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410 i S/.e. Bathunt, Ralph : brfnrr and in 1691 insert Prom 1678 to 1676 he was vice- chancellor of Oxford ii 94 /or Otmere read Oddington in Otmoor

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ii 8 for Newton rwid Nowton

481 i S8-S9 Battine, William : for Throughout the reign of George IV read From 1812 to

43S ii 8/.r. Baxter, Biehard : after wife intert Margaret Charlton, and after maxried insert on

84 after 1681 insert He was in the service of the Earl of Leicester icf,

Leicester's Commonwealth)

446 i 5 after authorities add Bayley also wrote ' A Brief Discourse of Certaine 449 j 6 Bayly, Lewia : before On his patron's death insert He was treasurer of St. Paul's n 11 />. Bayly, Thomas: after Bajigor insert and became prebendary of Lincoln in the same year Baynard, Fulk: fur {d. 1806) read {fi. 1226)

for was born in 1631 read son of Robert Baynes, was baptised at Leeds for Northamptonshire read near Leeds in Yorkshire Baynes, Balph : for France read Paris 18 fx. Beach, Thomas : after 1788 insert He was president of the Society of Artists in Beadon, Frederick : after 1875 insert He held the prebend of Compton Bishop from 26 May 1809 till his death 70 years later. He was also chancellor of Wells Cathedral from 1825 till his death "

16 Beadon, Richard : after Denmark insert He held the prebendal stall of Reculver-

17 after London insert with the prebend of Mapesbury in St. Paul's Cathedral,









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