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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
2 ii 7 f.e. Llwyd, Humphrey: for at the end of his read together with Ortelius'
13 ii 30 Llywelyn ab Iorwerth: for his marriage read this marriage
23 i 17-18 Llywelyn of Llangewydd: for Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams) read Edward David or Dafydd [q. v.]
19 after Beirdd' insert which was sanctioned at a 'Gorsedd ' held in 1681. It was edited by Iolo Morganwg (Edward Williams) and
39 after i. 29, 80 insert Preface to the Heroic Elegies of Llywarch Hen (1792), lxiii
27 ii 10 Locke, John: for Ελαιοψορία read Ελαιοφορία
31 ii 26-27 for 1785-1786 read 1685-1686
32 i 35 for Laudabridis read Lindabridis
34 i 9 for Duke read Earl
36 ii 6 for 1708 read 1696
40 i 20 f.e. Locke, William: for leaving read having had
45 i 19 f.e. Lockhart, Sir George (1630?-1689): for presbyters read presbyteriane
48 ii 36 Lockhart, John G.: for Giffard's read Gifford's
54 ii 2 Lockman, John: before In the British insert Histories by him, in question and answer, of England, Greece, and Rome, passed through numerous editions.
55 ii 10 Lockyer, Nicholas: for Harewood's read Harwood's
67 i 28 Lodge, William: after Leodiensis insert Thoresby's Diary and Correspondence
68 i 1 Loe, William: after 4to, insert London, 1607,
2 after copy insert of the latter
76 ii 15 f.e. Loftus, Adam (1533?-1605): for 1 April read 5 April
86 i 28-29 Logan, John: for as virtually to settle the question, read as to give Logan's claim genuine substance.
89 ii 12 f.e. Loggan: after vol. v.; insert Oldham's Poems, ed. Bell, p. 230;
90 ii 36 Logier, John B.: after later, insert From Westport Logier went to Dublin, where he taught military bands and directed the music at Johnson's theatre.
91 i 7 after ii. 161; insert Gent. Mag. 1846, ii. 434; Biog. Diet, of Musicians, 1824;
96 i 16-15 f.e. Lombe, Sir Thomas: for but have long since disappeared, read the few fragments that survive are preserved at South Kensington (Victoria and Albert Museum).
101 i 17 f.e. Long, Edward: for son read grandson
109 ii 38 Long, Roger: after 1834; insert Gray's Works, ed. Mason, 1827, pp. 36-196;
117 i 24 f.e.
15 f.e.
Longespée William de: for Hethrop read Hatherop
121 ii 10 Longley, Charles T.: after 1815 insert (with a first class in classics)
33 for 1838 read 1848
37-38 for ministers read clergy