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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line
4 ii 22f.e. Howard, Charles, Lord Howard of Effingham: for 1604-5 read 1605-6
10 i 16 Howard, Sir Edward: for Ponynges read Poynings
26 ii 29 Howard, Henry, Earl of Surrey: for Woodford read Woodbridge
28 ii 8f.e. Howard, Henry, Earl of Northampton: for Thomas Howard read Philip Howard
32 i 18f.e. for 1056; read 1506; Sloane MS. 1432; Stowe MS. 95;
16f.e. for alone read by itself
ii 14 Howard, Henry, 6th Duke of Norfolk: for second earl read third earl
33 i 31 for In 1678 read Before 1678
34 ii 22f.e. Howard, Henry (1757-1842): for Monticucolli read Montecuculi
36 ii 34 Howard, Henry (1769-1847): after 1847. insert He left three sons, Frank Howard [q. v.], William, advocate-general in Bombay, who was killed while hunting in 1862, and Edward Irvine, founder of the ‘Bombay Quarterly,’ who was killed in a railway accident in 1868.
62 i 23 Howard, Theophilus, 2nd Earl of Suffolk: for 22 July read 14 July
37 after text insert Gardiner, Hist. of England, vi. 256
64 ii 9f.e. Howard, Thomas, 3rd Duke of Norfolk: for he joined read he is said to have joined
73 i 36-37 Howard, Thomas, 1st Earl of Suffolk: omit after Howard's death .... husband
74 i 19f.e. Howard, Thomas, 2nd Earl of Arundel: after Stuart, insert third Duke of Lennox,
75 ii 5 for was captured by the Roundheads, but read which had been captured by the Royalists,
6 after Waller insert (6 Jan.)
77 i 18f.e. Howard, Walter: for (1867) read (1862)
78 ii 16-15f.e. Howard, William, 1st Baron Howard of Effingham: for Château Cambresis read Château-Cambrésis
79 ii 21 Howard, Lord William: for the Earl of Arundel, read Henry Fitzalan, twelfth Earl of Arundel [q. v.],
84 ii 2-1f.e. Howe, George: for apparently .... Witley, Wor- read daughter of Philip Foley of Prestwood, Staffordshire (marriage licence dated 21 Feb. 1692-3),
85 i 1 omit cester,
103 i 13f.e. Howe, William, 5th Viscount Howe: for March read May
112 ii l.l. Howell, James: for to follow read issued and for (1891) read (1892)
113 i 14f.e. for A few letters read Two letters
13f.e. after 1623 insert (not included in the ‘Epistolæ’)
for but these have .... not been traced. read and were purchased by the British Museum in 1892.
115 i 17f.e. Howell, Laurence: after born insert at Deptford