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��ERRATA— Volume III

i »-4/^.larmard, Joha(d.l68S): /or AagartyrwwiAsgardby

(tmit from 1750 .... Bridge Without

18 l.r. uftrr which intert oUimately

ii 21-30 BaniArd« Sir John : for About 1758 .... and, after he had been dead read He waa i»«atdent of Christ's Hospital from 1740 till his retirement from the ooqMration and from public life in 1758. He, having been dead for Jan« .... Palmerston reord Jane married the Hon. Henry Temple ' {d, 1740) and waa mother of Henry Temple, second Viscount Palmers- ton [q. v.] Bamardiiton, Sir Nathaniel : for Worthinesse read Worthlesnesse

for Sir Nathaniel's only daughter read one of Sir Nathaniel's two daughters Bamardiston, Sir Samuel : for In 1668 read As early as 1661 he was a member of for Skipton read Skippon Bamardiston, Sir Thomas : for resigning through ill health read disabled as a royaUst

4 / . after supported hisert He was elected M.P. for Sudbury in 1661 on a double

return, but was unseated f47 , '._., for frequently .... Suffolk read twice returned to parliament for Great

Grimsby, 1685 and 1689, and thrice for Sudbury, Suffolk, 1690, 1695, and t4g I Barnes, Barnabe : for i. read ii.

for Wonders read Wordes for Cambridge read Oxford 24'j i;^ Barnes, Sir Edward: after 1813 insert He was Ueut.-governor of Dominica

1808-12 and was gazetted lieut.-govemor of Antigua Dec. 1818, though he did not take up the appointment after He insert was colonel of the 4th garrison battalion 1815-16 and for M. A. Taylor, Esq. read the Right Hon. Michael Angelo Taylor [q. v.] hffore the borough insert in the conservative interest Barnes, Robert: for mid-Lent Sunday read the third Sunday in Lent Barnes, Thomas (1785-1841) : for he criticised read he suffered Dean Blakesley to

critieirte Bamfteld, Richard : for Dorlestone read Darlaston

Bamham. Benedict : after sheriff i?j8cr^ He was M.P. for Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, .. , • . for Alice read Dorothy yyi ■• «1 /- Barr^, Isaac: before Through insert "He was lieut.-colonel-commandant of 106th tM Barrett, John (175»-1H21) : for J. R. Abbott read the Rev. T. K. Abbott

Mt ii \Mfje. Barrett. William: for 15 Sept. read 18 Oct. 190 U 10 f.e Barhngton, John 8., 1st Visconnt Barrington : for Sheriff of Bristol read a local

whig leader of Briatol, where he was sheriff, mayor, and M.P.

6 / ' for 1799 read 1798, and for Banoa^her read Clogher

(-4 t for the dianolution .... in 1800 read January 1800. He contested Dublin

City ttnsuooessfully in 1802. He was knighted in May 1807. (when he was promoted to flag rank), was liout.general of marines 1786-99, and general of marines in HUccetiHiun Uj Lord Howe from 1799 till his death 995 ii 9 Barriaftoa, William W., 2nd Viscount Barrington: for Lord Shelbumc's read Lord Kookingharo's

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