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181 ii 2 Marlowe, Christopher: after Marlowe, insert In October 1588 Marlowe was summoned to the next gaol delivery of Middlesex to take his trial for an unspecified offence (cf. Athenæum, 18 Aug. 1894, and art. by Prof. F. S. Boas in Fortnightly Review, Feb. 1899, ‘New Light on Marlowe and Kyd.’)
190 i 36 for 1800 read 1830
205 ii 12 Marsden, John H.: after 1842 insert reissued in 1878
13 f.e. Marsden, Samuel : for placed . . . . Cambridge read on 7 Dec. 1790 was admitted a scholar of Magdalene College, Cambridge (see the College Register)
206 i 14 f.e. for 1847 read 1836
213 ii 50-51 Marsh, Herbert : omit with the professor's house at Cambridge,
214 i 12 for 'a trap read 'cobwebs
ii 6 for He had read The bishop had
34-35 for to which his opponents were driven in 1812 by read which was formed in 1812 by men opposed to the party that Marsh represented, but largely owing to
222 i 60-61 Marshal, John, 1st Baron Marshal : for Worcester read Gloucester
230 i 37 Marshal, William, 1st Earl of Pembroke : for Bristol read Gloucester
ii 8-5 f.e. for recalcitrant barons . . . . Robert de Gaugi, read recalcitrants. In the autumn Marshal had to fight with Morgan of Caerleon, and early in 1218 he besieged Robert de Gaugi
231 i 31 after sea insert in 1200
233 ii 17-19 Marshal, William, 2nd Earl of Pembroke: for It was perhaps he . . . . In March 1217 read But in February 1217
23-24 for From this time . . . . fought with him read In the following month he took part with his father in the operations against Louis in Surrey and Hampshire and played a foremost part in the fight
234 ii 34 for Wallia, read Wallia
237 i 12 Marshall, Francis A. : for W. S. Wills read W. G. Wills
246 i 23-22 f.e. Marshall, Stephen : for John Dutton, of Dutton, Cheshire read Robert Castell, of East Hatley, Cambridgeshire, by Elizabeth, daughter of Edmund Alleyne.
251 i 27 Marshall, William (fl. 1630-1650): for ‘Plays’ read ‘Poems’
252 i 6 f.e. Marshall, William (1745-1818): after p. 241). insert His ‘Yorkshire Words’ was reprinted by the English Dialect Society.
254 ii 32 Marsham, Sir John : after treatises. insert His nephew Thomas Stanley [q. v.] dedicated to him his ‘History of Philosophy’ (1655).
255 i 19 Marshman, John C.: for weekly read magazine
279 i 15 Martin, Henry: after ‘Spectator’ insert and the ‘Guardian’
290 ii 7 Martin, Peter J.: after one son insert Robert Martin (d. 1891)
292 ii 9 f.e. Martin, Richard: for (1808-1858) read (d. 1858)
295 ii 13 f.e. Martin, Sir Samuel: for now Lady Macnaghten. read who became wife of Lord Macnaghten.
311 ii 7 Martineau, Harriet: for Society’ read Travel’
323 ii 38 Martyn, William: after 1589, insert was M.P. for Exeter 1597-8,
329 i 12 Marvell, Andrew: after 491-3). insert A bronze tablet on the wall of Waterlow Park marks the site of his house on Highgate Hill.
335 ii 20 f.e.
9 f.e.
Mary I: for Clement VIII read Clement VII
336 i 1 after Newhall insert near Chelmsford
337 ii 26 f.e. for ten days read twelve days
8 f.e. for made read had already made
7 f.e. for displeased read had displeased
5-4 f.e. for The rising in the north impelled Cromwell, too, read The somewhat similar insurrection in the west now impelled Cromwell
338 i 4 f.e. for Pannell read Paynell
345 ii 36 after fact, insert One Epithalamium was by Lodovico Paterno.
350 i l.l. omit nego-
ii 1-3 for tiated . . . . he had urged read tried to effect a truce between the emperor and the French king, and his negotiations resulted in 1556 in the peace of Vaucelles. He had also urged
352 i 23 for her read that country
365 i 20 f.e. Mary II: after 1692. insert A statue of her is at University College, Oxford.
374 ii 23 f.e. Mary Stuart: for 10 Jan. read 11 June