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123 ii 20f.e. Fairbairn, Sir Peter: for daughter of Mr. R. W. Brindling read daughter of Robert William Brandling of Low Gosforth, Newcastle-on-Tyne, and widow of Captain Charles Bell, R.N.
125 ii 7 Fairborne, Sir Palmes: for Tangiers read Tangier and so throughout the article.
127 i 8f.e. Fairborne, Sir Stafford: before In June 1707 insert He was M.P. for Rochester 1705-8.
ii 13 before In the petition insert In 1708 he married Rebecca, daughter of Colonel Thomas Paston.
132 i 15 Fairfax, Edward: for 11473 read 11743
25 for Fuiston read Fewston
ii 19 Fairfax, Ferdinando: for two read three
140 ii 24f.e. Fairfax, Thomas, 1st Lord Fairfax: after 1591. insert He was M.P. for Lincoln 1586, for Aldborough 1588, and for Boroughbridge 1601.
141 i 6-7 for unsuccessfully sought a seat read was elected M.P. for
8 after 1625. insert He was unseated on petition, but was returned at a by-election four months later (in August of the same year).
ii 15f.e. Fairfax, Thomas, 3rd Lord Fairfax: for Heyworth read Heworth
146 ii 20f.e. before For the rest insert He was M.P. for the West Riding of Yorkshire in the parliament of 1654.
150 ii 2-1 f.e. Fairfax, Sir William G.: omit of a family .... the time of Ed-
151 i 1-5 for ward III .... in the horse guards, read born on 8 March 1738-9, was son of Joseph Fairfax (who after retirement from the horse guards settled at Bagshot, Surrey), and was grandson of Joseph Fairfax of Saxton, Yorkshire.
161 i 14 Falconer, Hugh: for July read January
170 ii 37 Falle, Philip: for 1781 read 1681
174 i 15 Fane, Sir Henry: for 1768 to 1796 read 1772 to 1802
33 for In the previous year he had succeeded read In 1802 he succeeded
175 i 13f.e. for 1825 read 1826
7f.e. for master-general read surveyor-general
5f.e. after Sandwich. insert He was M.P. for Hastings 1830-1.
176 i 10-11 Fane, John, 7th Earl of Westmorland: omit lord-lieutenant of the county of Northampton and
23 for 1758 read 1759
3f.e. Fane, John, 10th Earl of Westmorland: for paymaster-general read postmaster-general
ii 16-17 omit and was for a short time .... George IV
177 i 29 Fane, John, 11th Earl of Westmorland: after Bourbons. insert He was A.D.C. to George IV both as prince regent and king, 1814-25; became major-general in 1825 and lieutenant-general in 1838.
178 ii 22 Fane, Mildmay, 2nd Earl of Westmorland: for (d. 1665) read (d. 1666)
28 after 1620-1 insert for Kent in 1625, and again for Peterborough 1626-8
l.l. for 1665 read 1665-6
179 i 9 after fourth earl insert and another son, Horace
182 i 4 Fanning, Edmund: for St. John in the Gulf of St. Lawrence read Prince Edward
8 for In 1799 he was chosen read He remained
10 omit an appointment which he retained
15 for 1793 read 1794
189 ii 37 Fanshawe, Thomas (1530?-1601): for succeeding read five succeeding
190 i 1 after lands. insert He was returned M.P. for Lancaster on 19 Jan. 1625-6, and again on 10 March 1627-8.
3 after 1622 add A son, Thomas, was elected M.P. for Lancaster to the Long parliament, but ‘was disabled to sit’ early in 1646.
38-43 Fanshawe, Sir Thomas, 1st Viscount Fanshawe: for for Lancaster . . . for Lancaster) on 26 Oct. 1640. read and again on 26 Oct. 1640.
ii 16-18 omit was elected M.P. . . . early in 1646
40 for 1689 read 1687
206 ii 18 Farindon, Anthony: for Branston read Bramston
208 i 38 Farish, William: before In 1794 insert He was proctor in 1792.
215 ii 6 Farmer, Richard: for the residentiary prebend read a residentiary canonry and the prebend