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190 ii 24-5 Ainslie, Whitelaw:for Whitelaw (fl. 1788-1835) read Sir Whitelaw (1767-1837)
26 before was insert was brother of Robert Ainslie (1766-1838, q. v.]. Born on 17 Feb. 1767 at Dunse, Berwickshire, he
6f.e. after wife insert He was knighted 10 June 1835, and died 29 April 1837. He married a daughter of Col. James Cuninghame, of Balbougie, Fifeshire. His widow died 17 March 1840, leaving an only child, Jane Catherine, who married James C. Grant-Duff. Ainslie Douglas Grant-Duff, the second son of this marriage, assumed, in 1866, the surname of Ainslie
191 i 26-46 Ainsworth, Henry: for was according to the Lancashire historians . . . . a graduate read was son of Thomas Ainsworth, yeoman of Swanton Morley, Norfolk, where he was baptised. He was admitted to Caius College, Cambridge, 15 Dec. 1587, and resided there as a scholar for four years (Caius College Register). Roger Williams writes with small justification:
196 ii 28 Ainsworth, Robert: for in one volume read in two volumes
42 for the Rev. B. W. B. Beatson read the Rev. B. W. Beatson
199 i 28 Aio (d. 974): Note The only authority for the existence of Aio is the spurious ‘history’ of Ingulf, abbot of Croyland
200 ii 19 Airay, Henry: after twin brothers insert Airay became prebendary of Canterbury in 1609
202 i 9f.e. Airey, Sir George: for in 1812 read in the same year, became lieutenant-general 4 June 1811
7f.e. for in the same year read in 1812
4f.e. omit was promoted . . . 1821
l.l. for in 1833 read on 15 Feb. 1833
ii 33-34 Airey, Richard, Lord Airey: for deputy adjutant-general read assistant adjutant-general from 1847 to 1851
35 after headquarters insert 1851-3
206 i 3f.e. before 7th regiment insert 17th regiment from 1860 to 1868 and of the
ii 4 for commission appointed in 1879 read committee appointed in 1879 by the commander-in-chief with the approval of the secretary of state for war
6 for commission read committee
206 ii l.l. Aitkin, John: add He died at Edinburgh on 22 Sept. 1790 (Gent. Mag. 1790, ii. 866)
210 i 33 Akenside, Mark: after Christ's Hospital insert and to St. Thomas's Hospital
ii 32·33 omit ‘An Epistle . . 1744.
38 after 1766 add ‘An epistle to the Rev. Mr. Warburton occasioned by his treatment of the Author of the “Pleasures of Imagination,”’ 1744, sometimes assigned to Akenside, is by his friend Jeremiah Dyson [q. v.]
212 ii 21-2 Alabaster, William: omit was made . . . Cathedral,
22-3 for Tharfield read Therfield
214 i 15f.e. Alan of Lynn: for (fl. 1424?) read (d. 1421)
7f.e. add Blomfield, Norfolk, viii. 525-6
215 i l.l. Alan of Tewkesbury: add Epistolæ Cantuarienses, ed. Stubbs, Rolls Series, pp. xl-lviii.
216 i 26 Aland, Sir John F.: after 1716 insert He became K.C. in 1714
29 after the king insert He was whig M.P. for Midhurst from 1715 until he became a judge
ii 22 Albany, Countess of: for Louisa read Louisa Maximiliana Carolina Emanuel
217 ii 16 after her death insert on 29 Jan. 1824
221 ii 26 Albert, Prince: for (16 Feb.) read (10 Feb.)
228 i 25 for 19 April read 10 April
230 i 19 for (14 Dec.) read (14 Sept.)
234 ii 18 Albini, William de: for the preceding read William de Albini (Brito) d. 1155-6 [q. v.]
235 ii 11f.e. Alchin, William T.: after London insert in 1845
236 i 26 Alcock, John: for 1462 read 1471
15f.e. for 1474 read 1475
237 ii 22 Alcock, Nathan: for Wirrel read Wirral
238 i 20 Alcock, Simon: for (d. 1459?) read (d. 1458)
4f.e. Alcock, Thomas: for (d. 1563) read (d. 1564)
241 ii 21f.e. Alder, Joshua: for Easter-Eve read 7 Apr.