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N.B. /.e. stands for from end and 1.1. for last line Page Col. Line v i 2 f.e. List of Writers : insert S. R. G. . . . S. K. Gardiner, LL.D.

1 ii 4-2 Inglis, Charles (1784-1816) : for apparently in New York .... he conducted

f.e. read in 1784 in co. Donegal, where his father, Archibald Inglis, was a

beneficed clergyman (d. 1745). Going to America to seek a livelihood, Inglis from 1755 to 1758 conducted

2 i 16 f.e. after phlets. add A monument was placed to his memory in St. Paul's

Church, Halifax, and a memorial in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

10 ii 83-35 Ingoldsby, Sir Richard (d. 1685) : omit and on 28 Dec. . . . Hist. xxii. 84)

Hi 3 after 1659, insert received the thanks of parliament for seizing Windsor

Castle on its behalf on 28 Dec. 1659 (Commons Journals, vii. 798),

21 i 41-42 Innes, Cosmo : for Kilvarock read Kilravock

30 ii 44-45 Ireland, John ( 1761-1842) : for William IV, and Queen Victoria read and William IV 10 f.e. before A marble bust insert He was too infirm to be present at the coronation

of Queen Victoria, and his place was taken by the sub -dean, Lord John Thynne.

35 ii 27 Ireland, Samuel: after 'Frogmore Fete.' insert Before 1811 he settled at York, where his extravagance led to a temporary imprisonment in the Castle. Andrew Ritchie, who saw much of him at this period, describes him as engaging in manner and very communicative, but vain and un- principled. He seems to have published at York a weekly print called 1 The Comet,' in which he lampooned his neighbours, and contemplated issuing a poem on the ' Pleasures of Temperance ' (MS. Letter from Ritchie to Richard Garnett, Nov. 1811).

11-5 for Mr. Ingleby describes his wife .... married a second time, read Ire-

f.e. land's second wife belonged to the Kentish family of Culpepper and was

widow of Captain Paget Bayly, R.N. (brother of the first Earl of Uxbridge), whom she had married 25 Aug. 1791.

45 i 35-86 Irons, William J. : for honorary canon read prebendary 87 for 1840 read 1860

45 for 1871 read 1876

50 i 15 f.e. Irvine, James : for sixty-seventh read fifty-seventh

58 ii 15 f.e. Irwin, Sir John : for 15th foot read 5th foot

59 i 14 f.e. for 1766 read 1768

84 ii 36 Izacke, Richard : for 1700 ?) read 1698)

4/.e. for is stated to have died ' about 1700.' read was buried in the church of

Ottery St. Mary, 18 March 1697-8.

90 ii 19-20 Jackson (afterwards Duckett), Sir George : for presided read was present

91 ii 13 f.e. Jackson, Sir George : after survived him insert till 9 Dec. 1891

99 ii 17 Jackson, John (1811-1885) : after offered), insert and whose curate he had been at Hornsey,