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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

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2 ii 11 Rust, Thomas C.: for Thomas Cyprian read Cyprian Thomas
42 i 20 Ryder, Sir Dudley: omit by Tabitha Waller
54 ii 20 Rygge, Robert: for 1393 read 1392
87 i 16f.e. Sackville, Charles, 6th Earl of Dorset: after taste. insert When Prior was employed as a boy in his uncle's tavern (about 1680), Sackville discovered his promise, helped to defray his schooling at Westminster, and aided him with his influence.
120 ii 1 St. Aubyn, Catherine: after Catherine insert afterwards Mrs. Molesworth
121 ii 35 St. Aubyn, Sir John (1758-1839): for (d. 1841) read (d. 1844)
124 ii 32 Saint-Évremond, Charles de M. de St. D. de: after written, insert He also wrote the life of Rochester prefixed to his ‘Poems’ (1707).
150 i 25·26 St. John, Oliver, Viscount Grandison: for into the same branch of the family. read to the family of his brother, Sir John St. John, great-great-grandfather of Viscount Bolingbroke, the statesman.
166 ii 17 St. Leger, Sir Anthony: for vol. xxiii. read no. xxiii.
230 ii 32 Sampson, Henry (1841-1891): after the author insert (together with ‘Dictionary of Modern Slang,’ 2nd ed. 1860)
231 ii 30 Sampson, Richard: for any read a
244 ii 29 Sancroft, William: for fellow and tutor read fellow; he became tutor
245 i 29 for select preacher read university preacher
249 ii 17 for Vandergucht, Elder read Vandergucht the elder
251 i 20f.e. Sandale, John de: for Whetley read Wheatley
258 ii 34 Sanders, George: after Saunders insert (1807-1863)
37 for he was living in 1856. read he died at Bristol on 25 Aug. 1863.
272 ii 7f.e. Sandford, James: for John read James
286 i 23 Sandys, Edwin: for Abindon's read Habington's
304 i 15f.e. Sargent, John N.: for Shanghai read Hongkong
342 i 14 Savage, Sir John B.: for Princess Charlotte read Princess Sophia
32 for entered the royal read rose to be a colonel in the royal
33 for and afterwards the civil service read and settled in
354 ii 17f.e. Savery, Thomas: for 1698 read 1702
356 i 6 Savile, Bourchier W.: for Dictionary read Directory
368 i 10f.e. Savile, Sir Henry: for Patterson read Pattison
390 i 22·25 Sayer, Augustine: for was possibly a son .... holy orders. read was grandson of Valentine Sayer of Sandwich, who was thrice mayor of that town.
394 ii 6f.e. Scalby, John de: after shaw. insert Scalby was also author of the lives of several bishops of Lincoln (cf. Giraldus Cambrensis, vol. vii. pp. 193-216, where they are printed).
398 i 26 Scardeburg, Robert de: for East Riding read North Riding