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67 i 14f.e. Arbuthnot, Sir Thomas: for queen read prince-regent
9f.e. after rank of insert major-general in 1825, and of
5f.e. for in 1849 read on 26 Jan. 1849
ii 29 Archdall, Mervyn: after cathedral insert this he resigned in 1772
71 i 26 Archer, John (1598-1682): for Hide read Hyde
44 for 1661 read 1672
75 i 23f.e. Arden, Richard, P., Baron Alvanley: for In 1782 he became M.P. for Newton read In 1783 he became M.P. for Newtown (I. of W.)
22f.e. for a year later read two years later
78 i 24 Ardmillan, Lord: for Crawford read Craufurd
Arkwright, Sir Richard: for Reed read Need
85 i 20-26 for That Arkwright was not over scrupulous . . . . the character of a barber read It has been argued in error that Arkwright misdescribed his occupation in his first patent, but as a matter of fact he merely described himself there as ‘of the town of Nottingham in the county of Nottingham,’ nor was any trade mentioned in his second patent
28 omit moreover
36 for inventions of Paul . . . . patents read invention of Lewis Paul [q. v.], who had obtained a patent
37 omit and 1758
42-46 for Not only did Paul . . . . adopted read Another of Paul's machines patented in 1758 did not include spinning by rollers
61 for it is now known that read according to the somewhat disputable evidence of Baines
87 i 40 Armine, or Armyne, Lady Mary: for Lady Mary read Mary, Lady
94 i 23f.e. Armstrong, John (1673-1742): for 1673 read 1674
21f.e. after 1742) insert ‘Chief Engineer of England, born at Ballyard, King's Co., 31 March 1674, was eldest son of Robert Armstrong, who married Lydia, daughter of Michael Howard of Ballyard. He saw much active service under the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugene. He
94 i 16-14 f.e. for He appears . . . . England,’ read He was quartermaster-general from Jan. 1712-3 and ‘Chief Engineer of England,’ from Nov. 1714 till his death on 25 Apr. 1742. In 1716, while Armstrong was surveyor-general of the ordnance, Woolwich Arsenal was founded, but though the development of the scheme owed much to his co-operation it is doubtful if it was initiated by him [see Schalch, Andrew]. He
l.l. after the ‘Report’ insert He married on 20 Sept. 1714 Anne Priscilla, daughter of Major Burroughs, and left five daughters, of whom the second, Anne, became second wife of Benjamin Hoadly (1706-1757)[q. v.]
2f.e. 5 for Badesdale read Badeslade
99 ii 11 Armstrong, John (1813-1856): after truer insert popularity
100 i 12-11 f.e. Armstrong, Sir Thomas: omit joined Ormond . . . . and
ii 35 after Stafford insert in the two parliaments of 1679 and in the one of 1681
103 i 14f.e. Arnald, Richard: after was insert senior wrangler in 1766
9f.e. for preceptor read sub-preceptor
7f.e. after canon of Windsor insert in 1779
105 i 25f.e. Arne, Thomas A.: for In the same year read On 12 Jan. 1734
24f.e. omit (19 Dec.)
22f.e. for Early in the following year read Shortly afterwards
ii 25f.e. for 30 March read 20 March
113 ii 24 Arnold, Thomas (1795-1842): after his father insert William Arnold
30 after the heart insert on 3 March 1801. (There is a tablet to his memory in Whippingham church.)
117 i 22-23 for other sermons . . . . lifetime read ‘Christian Life’ (1841) and two posthumously published volumes of sermons (edited by Mrs. Arnold in 1842 and 1845)
ii 36 Arnold, Thomas J.: for Stephen read Samuel
118 i 1-3 omit This was . . . . appeared
119 ii 29 Arnot, Hugo: for 1777 read 1776
35 for 1817 read 1816