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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
5 ii 20 Edward the Elder: for Einsiedlen read Einsiedeln
7 i 32 Edward the Confessor: for Wiltshire read Dorset
16 ii 18-27 Edward I: Note.— Edward I's attack on Gloucester belongs to next year's campaign—that of 1264
17 i 22 for Lewis XI read Lewis IX
25 i 17 for attacked read attacking
ii 20 for Newyn read Nevin
34 i 38 for Cottenham read Cottingham
48 i 24-25 Edward II: for she was dead in 1357 read she died 14 Aug. 1362
69 ii 38 Edward III: for Pedro of Aragon read Alfonso of Castile
75 ii 14f.e. Edward IV: for Sir William Conyers read [See Robin of Redesdale]
85 ii 15f.e. Edward VI: for duke of Norfolk read duke of Suffolk
87 i 14 for April 1551 read Jan. 1550-1
90 i 26 for some read most
100 ii 5 Edward the Black Prince: for Wittlesey read Whittlesey
108 i 7f.e. Edwardes, Sir Herbert B.: for 1843 read 1848
110 ii 2-3 for knighthood . . . order of the Bath read K.C.B. (1860)
16 after of men.' insert He was made C.S.I. in 1866.
112 i 17f.e. Edwards, Bryan: for 1794 read 1795
16f.e. before the son of insert (Sir George Henry Rose [q. v.])
ii 3 for Maria read Martha
113 i 16-15f.e. for ‘Poems,’ printed .... about 1794. read ‘Poems, written chiefly in the West Indies’ printed anonymously at Kingston in 1792; the book is now very rare. A copy corrected by the author is in the library of the Royal Colonial Institute.
117 i 16 Edwards, Edward (1812-1886): after exists. insert In 1883 he completed a calendar of the Carte Historical Papers in the Bodleian Library, which is still in MS.
121 i 21 Edwards, John (fl. 1638): for 1638 read 1636
Edwin, Sir Humphrey: for Llanmihangel read Llanvihangel
136 ii 19-24 omit but in March 1690 .... chosen in their places
24-25 for the following year read 1691
142 i 20f.e. Egan, John: omit for some years
19f.e. after borough insert of Ballynakill (1789-90) and
18f.e. after ford insert (1790-1800)
153 i 17f.e. Egerton, Francis, last Duke of Bridgewater: for Edward Egerton read John William Egerton
154 i 14 Egerton, Francis, Earl of Ellesmere: after was insert first president of the Camden Society in 1838, and
18 after 1854-5. insert He was lord-lieutenant of Lancashire from 1856 till his death.