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329 ii 21-24 Parnell, Charles S.: for by pointing to the ravages . . . by the government. Next day Parnell read the intention of the government to put Parnell in prison. On the same day he
347 i 37 Parnell, James: for Abbey Ripon read Abbot's Ripon
ii 4 for or read of
5 for Matins read Meetings
374 i 13 f.e. Parry, Edward (1830-1890): after in title insert Richard Rogers [q. v.]
382 i 8 Parry, Sir Love P. J.: for Carmarthenshire read Carnarvonshire
384 i 25 Parry, Robert (fl. 1595): after book ii. insert In 1597 'Robert Parry, gent.' issued a volume of verse entitled 'Sinetes,' of which a unique copy, formerly at Lamport Hall, is now at Britwell. It is dedicated to Sir John Salusbury.
387 i 29 Parry, Thomas G.: for (d. 1849) read (d. 1848)
388 i 28 Parry, William (d. 1585): omit Jesuits like
ii 12 for 1630? read 1618
13 f.e. for on Tower Hill read in Westminster Palace Yard
420 ii 47-48 Parsons, Sir William (1570?-1650): omit attorney-general in Ireland and
421 i 27 for Sloane MSS. read Addit. MSS.
435 i 29-30 Pasco, John: for three sons and two daughters; read six sons (two of whom died in infancy) and three daughters;