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367 ii 10-9 Maitland, Sir Peregrine : for from December .... 1846, read from 18 March

f.e. 1844 to 27 Jan. 1847,

868 i 4 after secondly insert in 1815

887 i 27 Major, John : for the college of Christ Church read Cardinal College, afterwards Christ Church

397 n j Sir Nicholas : for Limerick read Smerwick

420 ii 9 f.e. Malet, Sir Thomas : for 18 June 1668 read 3 Dec. 1660 (Sloane MS. 856, f. 25 &). 433 ii 21 Malone, Edmund: after 292-3). insert His wife's portrait was painted by


439 i 11 f.e. Malory, Sir Thomas : after his book, insert One ' Thomas Malorie, miles,' was excepted, as an adherent of Warwick, from a pardon granted by Edward IV in 1468. He seems to have been son of John Malorie by Alice, daughter of John Revell, to have served under Richard de Beauchamp, captain of Calais, about 1430, to have been knighted in 1445, to have been M.P. for Warwickshire, to have died in March 1471, and to have been buried at Grey Friars, Newgate (cf. Athenceum, 11-18 July 1896). 441 i 20 Maltby, Edward : for a prebend at Lincoln, read the prebend of Leighton Buzzard

in Lincoln Cathedral in 1794,

22-28 for and Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, read While at Buckden, Maltby

received Edward Bouverie Pusey [q. v.] and his brother as private pupils in October 1817, and notwithstanding later differences wrote that he had no recollections of Pusey ' but such as are most agreeable ' (LIDDON, Life of Pusey, i. 19-22).

ii 5 after religion, insert On the publication of Tract XC Maltby was one of the

bishops who ' charged ' against the Oxford Movement.