
45 i 35 after Scotland add He held the governorship of Forts Augustus and George from 1798 till his death
46 ii 3-2f.e. Abercromby, Robert (1534-1613): for and to die .... faith read but she died (1619) without professing the catholic faith