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Dictionary of National Biography



N.B.— f.e. stands for from end and l.l. for last line

Page Col. Line  
4 ii 6 Udall, John: for was presented to the living read became curate (under the absentee vicar, Stephen Chatfield)
6 ii 13 for also attributed read erroneously attributed [see Watson, William, 1559?-1603]
9 ii 8f.e. Udall, Nicholas: for first edition read third edition
7f.e. for 1550-1 read 1553
17 ii 19f.e. Uhtred (1315?-1396) : for Rome read Bruges
21 i 16 Ullerston, Richard : for (fl. 1415) read (d. 1423)
20·21 for He took the degree . . . Oxford, read He was fellow of Queen's College, Oxford, from 1391 to 1403, junior bursar 1391-2, and senior bursar 1396-7, graduating D.D. in 1394. On 25 March 1403 he became prebendary of Axford in Salisbury Cathedral.
23 for Beford read Beeford
24·26 for Anthony à Wood . . . cxxxiv. 321). read By his will, dated 15 Aug. and proved 12 Sept. 1423, he desired to be buried on the south side of the choir of Salisbury Cathedral.
23 ii 1 Umfraville, Gilbert de, Earl of Angus: for Yorkshire, Lincolnshire read Yorkshire and Lincolnshire
26 ii 7 Umfraville, Gilbert de: for 1535 read 1435
32 i 5f.e. Unton, Sir Henry: for 1563 read 1563-4
4f.e. for (Addit. MS. read (Sloane MS.
35 i 20 Unwin, Mary: for Sussex read Essex
39 i 10f.e. Upton, James: after 1761 insert and 1815
48 i 29 Urquhart, Sir Thomas: for Worcester .... 1651 his read Worcester (3 Sept. 1651). His
30 for relaxed read immediately relaxed
30-31 for in that year read following
49 i 22 for as truly read are truly
50 i 3f.e. for second read ‘second’
51 ii 20 Urry, Sir John (d. 1650): for returned read joined
75 i 9f.e. Uvedale, John: for Swinhey and Nunkelyng read Swine and Nunkeeling
78 i 3 Uvedale, Sir William: for Richard III read Edward V
87 i 16f.e. Vanbrugh, Sir John: for 1696-7 read 1695-6
9f.e. for 1697 read 1696
89 i l.l. for Henders- read Hinders-
ii 1 for kelfe read kelf
100 ii 9f.e. Vanderbank, Peter: for Brown read Abraham Browne
111 ii 19-20 Van Dyck, Sir Anthony: for the Duke of Wharton read Philip, fourth Baron Wharton [q. v.]
112 ii 25 Vane, Frances A., Viscountess Vane: for Shipbourne read Shipborne