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231 i 10 Lucas, Sir Charles (d. 1648): omit [q. v.]
240 i 6 Lucas, Richard: before Dean insert Hervey (Meditations, 1758, i. 52 n) and
244 i 14 f.e. Lucy, Charles: for was engraved by Robert Graves, A.E. read has been attributed to him, apparently in error. No such picture is now traceable.
249 i 33 Lucy, Sir Thomas: for xl. read xi.
250 i 35 for (d. 1605) read (1551-1605)
ii 19 omit son of Sir Kingsmill
21 for (1586-1640) read (1585-1640)
251 i 29
Lucy, William: for 1591 read 1594
37 for 13 Nov. read 18 Nov.
266 i 2 f.e. Lukin, Henry: after xiii. 438). insert Following the example of his elder brother William, who was admitted a pensioner of Christ's College, Cambridge, in 1641, he joined that College 8 July 1645 aged 17
274 ii 11 Lumley, John, Lord Lumley: for ib. 1855 read Gent. Mag. 1855
19 f.e. Lumley, Marmaduke: for 1399 read 1400
276 i 20 Lumley, Richard, 1st Earl of Scarborough: for Morton read Moretòn
283 i 19 f.e. Lunsford, Sir Thomas: for East Hatherley read Down Hatherley
286 ii 9-8 f.e. Lupton, Roger: for built by him was really the beginning of the collegiate church read which he added to the collegiate church
7-6 f.e. omit which encloses . . . north side
288 i 18 f.e. Lupton, Thomas: after 1578. insert A detailed philanthropic scheme by Lupton is in MS. in the Bodleian Library (MS. Jones 17).
296 i 26-31 Lutterell, John: for Lutterell purposed to leave . . . in 1329. read An enquiry was held at York, but was not settled much in his favour (Raine, Letters from Northern Registers). Bishop G-randison recommended him to Pope John XXL on 22 Feb. 1329. Lutterell was back in England by 12 Oct. 1829, and Grandison then next year recommended him for preferment, without much success (Reg. Grandison, i. 103, 234, 247).
303 i 15 Luxmoore, John: for St. George's, Bloomsbury, read St. George the Martyr, Holborn,
304 i 4-5 Lyall, George: for Margaret, born Conyn, read Jane, born Comyn
ii 2 Lyall, Robert: for in Scotland read at Paisley in 1790
305 i 42-43 for Mauritius in September read Port Louis, Mauritius, on 23 May
ii 8 f.e. Lyall, William R.: for St. J. Rose read Hugh James Rose [q. v.]
312 ii 16 f.e. Lydgate, John: for 2256 read 2255
8-7 f.e. for Cambr. 39 read Oxford, 38
314 i 6 for 314 read 306
321 ii 29 Lyell, Sir Charles: for Russell read Russel
323 ii 34 for the high church party read many high churchmen
325 ii 7 Lygon, Frederick, 6th Earl Beauchamp: for liturgy read hymnal
328 ii 27-28 Lyly, John: for Harvey, but Lyly in a further tract read Harvey in a further tract, but Lyly
331 ii 21 for sang, read and my
338 ii 27 Lynch, Thomas T.: for 1856 read 1859
14 f.e. for his 'Memoirs' read the 'Memoir' by William White
339 i 2 for to read for
for 'Memoirs' read 'Memoir'
340 i 19-20 Lyndwood, William: for Hereford read St. Davids
26 for Gonville and Caius College read Gonville Hall
343 i 10 f.e. Lynn, George, the elder: for Roubillac read Roubiliac
356 ii 12 f.e. Lyons, Edmund, Lord Lyons: for She was author read There is no ground for assigning to her three novels which, according to their title pages, were by 'Lady Lyons'
8 f.e. for she died in 1852, read She died at Stockholm, while her husband waa still minister there, on 10 March 1852,
372 i 11 Lyttelton, George, 1st Baron Lyttelton: after chaplain, insert Other literary friends were Glover, James Hammond, and Shenstone, who placed an inscription to him at the Leasowes.
374 ii f.e. Lyttelton, George W., 4th Baron Lyttelton: after Park, insert There is a, fine monument to him in Worcester Cathedral