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N.B. /.<?. stands tor from end and LI. for last line Page Col. Line

11 ii 38 Pocock, Edward : for Sloane read Addit.

10 f.e. for (1711) read (1708)

12 ii 84-35 Pococke, Richard : for rector of Colmer . . . afterwards headmaster read (1666-

1710). His grandfather, also Richard Pococke, LL.B., was rector of Colmer, Hampshire, from 1660 till his death in 1719. His father was headmaster

28 i 1-2 Pole, John de la, 2nd Duke of Suffolk : for three sons . . . separately noticed. read six sons ; of whom John, Edmund, and Richard are separately noticed ; of four daughters, Catherine, the eldest, married William, Lord Stourton, and the youngest, Elizabeth, married Henry Lovel, second and last Lord Morley of the Lovel family (d. 1489). 33 i 6/.e. Pole, Michael de la, Earl of Suffolk : for left three sons read had five sons

5 f.e. for Thomas and Richard read Thomas, prebendary of St. Paul's Cathedral

from 1419, William, Richard, and John (d. 1415j, canon of York (cf. will at Somerset House, 31 March 1415 ; WEEVEB, Funeral Monuments^ s.v. Wingfield)

4 f.e. for a daughter Anne read three daughters, Margaret, Elizabeth, and Anne

84 1 18 f.e. Pole, Michael de la, 2nd Earl of Suffolk: after daughters insert one of whom,

Isabel, seems to have married Thomas, fifth Baron Morley (d. 1545) 8-7 f.e. for Thomas . . . died read Sir Thomas had a daughter, Katharine, married

to Sir Miles Stapleton (d. 1466). Miles 38 ii 12 f.e. Pole, Reginald: after passed insert in 1589 9 f.e. after reached him insert in 1541

49 i 38 Pole, Sir William de la : for Miton in Holderness read Myton in Yorkshire

50 i 8 omit at

14 f.e. for Trinity Chapel read Church of the Holy Trinity

ii 11 f.e. Pole, William de la, 1st Duke of Suffolk: after i. 117). insert In 1423 Suffolk served in the important campaign in Champagne as second in command to Thomas de Montacute, Earl of Salisbury [q. v.].

51 ii 60-61 for it is clear . . . Orleans read Suffolk seems to have worked with Orleans

53 ii 17 for the incapable Edward Beaufort read Edmund Beaufort

54 ii 8 after Suffolk [q. v.] insert who had married Margaret Beaufort, the infant

heiress of John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, and Suffolk's ward 56 i 10-11 omit Her only child was

13 after noticed insert was her son. She is also credited with another son,

William, and a daughter, Anna. 10 f.e. for Villet read Vallet

60 i 16 f.e. Pollard, Lewis : after Nottinghamshire insert was a scholar of Christ's College,

Cambridge, in 1542-3,

62 ii 21 f.e. Pollexfen, John: after about 1638. insert He was second son of Andrew Pollexfen, of Stancombe, in the parish of Sherford, Devonshire, and was younger brother of Sir Henry Pollexfen [q. v.].

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